Can coconut oil cause gas and bloating?

Coconut oil itself does not cause intestinal gas and bloating. But when you consume it on an empty stomach, it can digest quickly and rev up the movement of your intestinal muscles. This causes the stool to move in your GI tract and release the trapped gas inside the stool.

You might not know this, coconut oil is also good at softening stool. As your stool becomes softer, more trapped gas will release. You feel bloated and painful as a result.

Don't forget that the air you swallow when you talk, laugh or eat does contribute to the bloating. Which causes even more pain and discomfort.

To prevent coconut oil from causing gas and bloating, always eat coconut oil along with food. Or at least make sure your stomach is not empty when you drink coconut oil down. Coconut oil will break down slower in these manners.

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