Can you eat coconut oil raw?

Of course you can eat coconut oil raw. It's a food. And so it's safe to eat coconut oil straight from the jar. But the problem is, can you handle the oily mouthfeel by eating coconut oil raw directly? Secondly, are you okay with the coconut odor if it is the unrefined virgin coconut oil?

Honestly, as a veteran, I can't even stand the oily mouthfeel when consuming coconut oil straight from the jar, be it refined or unrefined. But If you think you can handle the raw, oily mouthfeel directly out of the jar, be my guest.

Oops, I almost forgot to tell you. When you take coconut oil straight from the jar, make sure your stomach is not empty. Otherwise, it might turn into a disaster. Why? Coconut oil may trigger diarrhea if you were to ingest it raw on an empty stomach.

To avoid any potential side effects from consuming coconut oil, it's better to eat coconut oil raw only after food. Or you can just add it to your meals and mix well. Just make sure your stomach is not empty when you consume coconut oil directly. Better be safe than be sorry.

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