Does coconut oil in coffee make you poop?

Putting coconut oil in coffee will not only make you poop, but will probably make you poop a lot more than usual. This is because both coconut oil and coffee has laxative effect that can stimulate bowel movement.

Especially coconut oil, it's notorious for triggering diarrhea when you drink it down by itself on an empty stomach.

If you feel very constipated with impacted stool, you can try putting some coconut oil in coffee. But to avoid causing diarrhea, add just one tablespoonful of coconut oil to your morning coffee. And wait at least 2 hours for the laxative effect to kick in.

If the combo doesn't make you poop and ease your constipation the first time, drink another tablespoon of coconut oil down with a cup of water. Don't drink coffee with coconut oil anymore. Too much coffee with coconut oil will generate a bulletproof effect that may affect your sleep quality at night.

Also, if you take two "shots" of coconut oil in coffee for constipation, and it happens to trigger diarrhea, the diarrhea effect can be very intense and exhausting. You'll have very loose bowels and watery stools for many hours.

It's pretty dangerous especially for seniors. Even some healthy adults cannot take the diarrhea effect caused by the combo. That's why I do not suggest anyone taking more than one cup of coconut oil in coffee per day.

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