Does coconut oil capsules help constipation?

Taking coconut oil capsules may help with constipation since coconut oil is a good laxative itself. However, you might not get the desired result with the pills. Why?

The pills that encase coconut oil are typically made of animal-derived gelatin. This gelatin may contain antibiotic and hormone residues. It may also get contaminated with diseased animal tissues.

If unfortunately the coconut oil capsules you got have all these bad stuff, they may work against the laxative effect of coconut oil. Worse, these coconut oil capsules might cause constipation instead of helping.

I've got people coming to me complaining that coconut oil capsules were causing some negative effects on them. When I suggested that they switch to coconut oil in jar, their bad symptoms completely vanished.

To make coconut oil capsules less desirable for constipation, each capsule typically holds only one gram (1000 mg) of coconut oil in it.

If you require one tablespoon (14 g) of coconut oil to make you poop and ease constipation, you'll have to swallow 14 capsules. If you need two tablespoons, you have to stomach 28 capsules.

If you don't wish to consume so many pills, I'm afraid your bowels won't budge so easily. It's also a lot more costly to take coconut oil capsules than coconut oil in jar. Especially when you take coconut oil in veggie capsules, although you can avoid the bad effects from consuming animal-based gelatin.

Having said that, I strongly recommend jar than capsules because you can easily and affordably consume more coconut oil to help relieve constipation.

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