Can you eat fractionated coconut oil?

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Not all fractionated coconut oils are edible. Why? Because some are food grade while some are not. The non-food grade fractionated coconut oil is made for topical use and cosmetic purposes only. It's not safe for consumption. Hence, you should not take it internally. So, which fractionated coconut oil is safe to eat and which is for topical use only?... find out more ›

5 side effects of coconut oil and how to overcome them

Side effects of coconut oil

Diarrhea, Candida die-off symptoms, acne breakout, throat irritation and heart palpitations... these are the so-called side effects of coconut oil. If you're having any of these adverse reactions while eating or using coconut oil, no sweat. I'll show you how to get around them easily so that you reap just the benefits from... find out more ›

Natural remedies for insomnia

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Have you been sleeping badly in the past few nights, or worse, not able to sleep a wink on some nights? Don't you dread those sleepless nights? You flop heavily into bed after an awfully exhausted day. But your active mind refuses to rest. You keep rewinding today's events. You're worried about tomorrow's work. You cannot stop new... find out more ›

3 disadvantages of coconut oil

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One of the greatest disadvantages of coconut oil is its saturated fat? Of course, NOT! In fact, the saturated fat in coconut oil is so good that no description can ever do it justice. In that case, what disadvantages would coconut oil have? If you've been using coconut oil and reaping its benefits, it's good to learn about some downsides of coconut oil so that you can be sure you're getting... find out more ›