My Promise to You Regarding Your Privacy

At, I understand the importance of your privacy. Therefore, I will never disclose any identifiable information about you. You can sleep well knowing your information will not leave my online "security locker". Read below to get a better sense of what and how I use your information, if you've ever revealed to me.

  1. Will you ever send spam to my email address if I were to sign up for your free report?
    I hate spam as much as you do. So, I do not send spam. But the point is, by entering your email address you agree to receive emails from me about updates on health, nutrition and weight loss. If you do not wish to receive these messages, you can always opt out of my database by clicking on the removal link at the bottom of my email to you.
  2. Why can't you just give me the free report without asking for my email address?
    First, we do this to prevent others from stealing our unpublished information. Second, we hope to get in touch with you on a personal level so that we can better address your problems and help improve your health.
  3. How would you use the name and email address collected from me?
    I only use your information to send messages or newsletters that I strongly believe can help improve your health and overall well-being. That's all I do.
  4. Will you ever sell my personal information to anyone for advertising or other purposes?
    Nope. Not a chance. I'll never sell, trade, share or exchange your information for whatever reasons. Your privacy is my responsibility. I take pride in protecting your privacy.
  5. What about the name and email address that I enter in your contact form? Will you use them to send me your newsletters?
    The contact form is meant for inquiries and comments. I will only respond to what you have sent to me and that's it. By contacting me through the contact form does not automatically render your agreement to receive my newsletters. My newsletters are messages that contain useful information about improving your health and overall well-being, but I will only send you newsletters if you fill up the form on the right, which you will need to confirm your permission to allow me to do so. Clear? ...Good.
  6. Do you use cookies to track my visits?
    At, we do use third-party services that serve cookies to help us analyze the behavior of our web traffic and serve relevant ads to our visitors in order to understand our visitors' preferences and provide the best user experience for them. Cookies are small text files that store in your web browser's cache. They cannot harm your computer. But if you're not comfortable having cookies collecting data about your visits, you can block cookies by learning how on or check your browser's instructions on cookie settings.

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