I make money on products and services that I talk about on this web site through affiliate relationships with the merchants in question. I get a small commission on sales of those products and services.

But that does not mean it'll sway my judgment and affect my genuine opinion of those products and services.

I take pride in what I endorse because I'll make sure I'm the user of the products or services first for quite some time before I start recommending them to anyone.

I love those products and services because I myself am using them extensively. I have benefited a lot from them which drives me to share on this web site as I believe they would do the same to you as well.

Very rarely I would recommend products or services I have not used. But when I do, I'll perform extensive research and in-depth review on them to ensure I do not lead people in the wrong direction.

Anyway, I'll go to great lengths to make sure every single word I say is true to the best of my personal experience and knowledge on the products and services used (or reviewed).

If you happen to notice that I suddenly pull away the product or service I previously recommended, that means, that particular product or service has started to drop in its quality and is no longer in my good book.

I won't hesitate to take them off even if they do at times pay me more than what I would get from others. I need money like you do, but I will never let money destroy my integrity.

Last but not least, I sincerely hope that my information on this web site (FussyBody.com) can help you make sound decision on the products or services you're looking for. Hope you enjoy and thank you for your support.