How much coconut oil for constipation?

How much coconut oil you need per day for constipation depends on how your body responds to the laxative effect of coconut oil. If a single dose of one tablespoon successfully sends you to the bathroom, then that's the coconut oil dosage you need for constipation relief.

However, to prevent diarrhea from taking too much coconut oil, it's best to start off with just one teaspoon of coconut oil in the morning to test water first.

If this dose of coconut oil doesn't work in two hours, take one more teaspoon. Repeat this until it works. And you'll find the right dosage of coconut oil per day to help relieve your constipation.

Bear in mind that coconut oil may upset your tummy when you take it on an empty stomach. So, always consume coconut oil with or after some food.

Also, try to avoid taking coconut oil for constipation at night before bed. Why?

If it does trigger diarrhea, you will likely lose sleep at night. Morning is the best time for stimulating bowel movement with coconut oil. In case diarrhea happens, you have plenty of time to allow the adverse effect to wear off so it won't affect your sleep at night.

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