Is it good to eat coconut oil before bed?

I wouldn't suggest eating coconut oil before bed based on my experience. Because coconut oil can boost metabolism, the heat generated (thermogenesis) in your body may disrupt your sleep mechanism. I've had countless insomnia nights or night sweats after eating quite a lot of coconut oil at dinner and sometimes, with supper before bed.

Of course, you're good to take a spoon of coconut oil before bed if you know it's not going to affect your sleep quality. Like for people with hormonal imbalance, taking some (like a teaspoon of) coconut oil before bed may actually help to improve their sleep quality.

It's also worth noting that you shouldn't ingest too much coconut oil before bed, for fear it might trigger diarrhea that can give you hell throughout the night.

In fact, the best time to eat coconut oil is in the morning, rather than before bed. Doing so can have a few benefits:

  1. You can eat a lot of coconut oil in the morning to jumpstart your day, whether you drink it out of the jar or you add a few tablespoons to your breakfast.
  2. You have plenty of time to detox and allow coconut oil's diarrhea effect to wear off if it ever gives you the runs.
  3. Coconut oil probably won't affect your sleep at night because its heat-producing effect would have worn off by the time you hit the sack.

I've been sleeping soundly ever since I dramatically reduce my consumption of coconut oil at night. But if you think taking coconut oil before bed is good for you, by all means. Do beware of the amount you're ingesting.

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