How to relieve constipation for babies with coconut oil

Baby having constipation

Why do babies get constipated so easily nowadays? "Thanks" to the infant formula that contains little or no dietary fiber and medium-chain fatty acids that are critical for infants to move their bowels regularly. In contrast, exclusively breastfed infants are rarely constipated because breast milk has got... find out more ›

How much coconut oil for weight loss?

A scoop of coconut oil showing how much is required for weight loss

As much as your body can take it. Coconut oil not only helps to stimulate metabolism for burning fat, it also helps to increase your colon motility for more frequent bowel movements. Sounds good if you have chronic constipation issue. And don't forget that detox is a critical element for losing weight. Hence, the more coconut oil you consume, the merrier. But if you take more than... find out more ›

3 best ways to eat & use coconut oil for health benefits

A dry cell that shows coconut oil for maximum benefits

Many thought that consuming coconut oil is the best and only way to reap its health benefits. Actually, I have 2 more great ways of using coconut oil up my sleeve to help you juice every drop of goodness out of it. And the best part is, when you piece them together, they will synergistically boost... find out more ›