Does eating coconut oil shorten your period?

Eating coconut oil will not shorten your period. It will not delay or stop your period as well. I'm a guy, how would I know? My wife told me that. According to her, though consuming coconut oil doesn't make her period shorter or affect her period in any way, it does make her less prone to UTI (Urinary tract infection).

She used to be quite prone to UTI. And her solution was drinking pure cranberry juice. But ever since she began eating more coconut oil with me, she has not had UTI at all for the past several years. And of course, she doesn't need to buy that costly cranberry juice for the purpose.

Well, what she said makes a lot of sense since one of the greatest benefits of eating coconut oil is that it can help to ward off harmful bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. Thanks to its potent antimicrobial properties.

On top of that, consuming coconut oil every day has made her health better. She doesn't fall sick easily nowadays. And with stronger health, she can handle her period better.

Imagine you fall sick during your period, doesn't that make you feel worse?

That said, I highly recommend that you start eating coconut oil for better health even though it does not help to shorten or delay your period.

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