Doctor Murray™ organic virgin coconut oil

Doctor Murray's organic virgin coconut oil - one jar opened

Have you heard of Doctor Murray organic virgin coconut oil before? You probably have not. Because it has just entered the market this Jan 2020. I got to learn about it via a product trial for its 16 fl oz (473 ml) jar. And after reviewing the product, I reckon it should become a good brand in the near future. What makes me so sure? When I opened the jar and peeled off the seal, the... find out more ›

7 virgin coconut oil disadvantages and how to overcome them

Seven red thumbs-down representing disadvantages surrounding FussyBody virgin coconut oil

Besides the disadvantages of coconut oil in general, virgin coconut oil has its own specific disadvantages. But most of these so-called downsides do not really apply to me or affect me at all. That's why I choose virgin coconut oil over other coconut oils for my daily health and skin care. I hope you're not affected too so that you can... find out more ›