How to use coconut oil for acne and clear your skin for good

Hand pouring coconut oil over a large pimple that shivers with fear

To use coconut oil effectively for acne treatment, you must first understand what exactly causes your acne – why you're getting it. If you don't have the faintest idea of the actual causes, you'll unwittingly do something foolish that offset coconut oil's healing effect on acne. And when that occurs, using coconut oil may trigger... find out more ›

VCO health benefits: Why is virgin coconut oil sooo good for you?

Two scientists holding magnifying glasses researching coconut oil

Did you know that virgin coconut oil (VCO) is good for weight loss, constipation, alzheimer's disease, flu, diabetes and low thyroid? Did you also know that virgin coconut oil may protect you against cancer? I'm not kidding. If you dig deeper into this unrefined coconut oil, you'll discover that it carries 80 – 90% saturated fats, phenolic compounds and... find out more ›