Can you add coconut oil to coffee and is it good?

Adding coconut oil to coffee to make a bulletproof coffee has been around for several years. Apparently, it's safe to add coconut oil to coffee since as I always say, coconut oil is a food. You can add it to literally any food or drinks you prefer.

But is it good to put coconut oil in coffee? Why do people add coconut oil to coffee in the morning in the first place?

To pep them up so they can produce more work in shorter time! Yep, that's one of the primary benefits of putting coconut oil in coffee.

Another benefit for adding coconut oil to coffee is that it helps to stimulate bowel movement and detox. In fact, coffee alone can help to loosen bowels. But for some people, putting a tablespoon of coconut oil in coffee will make it smoother and easier for them to get the relief. That's because coconut oil has quite a potent laxative effect by itself too.

In addition to the benefits above, putting coconut oil in coffee can help boost metabolism. This is why so many people embrace the concept of drinking bulletproof coffee for weight loss.

However, you got to be extremely careful when drinking bulletproof coffee. Overdosing on coconut oil + coffee can adversely trigger diarrhea. A more serious side effect would be poor sleep quality or even insomnia at night when the residual bulletproof effect remains in your body.

Therefore, you should re-assess your daily drinking of number of cups of bulletproof coffee. It's good to add coconut oil to coffee every day if it only brings about benefits. But if it does more harm than good, then I'd suggest you stick to only one cup in the morning and that's it.

Also, instead of adding two tablespoons of coconut oil to your coffee, cut down to one tablespoon or lesser to reduce the bulletproof effect.

Getting too hyper every morning may not be a good thing after all. It's like taking a roller coaster, you go high first and then low (as the bulletproof effect subsides), and then you swallow another cup to make you high again every day. Your health may go haywire one day.

There's nothing wrong in adding coconut oil to coffee for the benefits you need. Just don't get addicted and let it affect your sleep. Getting quality sleep at night will give you the greatest perks the following morning, even without bulletproof coffee.

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