Is coconut oil high in fiber?

Coconut has high dietary fiber content. But pure coconut oil does not have dietary fiber at all. This is because pure coconut oil composes entirely of triglycerides, which are dietary fats. You probably think that coconut oil is high in fiber (just like coconut) because it softens your stool and loosens your bowels, right?

I had the same thought when I first got started back in 2006. But after digging into its nutrition facts, I realized that coconut oil contains no dietary fiber at all. It is actually the medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) in it that make your stool soft and stimulate bowel movement.

For that reason, many people have had their constipation relieved with coconut oil. If you're not constipated, eating coconut oil can help make your bowel movement more regular, thereby improving your bowel health as a whole.

If you stumble upon a coconut oil claiming that it has high dietary fiber content, then that's likely not a pure coconut oil. Again, pure coconut oil should contain only triglycerides. It is these triglycerides that truly make coconut oil so good for us.

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