How to Take Coconut Oil for Constipation

Poop finally gets out after using coconut oil for constipation

When you didn't take enough fiber-rich food like vegetables and fruits, drink adequate water, or exercise on a regular basis, you're likely to suffer from constipation.

That's not all. Taking certain drugs, under stressful situations, experiencing changes in your lifestyle or routine, ignoring the urge to move your bowels, abusing laxatives, having irritable bowel syndrome, traveling or hormonal changes can also cause constipation.

So, what can you do to treat constipation?

Needless to say, all you have to do is take more fiber-rich food, drink more water and exercise regularly, right?

Well, not exactly. These good eating habits and lifestyle may work for most people. But some people just couldn't move bowels smoothly or fail to pass stool at all for days even with more intake of water and fiber.

When that occurs, you need something really powerful to override whatever that stops you from loosening bowels. And that would be coconut oil.

For your infoMore often than not, you suffer from constipation because your stool is hard. And forcing it out may cause rectal bleeding. Softening your stool with coconut oil can greatly reduce the friction between your stool and rectum, resulting in smooth bowel movements.

Some people mistakenly thought that coconut oil causes constipation. It actually cures constipation instead. In fact, eating coconut oil is the best natural laxative that helps to relieve difficulty in pooping or infrequent bowel movements.

Thanks to its abundant amount of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs), which is the secret for constipation relief. That's because MCFAs provide quick energy for your intestinal cells that boost their metabolism and hence, stimulate your bowel movements. MCFAs help to soften your stool too.

Not only acute sufferers get to effectively relieve their constipation, chronic sufferers find eating coconut oil good for their chronic condition too.

However, you have to be cautious about its dosage because suddenly taking too much dose can over loosen your bowels and cause the reverse diarrhea-like symptoms.

To make matters worse, there's no best dosage for different individuals. Some people after taking 1 teaspoon already can feel the bowel-loosening effect while others require at least 2 tablespoons daily. That said, how much you need for treating constipation depends on how your body reacts to the MCFAs in coconut oil and how serious your constipation is.

If this is the first time you use coconut oil for constipation treatment, I suggest that you take 1/2 tablespoon in the morning and 1/2 tablespoon at dinner (simply add to your meals) and see how it goes. For first-timer, you should never consume more than 2 tablespoons per day for fear it might give you the runs.

If you're a chronic case, you might want to start with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and add it into your breakfast plus 1/2 tablespoon at dinner time. If you don't feel much impact, then increase to 1 tablespoon in morning and 1 tablespoon at night the following day.

Gradually up your intake until you find the best dose for relieving your constipation problem.

Unlike other home remedies which are good at easing constipation and that's all there is to it, coconut oil provides amazing health benefits for you as well besides its bowel-loosening effect. When you take it on a regular basis, you'll gain even more than just improving your bowel movements.

Want to Pass Stool Effortlessly and Painlessly?

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209 thoughts on “How to Take Coconut Oil for Constipation

  1. I started drinking the coconut oil in my coffee every morning and now my stools are smooth and steady I'm very grateful for this and I hope it works for you as well that works for me

        • Hi Nyla, coconut oil helps to reduce inflammation, so it should help your diverticulitis.

          In your reply to Lesia (below), you said you're taking capsules. So, how many caps do you take per day?

          1 cap (or softgel) in general contains only 1 gram of coconut oil. If you're taking only 5 caps per day, that's equivalent to 5 grams and it's too little to fight inflammation.

          Of course, right now you can just go ahead with your dosage first and if it does help with mitigating the pain to your bowels, good for you. If doesn't, then you may want to consider increasing your intake of coconut oil to at least 3 tablespoons per day (but increase gradually day by day by teaspoonful to avoid the manifestation of diarrhea-like symptoms). And for this, you should get the jar type rather than the softgels because it's expensive and ridiculous to gulp down 42 softgels per day.

        • Just had a stint in the hospital with hemmoraging diverticulitis. My bleeding has stopped now and I'm home. Will coconut oil help me with that?

          • Pls help my 1 year old baby witn bad constipation. I have been helping her bowel everyday with vaseline and Qtip. And her stool not that smooth, it is chunky and a very large amount. I can tell what she eat on her bowel as well. I started give her coconut oil morning half tbsp and everning half tbsp. And the next day, i still help her but stool come out just a little. No more bloating her stomach, and she is hungry faster. She eat more. I think maybe the oil help her to absord the nutrition. Am i right? I feed her oatmeal along with vesgie, fruits and formula.

          • Hi Vera, coconut oil does help improve nutrient absorption. It seems that your baby is improving as she does not have bloating anymore. But are you feeding her lots of veggies and fruits? Too much fiber intake can make her difficult to pass stool as well. Go slow with her on her fiber intake and make sure she drinks enough water. Her intake of coconut oil, in my opinion, is good. But see if you can increase another half tablespoon to her lunch.

            Also, baby formula often causes constipation. No one knows what the real reason behind, but I think it's because baby formula is too processed. Unnatural food that goes into our stomach tends to trigger adverse reaction. If her constipation does not seem to improve, take her to a qualified pediatrician or specialist for a check-up. Hope that she does not have Hirschprung's disease, which is a condition characterized by not having enough nerves forming in the end of the colon to help push the stool out effectively.

      • hi, my 2 yr old has been constipated for 5 days now, i started with 1 tbs of coconut oil
        in the evenig 2 days ago. she doesent like the flavor so i use a little lemon juice, does it affect how it should work? she has been complaining a few times with stomache pain , also her bowel movements are like 3 or 4 times a day but every time she lefts just a lilltle dry ball of stool , yesterday she finally made a normal stool but today complained of stomach pain again. does it take time for the oil to work ?

        • Hi Esther, coconut oil should be fine with lemon juice. Dry stool is a sign of inadequate intake of water. You need to get her to drink more water.

          Coconut oil is in charge of stimulating intestinal muscle contractions and helping to draw more water into the stool. So, if she does not consume enough water, she would feel painful in her stomach when her bowel muscles contract. Once she takes in more fluid, coconut oil will then be able to perform its job better.

          Keep in mind that no matter how powerful coconut oil is in stimulating bowels, water is still an essential component for passing stool.

          • hello I am taking two table spoons a day of coconut oil it doesn't seem to be helping much I drink plenty of water and excersise plenty two do I need to take more coconut oil .

          • Hi Don, try taking 2 tablespoons on an empty stomach in the morning, with a glass of water. And stay relax (mental stress can induce physiological stress that stiffens your intestinal muscles). It generally takes 2 tablespoons on empty stomach to vigorously move bowels.

            But if your bowels do not move within 3 hours, try taking another 2 tablespoons with food (I'm afraid you might get severe stomach cramp if you take it without food this time around).

            IF still doesn't work for you, you may need to change your coconut oil to a better quality brand or you may need to do a check-up on your gut to see if there's any damage that's stopping it from moving normally. Are you taking adequate fiber as well? That's an important factor too.

          • Hi Flora, this Vatica brand seems to only produce coconut oil for hair rather than for consumption. Does the label of the one in your hand now say anything that this coconut oil is edible? If not, I suggest you go get a decent coconut oil for consumption.

            For your info, coconut oil that is made for skin or hair care usually has not passed the quality assurance to be sold as food.

        • Lemon juice stop diarrheal, so if you use lemonjuice as a flovaring it will cause constipation as well. You should use something else for flavor.

    • Woow!! I'm so grateful. I read here that coconot oil can help to move the bowl,so I decided to take a tablespoon of the the coconot oil that I just bought after praying not only did it made me to move my bowl it also gave me a relief in my nostrils because I have been feeling uncomfortable because of the cough I had .I have taken some cough syrup but to no avail. The moment I took the coconot oil. I got myself. I'm so so happy and thankful, this is amazing. Thank you Jesus.

    • 1 would not start with that much I took my first teaspoon full today my stomach feels so much better and I have constipation from my pain meds nothing and I mean nothing else has helped over a period of 20 yesrs. So be care full with the dose with a baby

    • Hello I've been suffering from constipation for atleast a week now ive tried everything but nothing has helped me... My stool is harder than brick and the pain is killing me... How much coconut oil dosage should i take and do u recommend any pill for the pain?

      • Hi Chorita, your stool turns hard because most of the fluid in the stool has been absorbed by your body.

        Ingest a tablespoon of coconut oil (without food) followed by a glass of water and see how it goes. Without adequate water intake to hydrate your stool, coconut oil won't work as effectively as it should. After an hour if still no signs of bowel movement, take another tablespoon. If you feel you need to consume more water, by all means. Work with what your body needs.

        I don't recommend drugs for killing pain since any drugs could have dried up your stool. But you're free to decide what's best for you at this point.

  2. Tried the coconut oil for first time today. Took one tablespoon. Within 5 minutes I had severe gas, bloating, and discomfort. A short time later my colon was cleansed. Not the results I was expecting but am convinced this oil works. Will drastically reduce amount for next intake.
    What is best way to have actual oil and not Crisco?
    Putting this in my morning coffee sounds like a wonderful idea.

    • Hey Bruce, by right you should not have severe gas with coconut oil. I think it's probably your toxic waste (after being constipated for days) giving off severe gas and causing discomfort when your bowels are "energized" by the MCFAs in coconut oil. Anyway, good for you that you have got your colon cleansed.

      Best way is to buy virgin (unrefined) coconut oil. Unlike Crisco that appears very yellowish and milky even in liquid state, virgin coconut oil stays clear in liquid state. Yes, it does add some nice coconut-y aroma to your coffee, as long as you're fine with having it floating on your coffee and a thin layer of oil on your lips.

    • I found out that fennel is very good for gas in your stomach, you can buy the fresh fennel or fennel seed capsules and use it with the coconut oil.

    • Hi Crystal, coconut oil is definitely good for infants since it carries lauric acid which can protect your baby against harmful microbes during its growth. Lauric acid is also naturally present in human breast milk. So, if human breast milk can benefit infants, so can coconut oil.

      However, please consult with a pediatrician or GP first before using coconut oil on your 9-month-old as I do not know why he or she is having a hard time moving bowels. It may be something else that's causing his or her bowel problem rather than just a common constipation that can simply be fixed with coconut oil. Better be safe than be sorry.

      Once your pediatrician or GP nods his or her head, you can begin with a teaspoon of coconut oil added to the food and feed your baby and check his or her reaction just to make sure he or she doesn't get the runs too frequently. Buy the brand I'm using – Nutiva because a crappy brand can do more harm than good.

    • Hi Kez, it's good to begin with one tablespoon of coconut oil a day (1/2 in the morning and the other half at night) to treat constipation rather than 1 teaspoon because that could be too mild for most people. I mentioned 1 teaspoon above in reply to Crystal because of her 9-month-old since it's good to start even lesser for infants since their system is not fully developed yet like an adult. But if your constipation is quite severe, you might want to try 1 tablespoon added to your breakfast and see how it goes. Please refer to the article above for guidelines.

  3. When u say add to food, do u mean cook with it or what? I can't drink coffee. What foods is it good on and how do u use it? Does it taste like coconut, uch? There's no way I'm eating a spoonful of oil! HELP!

    • Hi Lana, you can cook your food with coconut oil or you can simply just add coconut oil to food before serving. For example, you can fry brown rice with coconut oil and your brown rice will have a coconut-y flavor provided you use good quality virgin coconut oil. Or you can simply add coconut oil raw to your cooked brown rice, whichever way you prefer.

      Adding coconut oil to smoothie or juice is a good way to gain its health benefits too. Coconut oil also makes a great dip for bread if you're okay with it. Some people love to just eat it by spoonful. Like you, I don't like eating this way, so I always mix coconut oil with food or cook my food with it or pour it over my green smoothie. To me, coconut oil goes well with literally all kinds of food. You'll have to explore and experiment to see which food goes well with coconut oil based on your palate.

      • It is so good with sweet potato! Also you can melt raw cacao butter and coconut oil and mix with cacao powder to make homemade chocolate. You can sweeten with maple syrup or honey or stevia. Also good with peppermint added. My non dairy kids also put it on white potatoes, sometimes just a chunk inside a potato skin like a coconut oil taco. I've also just put a T in my soup to make sure I get some every day. I do sautΓ© meat and veggies with it but the raw is so good for you. You will probably notice other improvements in your health that you didn't expect.

  4. I brush my teeth with coconut oil every other day when I first get up in the morning and this takes care of the constipation. I can only use it every other day as it will lead to diarrhea if used more often. It has really helped me.

      • Hi Shantelle, guess Susan won't return to tell you if she swallows or not. I'll take this opportunity to advise those who use coconut oil as toothpaste.

        Like coconut oil pulling, you should spit out the oil after brushing teeth because the oil will contain dead bacteria and other germs plus the toxic chemicals they release when they die. That said, you should never swallow or you're bringing bad things into your body.

          • Good question, Jackie. I have no answer for this because I don't use coconut oil for brushing teeth. I was thinking that maybe Susan does really swallow some coconut oil (while spitting some out) after brushing her teeth so that coconut oil not only helps keeping her teeth clean and healthy, but also helps to relieve her constipation. But like I said, I do not encourage people to swallow coconut oil after brushing their teeth or pulling with it.

            Best way to get constipation relief from coconut oil is to consume it. This improves your health at the same time.

        • I have a constipation problm. My stool is very hard. I m using cremaffin, but i dont want to depend on cremaffin,i want to loosen my stool,as due to hard stool a blood comes out from my rectum even though i had a fissures operation, please help is coconut oil works for me,should i start taking coconut oil

          • Hi Joshna, I can't guarantee that coconut oil will work for you like it works for others. You can try as advised on this post.

            Your stool turns hard due to too much water being absorbed into your bloodstream and tissues, leaving very little behind to soften your stool. This is caused by slow intestinal movement. While taking coconut oil, pick up some exercises or try to move more. And remember, drink adequate amount of water.

  5. Do you recommend the use of coconut oil for children? Any suggestions for dosage or best ways for kids to ingest? My daughter is 8 and her doctor would like us to use Miralax for 2 months (!) but I'm not comfortable with that..
    Thanks for your thoughts...

    • Hi Rachel, coconut oil is generally safe for consumption for all ages. Yes, it's good for children too. But just in case your daughter might be allergic to it (though coconut oil allergy is extremely rare – at least I have not heard of it so far), I suggest that you rub a dab of the oil on the inside of her elbow area first and observe for any allergic reaction on skin.

      If nothing happens to her after a day, then begin adding half a teaspoon of the oil to her food. Normally, I would suggest starting with half tablespoon, but that's for adult.

      Starting with just a small amount of coconut oil is to make sure your daughter's body does not adversely react to the consumption of coconut oil. Additionally, this can help to condition her body for the potent detox effect of coconut oil.

      After 4 hours or so if she's good with the oil, then you increase the intake for her like 1 teaspoon for every meal. After 3 days then up the intake to 2 teaspoons per meal. You can also cook with coconut oil. In fact, cooking food with coconut oil is the easiest way to eat coconut oil for constipation. If you're a raw vegan, then of course simply pour the oil over your raw diet.

      But bear in mind not to let your daughter take coconut oil out of the jar on empty stomach because this usually results in a severe diarrhea-like symptom.

      Simply put, there's no specific dosage for anyone since each of us may react differently to coconut oil. That's why you have to gradually increase the intake in a progressive manner to find the "biting point" such that it will help you move bowels regularly but at the same time you're comfortable with it without feeling too taxing by running to the bathroom too often.

      Does your daughter like juice or smoothie? You can add coconut oil to these raw beverages too for her. You can even spread it on bread... many different ways to consume coconut oil. Oh, the quality of coconut oil also plays a critical role in how strong the detox effect will be. So, please choose ONLY organic virgin coconut oil because this is the best type of coconut oil for both detox and health benefits.

      • Thank you so much for your thorough response! We will definitely try this. I will cook with it and try the smoothie idea - at the same time we're trying to eliminate dairy so it's been a tough few days! Thank again...

        • Hi Rachel, you're welcome. You can easily eliminate dairy with the replacement of soy milk (if you're not allergic to soy), almond milk, rice milk or other plant-based milks. And you can just add coconut oil to these milks, it tastes pretty good. I had my multigrain soy milk with virgin coconut oil for breakfast this morning. Very nice. Of course the oil does not mix well with the milk, but it works to give an extra boost to your energy and health. πŸ˜‰

          • Try coconut milk. It's delicious!!! I have been drinking it for several months since I found out that the soy was causing my hormones to fluctuate. I did not know that soy did that. "They (several different articles that I've read on the subject) also say that giving girls too much soy in their diet can cause the girls to develop larger breasts and have their menstrual cycle much earlier. Neither of these have happened yet in our house, but time will tell...

          • Hi Dani, thanks for sharing what you know. Yes, coconut milk is delicious because of its natural coconut flavor and it does little to fluctuate hormones because it doesn't contain phytoestrogens like soy does, so it's good for people with fluctuating hormones that trigger acne. Did you also try coconut cream? I mean, you don't drink coconut cream like you're drinking coconut milk because coconut cream tastes more fiber-y and thicker and so it's more suitable to use it in cooking or baking.

          • I like soy milk, but I read it is not advised for men to consume it, due to it can immitate female hormones and cause them to get tender breast or actual breast growth. For boys I rather use almond milk or coconut milk.

    • Hi Rachel I just wanted to let you know that my son gets a half a teaspoon of coconut oil per slice of toast each morning! He's 12, and thinks he knows everything...but not that I mix it up with the Nutella!! It's really good!

  6. Hi, this is a great article and very informational. However, the opposite seems to be happening with me when I take coconut oil. I tend to experience constipation when I eat it. Any possible reasons for this?

    • Hi Nancy, are you saying that you didn't have constipation before taking coconut oil? While most people get to enjoy good constipation relief with coconut oil, coconut oil may "cause" constipation for these reasons:

      1. Are you taking virgin coconut oil? Virgin coconut oil has a mild (some brands may have thicker) coconut odor and nothing else. Some coconut oils may carry "extra" smoky stench (like the Parachute brand) or cheesy smell or even smell like vomit. They're probably refined coconut oil in disguise. Also, virgin coconut oil should have a crystal clear appearance (when in liquid state) like water. If it looks cloudy or milky even at temperatures above 76 Β°F (24 Β°C) like the Crisco brand, this is a super low-quality coconut oil. If you're unlucky enough, the coconut oil you get might be a hydrogenated one. This type of refined coconut oil has its detox characteristic completely altered and of course, you get constipation instead of relieving it.

      2. Have you had a change in diet? Amid taking coconut oil, you suddenly increase your intake of fiber-deficient processed food and meat (including fish). These toxin-laden stuff can intoxicate your cells and raise your blood acidity level. When your body gets acidic, all organs (including your bowels) will run into a severe disorder. If you do nothing to alkalize your body (like eating more dark green leafy vegetables), your bowels won't budge.

      3. Do you have flu or other bacterial infection? The MCFAs in coconut oil are the one stimulating bowel movement. But they're also the one fighting viruses and bacteria and other invading microbes. If you're suffering from a serious infection, I'm afraid little MCFAs are left to loosen your bowels even though you take 5 tablespoons per day.

      4. Are you taking enough water? If your body lacks water, no matter how well coconut oil stimulates your bowels, your stool is not going to slide. Coconut oil increases your bowel motility so that the stool won't stay too long for your bowels to absorb water, thus helping your stool to retain as much fluid as possible so that it can easily move through the bowels with the help of increasing intestinal muscle contraction.

      These are the few reasons I can think of off the top of my head. But if you can provide me with more info about your case like the kind of food you're having with coconut oil, the amount, the brand of coconut oil you're using, how much water you're taking etc I should be able to help you better.

  7. I use organic coconut oil in my coffee and most of my foods I love it and I use it for my hair to it helps a lot of stuff I also read that if you have constipation you can put it on you behind for some relief as well

  8. I tried putting it in my juice to eliminate the taste and it turned hard and was floating on top..How can we stop it from doing this?

  9. How long will it take for the coconut oil to work I put a tablespoon in a cup of coffee just now and drank it, and I've been constipated for days now tried stool softeners and coffee and more coffee researched a little bit I've been using coconut oil on my hair about twice a week not knowing it could help this too. I'm in desperate need of help for relief I've taken like 4 stool softners now and tried syrup and water and nothing helps. Please does anybody know how long it will take to kick in and will it help if I drink another cup with another half a tablespoon at this point id rather have diarrhea I've had crazy severe stomach cramps and pains from this! HELP!

    • Hi Tiffany, try taking 2 tablespoons of coconut oil without food and see how it goes. It usually takes within an hour for the diarrhea-like effect to kick in. For your case, it might take a bit longer. You'll get stomach cramp as the effect kicks in. You should stop taking meat for now (if you've been eating a lot since meat is always the greatest culprit responsible for constipation). Then drink more water and take more fibrous food like vegetables to help with the flush. If you want to power up the effect, take manuka honey as well.

  10. I tried coconut oil (tablespoon in the morning and tablespoon in the evenings) for the first time and within a few hours I had a good bowel movement. Since then (+- 7 days ago), I take the same amount of oil but to no avail. I however feel floated and nausea but no bowel movement. Should I increase the oil?

    • Hi Rina, you feel bloated and nausea probably because coconut oil is helping your body to detox. Killing of bacteria and viruses in your body may cause them to release toxins causing discomfort. Try increasing your water and fiber intake since coconut oil requires adequate water intake to relieve constipation. If still doesn't work, take 2 tablespoons of coconut oil on empty stomach in the morning. Remember to drink enough water and get ready for the "flush".

  11. I take 2 tablespoons of melted coconut oil everyday. I cook with it, add it my food, and take it by the spoonful. I have used it in place of butter for a long time. I even give it to my dogs.

  12. My 4 yr old has chronic constipation and we have tried many things. We have increased her fiber ( although she's a picky eater so this is a challenge) and water as well. She doesn't get much relief. It has been a frustrating ride. We do have an appointment for her 4 yr check up this week and we will discuss her constipation issues with her doc as well. But I saw this and thought I would ask. I use organic virgin coconut oil for a moisturizer and she often sticks her finger in the jar for a taste ( she really likes it) so I know that I can give this to her by spoon. Do you think this could help? Should I start with just a teaspoon for the day? Would you recommend on an empty stomach in the am, night, or during the day?

    • Hi Gina, she's too young to take coconut oil on empty stomach for constipation relief... I'm afraid the diarrhea-like effect may be too strong for her. Add a teaspoon to her breakfast and see how it goes. If it's not strong enough, another teaspoon in her lunch and so on. Spread out the amount. And if 3 teaspoons per day (in each meal) do nothing to move her bowels, then increase to 2 teaspoons on each meal for her the next day. The key is, increase the amount of coconut oil progressively until she gets the relief which is just nice for her and not adding too much in one sitting that over-loosens her bowels and drains her of her energy.

    • Hi Juanita, I'm not sure of the degree of liver damage your father-in-law is having, but you can try coconut oil to see if it does help to relieve your father-in-law's constipation problem. Coconut oil may even help to improve liver function since it carries antimicrobials to help liver fight toxins, bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi, thereby mitigating the liver's load to having to deal with these malicious microbes. Remember to start small and progressively to make sure your father-in-law gets the right amount to move his bowels.

    • Hi Catherine, the main reason why many people suffer from constipation is because they have taken way too much junk foods that put their bowels to "sleep mode". Coconut oil supplies medium-chain fatty acids to "wake" your bowels up. Of course, if you keep taking junk foods and then get constipated... yeah... you will grow dependent on its laxative effect. But if you make a change to your diet, honestly speaking, you won't need coconut oil at all for constipation relief.

      The primary "function" of coconut oil is to energize your cells and step up their metabolism so that your cells can optimally perform their functions such as toxin removal, nutrient absorption, energy utilization (fat-burning), germ-fighting and many more. Increasing bowel movement is one of the "side effects" of using coconut oil. You can try taking coconut oil every day for a month and then stop it for one whole week, you'll realize your bowels are still working fine provided you ingest fiber-rich food and drinking adequate amount of water.

      Essentially, I don't eat coconut oil for constipation since I have never had such a problem even before taking coconut oil... I take fiber-rich foods every day. I add coconut oil to all my meals simply to boost my immunity. It enhances the flavor too... if you use virgin coconut oil.

  13. Will it help constipation caused by gastro paresis and narcotics? I have tried approximately a tablespoon, so far, in my coffee about 1 and 1/2 hours ago and so far nothing.

    • Hi Sonia, are you a diabetic or you have just had a surgery on your stomach or somewhere near there? Gastroparesis normally occurs to diabetics or people who have just gone under the knife recently. I believe coconut oil should help relieve your constipation since the medium-chain fatty acids in the oil can step up cellular metabolism and may help restore the function of your stomach muscles to move food timely to the intestine for digestion and nutrient absorption.

      You might want to try more than a tablespoon per day. But I hope you can take coconut oil like you're taking normal meals, not like you're taking supplements or medication.

      I understand that at this point you're only able to eat very small portion of food due to gastroparesis. In that case, try adding 1/2 tablespoon of coconut oil to each meal. If you have 6 small meals per day, then you would be taking 3 tablespoons of coconut oil daily, which is pretty adequate for most people.

      And since yours is a special condition so it'll probably take a couple of weeks or so for coconut oil to help fix your digestive function. Oh, don't take any other types of refined coconut oil, get only organic virgin coconut oil. Keep me posted.

  14. Well 3:29 pm and just took 4 tablespoons of coconut oil on a empty stomach. Been constipated for a week now. Looking at other comments within five to 10 min I should be running to the washroom, will update in a bit! Hmm 3:37 and nothing yet. 3:40 another tablespoon worth, might throw up now but unfortunately from the wrong end. 4:30 stomach is in a lot of pain I think it's almost time. 4:34.... Thinking I had twice as much oil as I shouldve but it has done in an hour what three days of laxative pills couldn't.

  15. I should add my constipation was due to narcotics and coconut oil worked within an hour, also did not take any narcotics yet today and it's 4:30pm.

    • Hi Mr Cosby, I think narcotic has caused your bowels to become sluggish. Of course, fried food (using unsaturated oils) and meat play a bigger part in slowing bowels as they're very intoxicating. The toxins they generate can damage your cells and your GI tract can go into a severe disorder as a result.

      Please cut back on those unhealthy stuff and learn to take more fibrous food (vegetable and fruit) and drink more plain water daily. Doing so should help with your constipation issue. Even if you still get constipated with a good amount of fiber and water intake, at least you won't get constipated for so long and need not eat so much coconut oil just to move your bowels.

  16. I also experienced ALOT of discomfort the 1st 2 days I took coconut oil. But after I got past that my digestive system feels great! I absolutely love cocnut oil for all its amazing uses. I advocate it to everyone with almost any problem

    • Hi Amanda, thanks for your great input. For those who are getting started with coconut oil, you can mitigate the discomfort by gradually and progressively increase your coconut oil intake.

  17. I love thid your site,every details giving here is very powerful. Note: O+ people coconut is not good for them,they should try olive oil. Thanks

    • Hi Ike, thanks for your thought, but can you show any evidence on that? If you simply base on the theory of blood type diet, that's plain stupidity since blood type diet has no scientific ground to support, unless you personally have benefited a lot from olive oil and not coconut oil. Just as it (the blood type diet) says that people with blood type O should take more meat but my group of 'O' vegetarian/vegan friends are doing exceptionally well with their diet. Can anyone with blood type O share your experience with coconut oil?

  18. Right now all I have in the house is a refined coconut oil I got at the grocery store. Can I use this right now for my bad constipation until I am able to get some virgin coconut oil? Will it help at all or would I just be wasting my time? I have been using it just occasionally for cooking as I am accustomed to using olive oil and thought I would try transitioning a bit at a time to coconut oil so I am not greatly familiar with using coconut oil at all. Thanks for your time.

    • Hi Connie, yes you may try using refined coconut oil. But can you tell me the brand of refined coconut oil you're using (a little more details would make it easier for me to help you identify its quality)?

      I need to know this because not all refined coconut oils are created equal – some may contain just caprylic and capric acids like the MCT oil or fractionated coconut oil while some may comprise almost all of what virgin coconut oil carries which is good for constipation.

      Of course, there are some types of refined coconut oils that have gone through hydrogenation and this is definitely no good and can make your constipation worse instead. That said, refined coconut oils also have high and low quality types, hope that what you're using is not the low-quality type like the Crisco or Parachute brand.

  19. Okay, it neither of those brands. It is actually a grocery store brand, their premium line brand. It says Pure Coconut Oil, and the nutrition label says 0 trans, poly and mono fats. The ingredients only say coconut oil. What do I need to look for on the label to tell if it has been hydrogenated? I began using it yesterday as I was becoming very uncomfortable and it does seem to be helping already, but I am able to get out today as I have transportation and I plan on going ahead and buying some of the Nutiva and begin that. My daughter has been using the refined as an eye makeup remover, so I guess I will just let her have the remainder of it. Thank you for the response.

    • Okay Connie, when it says Pure Coconut Oil, it's definitely a refined coconut oil. As for the trans fat part, since it says 0 we just have to believe that because there's no way we can verify that.

      An honest brand will show on the label if it's hydrogenated or not. Since the brand you bought says it has no trans fat, then we shall take it that it's not hydrogenated because hydrogenation can produce trans fat. Of course, depending on the quantity it bases on for measurement. For example, per serving (usually 14 g) it may say 0 trans fat, but per 100 g the trans fat can become 0.2 g. That's because when you convert to 14 g the trans fat is actually 0.028 g, which will be rounded down to 0 g (it looks safer to consumers this way).

      This may not be apparent to coconut oil as coconut oil is mostly saturated, but for other (predominantly) unsaturated oils like corn oil, safflower oil or peanut oil etc, yes, you'll probably see the trans fat amount (of course, again depending on how honest the oil makers are).

      Since you're going for Nutiva (I'm using them as well as they truly produce top quality coconut oil), they have essentially 2 types – refined coconut oil and virgin coconut oil. If you're not comfortable with the naturally-present coconut odor, you can buy their refined coconut oil. It's cheaper too. I use both types.

      Oh, you can learn more about coconut oil's health benefits besides using it for constipation. On that article I showed how to select the best quality coconut oil for your needs.

  20. How about better body foods organic coconut oil unrefined? Is that a good one to use for constipation? What does unrefined mean ? My daughter bought same thing only it says refined. I have to take miralax to have bowel movements. Would love to try this & have it work!

    • Hi Vicky, unrefined (in this context) means the coconut oil does not go through any high-temperature refining process, which is used to remove the natural coconut odor. Unrefined coconut oil is also usually extracted from fresh coconut meat rather than dried coconut (copra).

      But most companies will label their unrefined coconut oil as 'Virgin Coconut Oil' or 'Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil', which are actually the same since coconut oil has no official grading system (like olive oil) as to 'Extra-Virgin' is better in quality than ' Virgin'.

      Betterbody Foods Organic Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil... better not buy it as it's packaged in plastic jar which has gotten some complaints of odd taste or plastic smell in recent years. Of course, if you insist on this brand, who knows you might get one that tastes what a virgin coconut oil should have tasted like? And to play safe, get the smallest jar to try out before you invest in bigger container. That's my advice.

      But if you need a recommendation, I would suggest Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil in glass (which is what I'm using).

      Last but not least, if you want to use coconut oil to relieve your constipation, bear in mind not to take it on empty stomach and do spread out the amount (please refer to the article above). And to enjoy a constipation-free life, besides taking coconut oil, you should also eat more vegetables, increase your water intake and do some exercises to keep your bowels active and healthy at all times.

  21. Thank you very much! I drink 4 to 5 bottles of water a day, I do need to get more exercise & I eat veggies &fruits but I probably eat more in the summer because they are fresher! I eat lots of salads, love spinach so not sure why I have such a problem but I am eager to start the coconut oil to see if my constipation improves! When I was younger I had IBS a lot, for years with diarrhea but now it's opposite so any suggestions will be welcome! I'm going to start with a teaspoon twice a day & go from there! Thank you, just hope this helps! I'm so frustrated!

    • Hi Vicky, understand that some veggies and fruits are fresher in summer, but you should all year round be getting adequate fiber. Both adequate fiber and water intakes are vital to healthy bowel movement.

      If you're still having constipation with plenty of fiber and water, the toxins from meat and processed foods could be the one causing your body to run into disorder. Also, try to exercise at least 3 times a week – any exercise is good as long as it keeps you moving a lot. Need not be strenuous. Brisk-walking is one good way to improve your digestive and bowel systems.

      Try not to drink water right after meal as water can dilute your stomach acid causing digestive problem. Drink only 1 hour after meal. If you find the food too dry to swallow, you can take a few sips of water to help lubricate your esophagus during eating. Fill your stomach to at most 70% satiety level. And chew your food adequately to aid in digestion. Last but not least, as stress is also one key factor to constipation, if you've been under lots of mental stress, talk to someone whom you can trust and see if it can help lower your stress level. In fact, exercises can help to relieve stress and help you relax too.

      If you can stick to these few tips, your entire health should improve over the next couple of weeks.

    • Spinach contains a lot of iron. Iron is an oxidant. And high amount of iron rich foods like bananas and spinach can bunch you up or constipate you.

      • Hi Irene, thanks for your reply to Vicky. But I do not agree with you since 1 (small to extra large) banana contains only about 0.26–0.4 mg of iron, which is only 1–2% RDA. Spinach is no better – 1 cup holds only 0.81 mg (5% RDA).

        I don't get constipated having both banana and spinach blended as smoothie so far. But instead, this combo always give me a good detox. If you don't take adequate water, their fiber will constipate you. That's for sure. Definitely not the iron in them as the amount is too insignificant to cause constipation.

        • A portion size amount of spinach does constipate me. Shakes maybe differ unless I have more than one serving of it. If I have more than one banana for example two than I will have issue going. Spinach is the worst for me. It does have plenty of iron... (ex: remember the old Popeye cartoons?) And yes when I was in the hospital the doctors and nurses said that iron can cause constipation. It dries the stool up. I don't even take vitamin supplements that contains iron in it. Just getting the iron from certain food source like fish and chicken instead. Truth be told... Just saying.

          • Hi Irene, iron does cause constipation to some extent. I never deny that. But that really depends on how much you're taking in. The amount of iron that naturally presents in food like spinach and banana do not usually pose problems for us since even if you take 3 cups of spinach a day your total iron intake is at most 2.43 mg.

            But problems to your GI tract begin when you take iron supplements that contain about 20–40 mg of iron per capsule (depending on which brand you buy). One cap already contains 10 times as much as what you could have taken from 3 cups of spinach. For your info, our body is only able to absorb 10–35 % of iron intake. So, where does the remaining go?

            Our gut flora, when in balance has a lot more good bacteria than bad (pathogenic) bacteria. Bad bacteria are kept in check by the good guys. Unfortunately, these bad guys feed on iron. What happens next? They grow rapidly to the extent that breaks the gut flora balance. This causes a disorder to your GI tract, which can dramatically increase or decrease your gut motility. In most cases, a decrease in gut motility occurs. Low gut motility means that your bowels are moving slower than usual. A sluggish bowel causes more water to get absorbed into your body, which is why your stool turns so hard that leads to constipation.

            Now the question for you is, why do you have a sluggish bowel when your iron intake is just that much?

            Toxins from meat (chicken, fish, beef, pork, mutton etc) play a part in this – toxins can weaken your immune system that in turn affects the entire body functioning, including your bowel system, which is why meat-eaters tend to have GI tract problems. High-sugar food feeds bad gut flora too.

            Of course, meat-eaters also tend to consume less fiber for creating bulk to stimulate the bowels. Not forgetting the stress you're undergoing as stress hormones can desensitize your bowels. And if you're the sort who doesn't work out, yes, your gut motility will drop even further. Surrounding temperature (especially in Summer) can dry you up and if you don't drink adequate water during this period, your constipation will get worse as your stool hardens and gets stuck in the colon.

            Seriously, I don't think it's the iron from spinach or banana that constipates you. The amount is too insignificant for causing constipation. But rather, it could be their fiber content since fiber absorbs water to create bulk. If your bowel is already slow, that will make your stool even harder to "slide out". That's why people with sluggish bowels really must ensure that they drink plenty of water. By the way, even when I eat spinach or banana separately, I don't get constipated because I have an active bowel.

  22. I have struggled with constipation for a while, went back & forth to GI doctors and on all of that medication and it got better but started going downhill when I slacked on eating good and excersing. Just took two spoonfuls of extra virgin coconut oil, hope it helps!!

    • Hi Desiree, I hope you can become free of constipation not by taking coconut oil but eating healthily and working out regularly.

      Coconut oil is meant to supplement and strengthen our immunity. It just happens that it got the "side effect" of loosening bowels that makes people become crazy about curing their constipation using it. I don't encourage anyone to see coconut oil solely as a constipation cure. Add coconut oil to your diet and at the same time eat good (take more whole food and less meat) and work out regularly and it should work to help you relieve constipation for good.

      Doing so will definitely help you save the trips to visit GI doctors and save tons of cash on medication.

      • Thank you, I will definitely incorporate it more into my diet. Unfortunately for me it didn't help last night πŸ™

        • Hi Desiree, were you taking that 2 tablespoonfuls on empty stomach? The effect will differ between empty and having some food in the stomach.

          If after trying 2 tablespoons on empty stomach (best, in the morning before breakfast) and drink a glass of water as well and it still doesn't help, something really bad is causing your bowels to become exceptionally sluggish that not even virgin coconut oil can do the trick. In that case, you really have to pull your socks up by improving your diet and taking up exercising and stay at that healthy level.

  23. Made a morning smoothie today for the first time with frozen strawberries, water, protein powder and a generous tablespoon of coconut oil... Blended in my Ninja and enjoyed... Relief within about 2 hours and twice more after that... It was yummy tasting and beneficial!

  24. I just mixed a tbsp with my oatmeal, desperately need this to work. Been on several medications here lately and its caused me to be irregular and im in pain trying to have a bowel movement.

    • Hi Clarissa, if your medications tend to mess up your bowels, then it may not be easy for coconut oil to help loosen your bowels. It becomes a tug of war. Are you able to perform some simple exercises (like brisk-walk) because exercise is good for improving bowel movement as well.

      Keep taking coconut oil in the meantime and try to increase your intake of it progressively. Even if you don't get to relieve constipation with it, your health is bound to improve in some ways.

      Are you taking virgin coconut oil? If not, change now.

  25. Great article! I have a question, I am 35 weeks pregnant and have not had a regular bowel movement in days. Is this safe to do while pregnant? I would like to try 1 tablespoon.

    • Hi Delaney, it's pretty much a norm for pregnant women to suffer from constipation or irregular bowel movements as the pregnancy hormones cause your bowels to slow down so that your body will have more time to absorb nutrients from the food and bring them to your baby. Of course, your expanding uterus is also restricting the movements of your bowels, making your bowels even more difficult to get rid of the chunk.

      As your baby is coming soon, you do have to be extremely careful with administering coconut oil.

      I suggest that you take no more than 2 tablespoons of coconut oil per day and spread the amount like for example, add 1/2 tablespoon to your breakfast, 1/2 to your lunch and so forth. Try not to take 2 tablespoons on an empty stomach or you might get the runs that could drain you out.

      While taking coconut oil, you should also increase your fiber intake by adding some leafy vegetables to every meal. Don't add too much fiber at once because this will cause gas and bloating to your already-sluggish bowels. As you add more fiber to your meals, bring along adequate water into your body to help with the flush. Also, eat 6 or 7 mini-meals rather than 3 big meals as big meal can overload your digestive system, leading to an even more congested bowel.

  26. I started the coconut treatment for my severe constipation. It's louann brand non-hydrogenated coconut oil.. Is that an okay brand??

    • LouAna coconut oil is chemically processed (with high temperature) from dried coconut meat. So, it's a refined coconut oil. It uses plastic jar to hold the oil which I do not recommend. But if you don't mind that and as long as the oil doesn't smell of plastic and it does help relieve your constipation, it's a brand okay to go with. But if you're looking for a better quality refined coconut oil, I would suggest Nutiva refined coconut oil which is kept in glass jar. It's a bit more expensive though due to better quality.

      • Where can I buy that brand?? I mix 2 tables spoons with food twice last night and about 4.5 tbsp this morning on empty stomach and nothing had happened.. Could it be the low grade of coconut oil??

        • Hi Shanya, you can try your local supermarket or any health food store nearby. They should have Nutiva. If not, just order online from Amazon.

          4.5 Tbsps in morning and nothing happens... some possible reasons off the top of my head:

          1. Your stomach may not be at all empty.

          2. Yes, it could be the quality of the coconut oil.

          3. Your bowels are exceptionally sluggish. And what causes that? Are you taking other medication that slows your bowels while treating your medical condition? Or your bowels are just like that all along.

          Try changing the brand and where possible, get virgin coconut oil (it has a coconut odor and hope you can grow to like it). Then, you really need to move a lot to help improve your bowel movement. Plus, drink adequate amount of water.

          • I'll try the virgin oil, coconut odor doesn't bother me I grew up in Hawaii eating coconut. I have also tried regular enema and mineral oil enema with very little movement..

          • Hi Shanya, now here's another possible reason LouAna coconut oil could not produce much relief on you. Your regular enema could have caused your bowels to lose its sensitivity. Allow some time for your bowels to heal on its own and regain its sensitivity. And please, never inject fluid to trigger bowel movement ever again because this is unnatural and may inflict permanent damage. Eating right will get your system to work on the right path and flush out the waste naturally.

            That said, where possible, increase your fiber intake (from fresh fruits and vegetables) and drink adequate amount of water every day. With the help of coconut oil, I'm sure it won't take long to relieve your severe constipation.

            Last but not least, when you buy virgin coconut oil, keep in mind that it should smell like coconut. Some virgin coconut oil has little or no smell at all, either that's a low-grade virgin oil (some countries do produce low-quality coconut oil) or it really isn't virgin at all (just a hoax).

  27. I have found that this definitely helps with my chronic constipation! I am just wondering how concerned I should be with the added calories on a low calorie diet? I have read many different things.

    • Hi Holly, how many tablespoons of coconut oil are you taking daily for your chronic constipation? If you're able to get a good detox via coconut oil, both your weight and fat should drop.

      Unlike animal fats or other vegetable oils, coconut oil does not contribute much to your caloric intake since most of it will be burned off as energy. You might want to read up on how coconut oil helps in weight loss. If you're still worried, just cut back a little bit on other foods on your plate.

      • I usually do between 4-6 a day.. 1on an empty stomach in the morning. Then I mix it in my coffee then 1 before bed. Is there more effective way that I can be using it? Also is it best on an empty stomach or with a little food?

      • Well going to try the coconut oil once I'm back to normal.. Ended up going to dr.. The pain was unbearable, diagnosis I'm severely impacted. Put me on linzess, hoping to feel better soon..

        • Hi Shanya, hope you get well soon. And when you get back on coconut oil, start on it gradually with 1 teaspoon per day for several days first before you up to 2 teaspoons and so on. Allow your body ample time to adapt to coconut oil.

  28. I noticed the Nutiva is from a plant that has peanuts. People with a peanut allergy should be aware. What is your website?

    • Hi Marcia, you're spot-on. Nutiva has clearly stated on its label "Bottled in a facility that packs peanut oil". So, if you're allergic to peanut, you do have to be extremely careful with Nutiva products. Oh, this ( is my website.

    • Yes, Kristin. Go ahead and take some before bed. I suggest that you add one tablespoon of coconut oil to a glass of water and gulp it down. It's pretty gross to drink this way, but it does help constipation since your case might be you're not drinking enough water for the detox. If one tablespoon doesn't work tonight, mix 2 tablespoons with a glass of water tomorrow morning.

      Additionally, if you're of edema constitution, avoid high-sodium food as too much salt in your body can cause water to retain in especially your thighs and hips, depleting your bowels of adequate fluid for detox.

  29. I like to get up early in the morning have warm water and melt the coconut oil along with juice of a key lime and hit the morning cardio on a fasted state..the coconut oil gives me that instant energy and helps me burn fat keeping my stomach flat it is amazing..and my stools become soft easy and quick to pass

  30. I am SO glad I found your blog post!! My doctor says my constipation issues are due to a weak rectocel, but after reading every single comment I realize meat plays a big role in this -- for me. I just made a smoothie with protein powder, almond milk, water, and coconut oil. Good thing today is Saturday so I can stick close to home and see what happens! I've had constipation/fissure/hemorrhoid issues FOR YEARS but I am going to really pay attention to what I am or am not eating. Oh, and I agree with the person who said you can use coconut oil on your bum after a movement. It does provide relief.

    • Hi Crissy, good to know that you're starting to pay attention to your diet. Coconut oil increases cellular metabolism – this can help with repairing the tear or crack in the lining of your anus. Thanks for your input.

  31. Hi, I was wondering if coconut oil is good for me, since I suffer from diverticulosis and if I'm having an active flare-up of diverticulitis, should I not consume it?

    • Hi Judy, if you suffer from diverticulitis, I think it's good to continue consuming coconut oil since coconut oil can help to reduce inflammation and fight infection.

      If you're worried, you can begin with 1 teaspoon of coconut oil per day (add to breakfast or lunch) and then gradually increase the amount until you find the right doses for your constipation problem (I assume you're having it since you're on this post). In fact, before you even have a flare-up you should try taking more coconut oil as it might prevent the development of diverticulitis.

      Are you on a low-fiber (high-meat) diet? If so, learn to eat more fiber-rich food like dark green leafy vegetables (and drink adequate amount of water) to ease the pressure in the colon since diverticulosis may be caused by the occurrence of high pressure in the colon, which is due to lack of bulk in food.

  32. Hi,

    I have not been able to have a # 2 for well over a week due to having to take 4 pain pills for sciatic nerve.I didn't want to take them,but the pain was so intense and I couldn't bare weight with my right leg.Amyway I have Simply Nature Organic Coconut oil and is supposed to be unrefined,cold pressed virgin oil.It looks like water when room temp.Is this a good one to take for this problem?

    • Hi Terri, virgin coconut oil should look like water (it would be even better if it has got some sediment sinking to the bottom of the jar) at room temp since it melts at 76 Β°F (24 Β°C).

      Is your Simply Nature organic virgin coconut oil packed in glass? If yes, it's good to go with. Of course, what's more important is whether you like its taste, smell and texture or not. And whether it does help you relieve constipation. You might want to read up on choosing the best virgin coconut oil to get a better picture of how good quality virgin coconut oil should like.

  33. After a hysterectomy this has been a wonderful find. No pain killers just ibuprofen. Just tried 1 tablespoon in my coffee. I blended it and no floating oil. It tasted great. Probably would work in hot tea as well.
    It also soften my dry lips which is a plus.
    Already went some and hoping it finishes the job through out the day.

  34. I had about one tablespoon of 100% MCT liquid coconut oil with my breakfast three days ago. I have had constant, slight abdominal cramping ever since so I haven't used any more. It's been 3 days. How long should I be experiencing this?

    • Hi Michele, if you just had one tablespoon of MCT oil on that day and have not had any more in the past 2 days, and you're still experiencing slight discomfort to your abdomen, I don't think it's the effect of MCT oil anymore (it usually lasts for only a day). It could be that MCT oil was trying to stimulate your bowel contraction on that morning but then your gut was heavily clogged (with waste and trapped air) and thus causing some cramp inside. And the cramp persists until today.

      Try to make yourself more mobile instead of couching around because moving a lot does help with moving bowels and passing out gas and thus, easing your abdominal cramp.

      At the same time, drink more water. Cut back on your sodium intake as too much sodium can cause water to get absorbed into your cells and tissues, leaving little fluid to help with waste removal. If your body tends to easily store fluid in the tissues (edema), then you must try to increase your potassium intake (spinach, banana or other potassium-rich foods) to help with the release of fluid.

      Of course, there are other factors also that could have contributed to your abdominal cramp, such as... did you do sit-ups on that day or other workouts that target the ab? Or you've been constipated for so many days that coincidentally on that morning right after you took MCT oil the cramp started? Have you been suddenly increasing your fiber intake recently? Are you feeling stressful these few days?

      You have to track back on the real reason behind your ab cramp.

  35. is it safe too feed my daughter (1 yr 8 months) a 1 tablespoon of coconut oil? she's suffering from infrequent bowel movememt, she poops every 2-3 days. her poop is hard by that time.. and also she's taking lactulose (5ml) on her first month but after a month , lactulose is now innefective. ty

    • Hi Billie, before you feed her coconut oil, rub a dab of coconut oil on her skin to see if any adverse reaction occurs. If nothing happens after a day, get her started with 1/2 teaspoon first rather than 1 tablespoon, which may be a bit too much for a 1 yr plus beginner. Again, monitor her for any skin breakouts. If she looks good, then increase her intake of coconut oil by teaspoonful gradually until her body can adapt to 1 tablespoon or more per day because if you feed her 1 tablespoon at the start she might get the runs.

      Her hardened poop shows that she's not drinking enough water. Is the weather over there hot now? You may need to make her drink more water even though you start feeding her coconut oil because coconut oil still requires water to bring its bowel-stimulating effect into full swing.

  36. Hi, I have to eat extremely health (veggies, fruits...), drink plenty of water in order to have regular bowel movements.(I do not eat red meat). Exercise at least 3 times a week. I also take benefiber twice a day. I am trying to stop using miralax ( I take less than half a dose a day now). Seems like I have more constipation when I am stressed. I drink one cup of Kefir a day. Do you think I should stop the miralax and start taking 1/2 Tbsp at night before I go to bed with the Kefir?

    • Hi Emily, stress can make or break constipation, depending on individuals. If stress makes you more constipated, then all you need is learn to let things go and relax (besides doing your exercise 3 times a week) so that your bowels can move properly and push out the waste.

      Do you take lots of veggies and fruits every day? If yes, you don't need benefiber because too much fiber in your gut can lead to the opposite effect of loosening bowels – constipation. Of course, you don't even need miralax.

      I would suggest you to try out adding coconut oil to your breakfast in the morning rather than at night so that it won't disturb your sleep quality. And since you're so eager to relieve your constipation, get started with 2 tablespoons in the morning. But bear in mind, do not eat coconut oil on empty stomach unless you're really desperate to get rid of constipation.

  37. Hi ! how long does it takes to know if the coconut oil will effect constipation i take 2tbsp a day morning and evening and it almost 4 days and i eat fruits , drink lots of water . how can i take it to be effective? thank you

    • Hi Rossy, many factors contribute to constipation. Lack of water is one thing. You can drink lots of water but if you're on certain medications that easily dry you out or you're of edema body type (your body tends to retain water easily) then your bowels may not receive enough water to help flush out the waste.

      Have you been under lots of stress as well especially when you're still constipated and desperate to move bowels? Are you consuming lots of meat and food that contains high sodium?

      Toxins in meat can intoxicate your intestinal cells, causing them to become "sick" and sluggish while excessive sodium can cause your tissues to store water, leaving very little in your intestines to move your bowels. When you said you eat fruits, do you eat lots of them? (It's good for you if you do as you're getting both water and fiber from the fruits to help with your constipation issue.)

      Are you using virgin coconut oil? Different quality of coconut oil can have different effect on relieving constipation also. Try taking 2–3 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil in the morning on an empty stomach. 5 mins after that, drink a glass of water and see how it goes. Or you can mix that 2–3 tablespoons of coconut oil in a glass of water and gulp it down, on empty stomach. As important as that, stay cool and relax, and "it" will come.

      But be warned, taking that much virgin coconut oil on empty stomach can give you very severe stomach cramp especially if you've been constipated for so many days. Keep me posted.

  38. There are many benefits to coconut oil, but it has its down side too. Unlike olive oil and fats from otherS like avocado, coconut oil is very high on saturated fats (about 70 to 80 percent). This is what your body uses to create LDL. If you have high cholesterol, you should avoid this oil.

    • You're absolutely wrong, Jim! Coconut oil actually has about 90% saturated fats. And these saturated fats are of medium-chain, which do not raise LDL cholesterol.

      Please read my version of Health Benefits of Coconut Oil which provides more and deeper insight into the true mechanism behind why coconut oil is so good for us. You should also read up coconut oil's effect on cholesterol. I'm sure these info will shed more light on your incorrect perception and belief on coconut oil.

    • I have slow transit. I have been doing two tablespoons of coconut oil for awhile. I am going up too three today. I have candida. I think it's helping some but not enough. I have had chronic constaption all my life. Do you think if l take two tablespoons on an empty stomach will it help move my bowels? I am pretty desperate.Thanks for your advice. I am using Simply Nature organic unrefined cold pressed virgin coconut oil in a glass jar.

      • Hi Tyrone, coconut oil may help to improve slow transit constipation (STC). But the thing is you're having Candida as well, so when coconut oil goes into your body, some will go to treat your Candida leaving the remaining to rev up your bowel motility. Depending on how severe your yeast condition is, the more severe, the less coconut oil will be left behind to treat constipation.

        That said, you got to try to add more coconut oil to your food so that not only it will treat your Candida but also your constipation effectively as well. If you want to try 2 Tablespoons on empty stomach, go ahead, but be prepared for the diarrhea-like consequences. Chronic constipation stems mainly from a poor diet and sedentary lifestyle. You should learn to eat more fiber-rich food (less meat and processed food) and drink adequate water, plus exercise more.

  39. I just had an upper and lower GI test done yesterday and couldn't rest/pass today yet so tried some in warm tea with lemon. We shall see if this works, but think it will!

    • Hi Jennifer, other than trying coconut oil with your lemon tea, keep your body relaxed.

      When we feel constipated we tend to pre-occupy our mind with the hope of relieving constipation. This mental stress can unwittingly cause physiological stress that tightens up our intestinal muscles that in turn lead to poor bowel movement. Go do something which will make you relax and once you feel more relaxed, your bowel muscles will loosen up and "swoosh"... it will glide out.

  40. Soon, I have tried this for the past 4 days and it has not helped at all--I have diverticulitis and am currently on Linzess 290--I feel like I will probably end up gaining weight because I am consuming 3 tablespoons of Coconut oil a day with no effects. Yes, I go potty but not how I think this should be working--I did buy the Organic Unrefined Coconut oil--is this normal?

    • Welcome back, Mindy. Linzess is meant for normal IBS. Your case doesn't seem like one. You might want to consider stopping your Linzess intake (please discuss with your doctor first) because it is diverticulitis that upsets your normal bowel function causing constipation, even when you take virgin coconut oil. What's more critical at this juncture is to reduce the inflammation in your diverticulum. Coconut oil is good at reducing inflammation, but how strong its effect on your diverticulitis will depend on the severity of your condition and how much coconut oil you can take in a day.

      That said, you should continue taking coconut oil. Don't worry about gaining weight, coconut oil won't cause that or I would have been an obese already since I'm taking more than 3 tablespoons every day and for 10 years.

      On top of that, if you're at work, you must consciously remind yourself to stay calm and relax or the mental stress you've got will stiffen up your bowel muscles, causing difficulty in moving bowels.

      IF... still doesn't work, go buy this manual about curing constipation (only 10 bucks). It lays down a specific plan that shows you how to adopt a good dieting habit that will help repair your bowel function and reclaim your bowel health. By the way, 99% of the ingredients the manual recommends are plant-based (they're cheap and you can easily find them at common grocery stores), which also contain powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components besides boosting your bowel health. This will help your diverticulitis in the process of fixing your bowel function.

  41. Thanks Soon! I will discuss this with my Dr on my next visit. Really appreciate your feedback. I will continue with the Coconut oil--have a wonderful day!

  42. Hi Sir. This is Narayan.
    I was on low carb diet to reduce my weight. Combined with regular exercise I lost 33 lbs in 3 months. I think this diet has resulted in constipation and Fissure. (Very bad painful experience)

    After I started following your site, I am using VIRGIN Coconut oil from last 1 month(1 table spoon after Lunch and 1 table spoon after Dinner) , I exercise regularly and large portion of my diet is Vegetables and fruits. I also take 1+1 table spoon of Isabgol ( Psyllium Husk) .
    I take coconut oil with water and Isabgol soaked in Water.

    I do not have constipation any more. My stool is very soft since last 15 days.

    But my Fissure is not getting cured; I am applying coconut oil twice and also am into Sitz Bath twice a day.

    Even with soft stools I experience pain in my anal area for 4 to 6 hours. If I use pain killer things are normal or else it’s paining.

    Once my constipation was cured the pain reduced by 50% but since last 15 days no more improvement in reduction of pain.

    Kindly suggest me to get this pain relived.

    Narayan M.

    • Hi Narayan, how long do you spend in sitz bath each time? Making your buttock wet can prolong the healing of your fissure (inflammation will get worse too). You should stand and bathe.

      Also, your stool may have turned soft, but if the size is bulky, it may cause some pain as well. Try to cut your intake of Psyllium husk by half because it is very fibrous and super water-absorbent (due to high content of mucilage) and hence, can create a big bulky stool, albeit soft.

      Applying coconut oil gently to the fissure can help, but if the pain persists after several days even when you stop your sitz bath, go see a doctor to check if there is any infection or complication taking place because it might have progressed to beyond a normal tissue tear after so many months.

      Gentle Reminder: You shouldn't have done that crash diet in the first place because low-carb (high-protein) is a very "constipated" diet that can form super hard stool which easily causes anal fissure. Keep in mind to never do that again even when you gain weight in the future for whatever reasons. There are healthy (though slow) ways to lose weight without leading to adverse consequences.

  43. Soon--Is it the refined or unrefined that we need to purchase? I am trying to look for a store that carries the Nutivia brand here and the store that has it says it is refined???

    • Hi Mindy, one of the differences between unrefined and refined coconut oil is their fatty acid contents.

      Though manufacturers may claim both have the same fatty acid composition, but I found that virgin coconut oil is more potent in fighting bacteria, viruses and other germs, as well as reducing inflammation. Testing both on my skin (I'm quite prone to rashes during hot weather) and armpits tells me that.

      That also means that refined coconut oil may have relatively lesser impact on constipation and inflammation. If you want better health protection besides just giving you a relief in constipation, virgin coconut oil is better. But if you really can't find Nutiva virgin coconut oil (maroon color lid) in that store, then its refined coconut oil (orange color lid) is worth a try. It's cheaper. It absorbs faster too since it is thinner. Also, refined coconut oil is odorless (tasteless).

      Note: The yellow hue (more apparent in liquid form) in the refined oil is normal because it is extracted from sun-dried copra which turns yellowish or even brownish due to its intrinsic sugar content. Not a sign of contamination.

  44. Hi, after reading about this early today, I got myself a regular breakfast and a cup of coffee at 10:05am. I added to my coffe a tablespoom of my olganic Crisco coconut oil i use for cooking, since i being constipated for the last couple of day. It is 1:55pm and I already when to the bathroom with no crank or pain. I started thinking it is working on me. Thanks.

    • Hi Karina, thanks for sharing. One tablespoon of coconut oil may not trigger too much muscle contractions, which could be the reason you were not getting any stomach pain. Moreover, Crisco coconut oil is a (low-grade) refined oil. You would probably experience stronger bowel-stimulating effect with virgin coconut oil. Anyway, great to hear that coconut oil is working on you. πŸ˜‰

  45. Hi. I've been having trouble going for the past ten days. Laxatives have helped but I don't want to keep using them for fear of becoming dependent. Drinking tons of water and lots of fruit and veg. I east some meat but not too much. Very healthy diet. Last night I took two stool softeners but then read your blog and these posts. Decided to also take a tablespoon of organic extra virgin cocnut oil (glass jar). This morning I had another tblspoon in my coffee and then one more off the spoon, followed by a large glass of water. It worked and I'm glad but now feel quite weak and rather gross (upset stomach). Is this to be expected and do you have any suggestions? Thanks Btw I've been using CO for several months now for cooking and on skin and hair and I'm a big fan. First time taking it straight up for constipation tho. Thx again

    • Hi Brad, laxatives not only will make you dependent on them, your body will soon become impervious to their effect. Laxatives can weaken your bowel's natural functions too.

      It's normal feeling weak after a detox by virgin coconut oil due to massive loss of water and sodium (and other electrolytes). Replenish them and you'll feel strong again.

      You've had a bit too much that upsets your stomach, which is normal too. Stop your intake of the oil until your stomach recovers. And when you resume taking virgin coconut oil, start it slow to allow your body to adapt to its effect. Try to take it with food always because when you gulp it down off the spoon without food, your cells will quickly absorb the medium-chain fatty acids, causing intense intestinal muscle contractions.

  46. I am going to try this!
    I had Pancreatic Cancer 3 years ago and for the first 6 months I had bowel problems going every few hers or minutes so would not eat for a day or two but it quite after that. I had a Whipple and had 1/2 my pancreas removed. Had hernia's from that and had them fixed in 2015. Now having infections every once in while UTI and an constipated from meds so I am going to try this.
    They figure that the chemo has hurt my heart now so here we go again!
    Will this affect the creon that I take?

    • Hi Thomas, virgin coconut oil accelerates cellular metabolism and hence, activity. So, it should work to improve your nutrient absorption while CREON helps to break down food. Also, virgin coconut oil can help to strengthen your fight against cancerous cells since it boosts immunity. Your cancer is not at all gone though you've gone through the surgery, so getting on a coconut oil diet is good for you.

      I understand that you're eager to try out coconut oil, but just to be on the safe side, start off with a just a teaspoon added to your breakfast or any meal on that day. Just a teaspoonful per day. I know it sounds little, but some people may react quite severely to just a teaspoon of virgin coconut oil. Keep to that amount for 7 days and see what happens. If your body feels good with virgin coconut oil, increase the intake. When increasing the amount of virgin coconut oil, always do it gradually.

      Keep this in mind... if your body needs longer time such as several weeks to hit 4 tablespoons of coconut oil consumption per day (which is the recommended dosage for strong immunity and better health), then just give it. Do not rush or you could end up with some adverse reactions (healing crisis) that you wouldn't want to experience.

  47. I've extremely chronic constipation. If I don't take strong laxative like a bottle of senna, there will not be any bowel movement. I know taking regular senna is not good which is why I choose to take it only once per month to go clear my intestine once per month. There will be times even if I take laxative, there isn't any bowel movement at all which will cause me in extreme pain and exhaustion and extremely depressed for not being able to clear out all those food that has gone rotten inside me. I'm scared...really very scared... I really wish God will help me.. free me from life and let me die in my sleep or give me a miracle so that I could live on normally once again to know what is life again...

    I've long given up on any remedies because I've almost tried all of them... I've went to countless doctors but all they gave me were fiber and more fiber till the last few doctors recommended to cut off the colon.. I cried almost everyday.. Doctors took too much of our hard-earned money but never cure us... Cutting off the colon will make it worse..

    I'm still breathing, once in a while, I will still look out for a miracle hoping that one day, all bad stuff will just disappear..

    I'm in pain all the time.. I'm extremely exhausted.. no matter how much I've sleep, I'm always exhausted and tired. Because I'm in full pain almost all the time, there's no way I could have a proper job.

    Can anyone really help me n guide me on...


    • Hi Ps, I sincerely apologize for the late response.

      Do not lose hope in life. Where there's a will, there's always a way. First of all, I think your intestine has gone into a severe disorder after taking strong laxatives for so many times.

      You really need some patience to allow your intestine to self-heal. Yes, it will heal eventually, but how long it takes will depend on how severe the damage the drugs have already inflicted on it. Since you've come right into here, go get a jar of Nutiva virgin coconut oil. If you have peanut allergy, try these other brands.

      Like I said, your intestine may have been severely damaged to the point it could not move normally. From today onward, add virgin virgin coconut oil to every meal of yours. Virgin coconut oil can help your intestine heal faster and restore its normal muscle contractions over time. But please start it off with 3 teaspoons per day first. Add one teaspoon to your light breakfast, then one to lunch and one to dinner. Once you're ready for a higher dose, go ahead with 6 teaspoons per day and so on.

      You need a long-term solution for your bowel problem and other health issues. So, never stop eating virgin coconut oil. It is really a miraculous food that helps to improve our health. Read this => Health Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil

    • Hi PS
      I have had almost the same problems. I used to take laxatives every week just so I know that I have a bowel movement. I take a lot of pain meds. I was in pain and took some laxatives then 5 minutes later I read about coconut oil and happen to have some so I immediately took 2 tablespoons and in about another 5 minutes I was able to have a bowel movement. Wow awesome! I sure hope people will try it. Its been 20 min since I took the laxatives and I am relieved. I'm saying this just to say the laxatives still have to work but the coconut oil has already done the job . God bless

  48. I have taken coconut oil off/on for a couple of years, but quit and started taking magnesium oxide for a perceived need to help me eliminate on my terms. I take 750mg - 1000mg daily and it worked ok. I say perceived, because I believe I haven't truly been constipated before. I have now decided, after re-reading your comments, to start taking coconut oil in earnest. Problem! How do I get off the magnesium? I have over the past few weeks worked up to 6-9 tsp. of coconut oil daily. However, I still take the magnesium, but to a slightly lesser amount, depending on the results, which often vary from good, none, and the runs. I am afraid that I may actually become constipated during the transition period as I have now turned 70 yrs., and each day has now become a crapshoot ( sorry ). Please advise, Thanks so much, for being here.

    • Hi Charles, coconut oil works differently on different people due to us having very different medical conditions or body constitutions, and of course different aging effect. Since you've worked up to consuming about 9 teaspoons (3 tablespoons) of coconut oil, I don't think you'll get constipated for more than a day during the transition. Keep increasing your coconut oil intake until you feel best with it. If 9-teaspoonfuls is the max for you now, stay there.

      You're doing it right to slowly getting off your magnesium oxide until you're completely free from it. I wonder if you're taking coconut oil on its own or with food? It's always safer to take coconut oil with food to avoid the runs.

  49. Hi! I am suffer from constipation for long time I got a lot of treatments but no benefits. I am 23/24 during medication feelings are good but after finishing medication fall abnormal. And also no mood to eat... Please help....

    • Hi Zahid, to relieve your long-term (chronic) constipation, besides taking coconut oil, you really need to learn to eat more fiber-rich food like vegetables and fruits. And do exercises. I've come across numerous people who never like to move and eat these whole foods and so they suffer from chronic constipation.

      Again, fiber, water, exercise plus coconut oil is the solution to your chronic constipation. Cut back on your meat and processed food intake.

  50. Hi Soon, thank you for responding. When I first began using coconut oil several years ago, I really wasn't interested or aware that it had laxative properties. I was mainly concerned about our ( spouse ) health in general. We used it most often as 1 part each; coconut oil, butter, & olive oil, for cooking and sautΓ©ing. I used to like to stir it into a jar of 100% natural peanut butter to improve the fat ratios a bit. I have eaten it by the teaspoon occasionally, without concern or consequences.
    One thing I haven't read about coconut oil yet, is that it is the best thing WE have found for the treatment of minor burns.!!! I threw away the salve the dermatologist gave me for treating a growth he had burned off.
    It will burn when first applied , but when it stops burning, it's done!
    When I used Nutivia it came in a plastic jar, I simply transferred it to a glass one. I didn't KNOW better, It just seemed right,

    Thanks again

  51. Hi. Coconut oil does work! Constipation occurs 2-3 times a month and each lasts up to 5 days, worst, 8 days. My diet as follows: Breakfast: 1 cup of freshly made juice+ 1 mug coffee + 1 slice rye bread toast with butter Lunch : 1 bowl of barley soup or sometimes 150gm-200gm granola with yoghurt + 1 orange or apple + hard-boiled egg or few pieces of shortbread+ yakult Dinner: lots of veg + grains + vegetarian soup. Diet is meatless, fish is consumed occasionally and I drink 5-8 glasses of water per day. I walk 4 to 5 times a week up to 70 mins per session.
    Mom mentioned grandpa used to put some butter in his coffee. I put a teaspoon in my coffee last couple of mornings. There's movement but....then I stumbled upon this blog. I tried 1 tablespoon of unrefined extra virgin coconut oil yesterday afternoon. Little movement. This morning on empty stomach I had 1 tablespoon followed by 1 mug of hot+warm water. Half hour later I had another tablespoon followed by another mug of water and stirred 1 teaspoon of coconut oil in my coffee. Tummy less bloated and more comfortable compared to when I first woke up - I felt my tummy and stomach were hard and stuffy and congested. And this had also affected my level of alertness and thinking. I felt sluggish for the past 5 days. Coffee is delicious with faint lovely coconut aroma. It worked. Thank you Fussy Body and everyone for sharing. I hope my post helps too.

    • Hi Caitlin, glad that coconut oil does work for you. Please continue taking coconut oil for your long-term health benefits rather than just treating it as a constipation cure. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience, by the way.

  52. Hi Soon Chai, I have colon issues. Had a resection for colorectal cancer in 1981 and was fine for many years, taking Librax as an antispasmodic. Stopped it last year, and have had severe withdrawal reactions and ongoing constipation since. My gastroenterologist tried me on many treatments - bad side effects to all! I've just started taking coconut oil, "Natures Way" it helps me "go" a little, but I am so very inflamed, also have angulation from surgery. Having colonoscopy August 3rd, if possible, feeling really bad, but need to get better and to function normally. Any suggestions? I'm 75. On meds. for blood pressure, hypothyroidism, cholesterol lowering med. acid blockers. Eating healthily, mostly vegetables, take supplements, almond milk, coconut water, fruit, enough water daily. Have osteoporosis with pain too.

  53. Hi Soon Chai, I don't not know if you got my post, it has disappeared! I had a colorectal resection for colon cancer in 1981, and was fine for some time. I was on Librax/generic/ antispasmodic for many years and functioned ok most of the time. I took myself off it March 2016 and went into withdrawal! Been chronically constipated since. My gastroenterologist has tried me on many treatments with bad side effects, extreme pain violent diarrhea, but I had to eliminate somehow. I became ill from it all. Someone I trust told me to try coconut oil which I did. It has worked a bit, taking 1tbs twice daily with meals, just three days now. Very little movement so far. Can't exercise now, try to walk every day. I'd love to hear what you have to say. I need to improve. Colonoscopy 3rd August, pre cancerous polyps

    • Hi Joan, any comment that is posted will have to be approved (by our admin) before they show up. It's good to have seen both your posts that have given me more info about your condition, nonetheless.

      Ever since stopping Librax, your bowels have gone into some sort of disorder that causes constipation. Withdrawal reactions or symptoms will manifest since Librax can be habit-forming, like smoking a cigarette. Quitting smoking triggers withdrawals too. So, it takes time for any withdrawal reactions to subside and vanish eventually, but for how long I can't tell for sure since it depends on your body condition as well as the duration you have taken the drug.

      Right now, the pressing issue is to get your bowels to move normally once again. As just mentioned your bowels have been impaired by the medication (Librax) for many years, and it has gotten worse after the many "crazy" treatments your gastroenterologist had imposed on you. It's not going to be easy to fix your GI (gastrointestinal) system right now considering your age as well even though coconut oil is particularly good at fixing cells since it helps to improve cellular metabolism and energize them to help them "get back on their feet" again.

      However though, start taking coconut oil is a good move that you have taken. And you have begun to see some little "effect" with 2 tablespoons, which usually would have triggered 3–7 runs for most people.

      Here's what I suggest:

      1. Continue with what you're eating (mostly vegetables, almond milk, coconut water etc) since your diet looks very healthy to me. Add coconut oil (choose only organic virgin coconut oil where possible) to each and every of your meal.

      Try not to consume coconut oil on its own on empty stomach. Don't over-trigger your bowels. Your mission now is to try to fix your gut and make it normal once again.

      Keep to that 2 tablespoons daily for at least a week before you add another tablespoon to your daily intake. You can take as much coconut oil as possible as long as your body feels comfortable with. Feeling nauseous or heartburn with coconut oil shows that you have taken a bit too much. Cut back a little on its amount for a while before you raise it back again. Allow your body to adapt to coconut oil's healing effect, which may sometimes invoke adverse reactions. We call this a "healing crisis".

      2. Walking is good for moving bowels too. Try to walk longer distance to achieve the workout effect. If you can't walk long distance or you pant easily, then split up the walk into few sessions such as 5 or 10-minute walk for each and try to achieve as many sessions a day as your body can take. Step up the exercise level gradually and progressively. Do spend some time in the sun to make vitamin D for better bone health.

      3. Coconut oil can help to improve blood pressure and total cholesterol levels. It helps to fix low thyroid too since it can step up metabolism. But because you're taking the thyroid drug too, your heart may pulsate faster than normal at some point. Hence, you need to gradually reduce your thyroid medication while slowly increasing your coconut oil consumption to make sure their combo effect does not overdrive your thyroid. Please discuss with your doctor on how to administer your thyroid medication now with the intake of coconut oil.

      4. Patience is what you need now. Coconut oil may have potent detox and powerful healing properties, but it still takes time to fix a damaged body. Young body of course will heal faster with coconut oil. Hope you understand that.

      Did I miss out anything? Let me know. Hope you get well soon. πŸ™‚

      • Thank you SoonChai for getting back to me so soon. I do appreciate any Imput from you. I can honestly say that I've been at my wits end until now, as I'm virtually on my own, even though my husband and is so very good, cooking all the right and healthy things specially for me, and helping me in any way he can. He's really with me in all of this. It's simply that one has to be in a position like this to really understand how difficult it is. I'm taking the oil I have here, but will try to buy the Organic Virgen oil tomorrow. I'm not sure to get it locally. I will follow doing what you suggest, and hope to recover enough to be able to have the colonoscopy on the 3rd of August. I have to go to NYU, NY city to a specialist there. They're precancerous flat polyps, and very tricky, only recommended to be removed by an expert. They were discovered when under colonoscopy in March this year. Would really like to get myself much better before then. I'll continue with what you recommend. I do believe that the oil will help the stool to slip around the angulation where the resection was done which is where most of my problem is. Surgery has also been talked about. I would like to avoid that if I possibly can. Thank you, thank you! Joan.

        • Hi Joan, I truly feel the pain you're going through because my mom was diagnosed with malignant cervical cancer last year and I too have to walk the path with her (in and out of hospital for countless check-ups, scanning, diagnosis, radiotherapy etc) until she passed on peacefully just last month on June 2nd. It hurt me a lot to see her suffering so much pain ever since the diagnosis and during treatments.

          She did not believe in coconut oil which actually can help to prevent cancerous growth or even may have an influential impact on fighting cancer. But I believe you're going to be a lot more better than her since you have an amazingly caring husband and you're willing to find a solution (like coconut oil) to make yourself better.

          Going at this rate, trust me, you'll definitely be able to overcome any obstacles right before you. And I hope you can drop by often to update us on your improvement with coconut oil. Or at least together we can think of a better way to help you overcome that angulation problem should coconut oil alone not able to get past it.

          • I am so very sorry to hear of your moms suffering, and consequential passing on June 2nd, such a short time sure you were a very good student n to her.
            I'm not sure if the coconut oil is going to work for me. I haven't done anything since yesterday AM, and then very little. I'm completely full of stool, and am very distended. I'll take a tbs with something this evening. Feel the need to "go" all the time. I hate to go back on the Linzess75mcg it makes me ill for the day, violent diarrhea and awful pain. I'm Drinking lots of water. Can't eat any more until I "go" I know I'm extremely constipated. My gastroenterologist told me to take mineral oil? What do you think? Thank you

          • Hi Joan, if you have to take mineral oil, you might as well take more coconut oil as mineral oil may harm your body especially at such a precancerous condition.

            But since you can't take anymore food until you "go", I guess it's time to try eating coconut oil on its own (without food) on empty stomach. 2 tablespoons at one shot early in the morning with a glass of water and see how it goes. It may disgust you with an oily mouthfeel, but you got to give a try. If still nothing after 3 hours, drink 1 more tablespoon. I usually do not encourage taking coconut oil this way (on empty stomach) but only as a last resort for cases like yours.

            Feeling tensed up can work against the effect of coconut oil, so stay calm and relaxed. But do get prepared for some stomach pain and the frequent "go" since you are "full of stool". It can be taxing but I'm sure you'll feel more comfortable after the constipation relief.

          • Hi Soon Chai,
            It's been a while since I spoke to you. My husband's mother died in Spain. He heard last Thursday. I've been dedicating my time to him - he's sad.
            I got the Nutiva virgen organic oil and have been taking it daily. Today, I had my first what I consider "normal" BM since February!! It was reassuring, though I haven't had relief - pain wise,- and have the worst distended belly ever. I believe I have an enormous amount of stool in there? I had pretty severe pain before I "went" and still have to a lesser degree. I have no appetite whatsoever, but eat as much as I'm able to, always a small helping. I know I need to eat. I'm not sure if some of it is gas and thought of taking something for that. I'm taking 1 Tbs morning and 1 evening. I tried more and got diarrhea. Hard to find the balance. Thank you for all your guidance, it has helped enormously. I'm drinking as much water as I can. I dislike water! Anything further you think I should do? Your thoughts on this would be welcome if you've time. I would hope to have the colonoscopy on August 3rd if possible to remove the precancerous flat polyps, tricky place to get at. Joan.

          • Hi Joan, I am sorry for the loss of your mother-in-law. πŸ™ I was in your husband's shoes just last month, so I know how terrible he is right now. Please send my deepest condolences to him.

            Increase your intake of coconut oil gradually (by teaspoonful) so that you can find the balance more easily without hitting the "diarrhea" button. The glycerols (after breaking up from the fatty acids in coconut oil) will help to absorb fluid to make your stool softer and easier to slide out. Hence, you need adequate consumption of water in order for coconut oil to work effectively.

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