Does coconut oil have saturated fat?

Yes, not only coconut oil has saturated fat, it has tons of it. Coconut oil generally contains about 80 – 90% saturated fats. The remaining are unsaturated fats, including monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats.

If you scoop up one tablespoon (14 g) of coconut oil, there will be 11.2 to 12.6 g of saturated fat in it.

Is the saturated fats in coconut oil bad for you?

If you ask those who have not eaten coconut oil, they'll probably tell you, "Coconut oil is bad because it's alarmingly high in saturated fat. Don't eat it. Don't use it. It may clog your arteries and kill you!"

But if you ask people like me who has already consumed don't know how many gallons of coconut oil over the past 14 years, I'll tell you, "Don't worry. The saturated fats in coconut oil are actually good. They won't kill you. Not only that, your health will get better because of these saturated fats."

How is coconut oil good for you if it has so much saturated fats?

Most of the saturated fats in coconut oil are medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs). These medium-chain saturated fats can convert to energy fast. Haven't you heard people raving about having more energy after consuming coconut oil daily? That's the reason.

On top of that, these same saturated fats are the ones that boost metabolism too. That's why people are losing their tummy fat with coconut oil.

The high saturated fat content also makes coconut oil a good preservative for food. This is because saturated fat does not oxidize easily. It doesn't react with free radicals. The high level of saturated fats also prevent the small amount of unsaturated fats in coconut oil from reacting with free radicals.

Having said all that, do the saturated fats in coconut oil still look bad to you?

Do you have a couple more minutes to spare? I would like to invite you to explore and see for yourself why coconut oil is good and why so many people out there are still getting misled into thinking coconut oil is bad.

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