Does coconut oil detox your body?

Coconut oil detoxifies your body both externally and internally. When you put coconut oil on your skin, it'll draw the hidden toxins up from beneath the skin to the surface. You'll probably notice an acne breakout – a common detox symptoms surfaced when using coconut oil on skin. How severe the breakout is will depend on how much toxins your skin has stored over the years.

Another detox symptoms coconut oil may cause to your body is the triggering of more bowel movement that gets rid of toxic waste when you ingest it. It may advance to diarrhea symptoms if you take too much coconut oil on an empty stomach.

More toxins purged from your body means less toxins your liver has to handle. In other words, when you use coconut oil to detox your body, you're actually detoxifying your liver. A good detox from coconut oil helps weight loss too.

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