Does coconut oil have protein?

I was like, "Huh! Coconut oil has protein?" when I stumbled upon some websites saying that coconut oil is high in protein. Let me set the record straight. Coconut oil has zero protein in it.

You can pick any coconut oil brand in a health food store or supermarket. Look closely at the label and you should see something like → Protein 0g.

If you find a coconut oil that contains protein in it, I'm afraid that's not a pure coconut oil. Pure coconut oil should contain solely triglycerides, which are dietary fats. Even the cold-pressed virgin coconut oil is protein-free.

Disappointed? Don't be. An oil should behave like an oil. Why does it have to have protein in it?

If you need protein as well as the health benefits of coconut oil, just add coconut oil to your protein-rich diet. Coconut oil is a very versatile food. You can also mix it into your protein shake. And there you have it, coconut oil plus protein.

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