Does coconut oil capsules help constipation?

Coconut oil itself is a good natural laxative that is pretty effective for constipation. So, when you take it in capsule form, you should expect the same outcome. But I personally feel that ingesting coconut oil from jar and from capsules may generate somewhat different outcomes. Why?

First, there are people coming to me complaining about some negative effects they got from taking coconut oil capsules. And when I suggested that they switch to consuming coconut oil straight from jar, their bad symptoms vanished.

Considering the capsule that encases coconut oil, it is typically made of animal-derived gelatin. This gelatin may contain antibiotic and hormone residues. It may even get contaminated with diseased animal tissues.

If unfortunately the coconut oil capsules you got have all these bad stuff, they may work against the laxative effect of coconut oil. Worse, these coconut oil capsules might cause constipation instead.

Of course, you can easily overcome this problem with coconut oil that is housed in veggie capsules. It's a lot safer.

Secondly, each coconut oil capsule generally carries only 1 g (1000 mg). If you require one tablespoon (14 g) of coconut oil to make you poop and ease constipation, you'd have to swallow 14 capsules. If you need two tablespoons, you have to stomach 28 capsules.

If you can consume only a few capsules, I'm afraid your bowels won't budge so easily. It's also a lot more costly to take coconut oil capsules than coconut oil in jar. I strongly recommend coconut oil in jar than capsules because you can easily consume more to help ease constipation.

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