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Webmaster of Fussy Body

My name is Soon Chai. You can call me S. C. for short.

I've been eating lots of coconut oil and using it on my skin day in, day out since 2006.

And it's only in 2013 that I decided to create FussyBody to share my experience and insightful knowledge with anyone who is dying to gain better health with coconut oil.

You probably are skeptical due to some very different voices out there slamming coconut oil for its "poisonous" saturated fat.

I would have died long ago if coconut oil were poisonous. On the contrary, I'm doing super good with my health.

Look, the reason why we all fall sick easily is due to us being exposed to free radicals and malicious microbes in the air all the time. We unwittingly bring them into our body via food and beverages too.

The way coconut oil works to enhance health is actually very straightforward. It protects you against the attacks by free radicals and malicious microbes. That's all it does.

Anyway, the best way to find out whether coconut oil lives up to what I just said is to test it out yourself. Nothing beats personal experience.

If it works on you, great. Continue to see your health improve over time.

If it doesn't however, just dump it. Simple as that.

Okay, I think I'll leave it to you to explore Mastering Coconut Oil.

I hope that the articles I've written based on my experiences can help better your health and restore your body back to its "default factory setting" (the point before your health deteriorates).

I'll definitely add more articles in the near future. I also update my contents frequently as my experience and knowledge about coconut oil grow. So, do come back often to breathe in new air.

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If you have any questions for me, feel free to drop me a message too. As long as your message gets into my inbox, I'll definitely get back to you personally. But don't spam me. I never respond to spam.

Enjoy 😉