What can you eat coconut oil with?

As coconut oil is versatile, you can literally eat coconut oil with any kind of food or drinks. Like using it to make your salad dressing. Or you can melt your hardened coconut oil a bit (in cold weather) to make it softer so that you can spread it on bread.

You can also dip fruits like banana or strawberry in coconut oil. Or blend coconut oil in with fruits and vegetables to make a healthy smoothie to kick-start your day. It's super refreshing to eat coconut oil raw with fruits and veggies in the morning!

How about pouring some into your warm soy milk and stir well? Your soy milk will taste superb with a touch of coconut flavor if you use good quality virgin coconut oil. Many also add coconut oil to their coffee to create a bulletproof coffee that peps them up in the morning. You can try that too.

If you prefer a simpler way, you can just drink coconut oil down with warm water. I do that at times. But my wife finds it gross.

In fact, you can cook your meals with coconut oil. Coconut oil is so high in good saturated fats that your food won't turn stale so easily. We love frying brown rice with virgin coconut oil. We pan-fry hash browns with it too. We cook literally everything with coconut oil.

Have I got your creative juices flowing? Now is your turn to tell me what you can eat coconut oil with.

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