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Author S. C.Yup. This is me. I'm the owner, webmaster cum author of this website. Every article, long or short, on this website is written by me. I design this website too. Simple and easy to navigate, right?

Well, I may not come from the health and nutrition, medical or science field, but I did and am still reading, researching a lot on health and nutrition. The best material I ever got in order to provide you with so many tips and info is my personal experience and what I've learned over the years.

I'm just like any human being. I eat. I poop. I drink. I pee. I move. I sleep. So, every day I'm exposed to viruses, bacteria, super germs, pollutants and contaminants just like you.

In order to keep my health in the best form every hour so I can perform my tasks and achieve maximum results with minimum effort, I have to be very mindful of the food I choose, the beverages I drink. I can say I'm pretty successful in that because the last time Dr. Hsu (I used to go to her) saw me was donkey's years ago (can't remember how long already). I have gotten myself off her "blacklist" long ago.

So, if you want to stay away from your doctors, do what I do. But you're free to choose the food that works best for your body. Definitely not those from McDonald's, Subway or KFC. You never will get healthy with food from those places. Trust me.

Why I Name It ""

You drink too much water you may get hyponatremia (water poisoning). Too little water you become dehydrated. Too much fiber intake you get bloated tummy. Too little fiber you get constipated. Too much food you feel clumsy. Too little food you go hungry. Overweight, no good. Underweight, bad too.

In short, everything in our body has to be just nice and in balance or it'll go nuts. Don't you think our body is very fussy and difficult to please? Agree?

Okay, I think I'll leave it to you to explore our Health and Coconut Oil sections and hope that the articles I've written based on my experiences can help boost your health and restore your body back to the "default factory setting" (the point before your health deteriorates). I'll definitely add more articles in the near future, so do come back often.

If you have any questions for me, feel free to drop me a message too. As long as your message gets into my inbox, I'll definitely reply personally. But don't spam me. I never respond to spam.

Enjoy 😉

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