13 Weight Loss Methods You Should Never Attempt

If you decide to venture out on your own seeking a weight loss solution that fits well into your needs and wants, here I got some info for your reference so at least you won't get drifted into paying for something that could cause harm to your health.

1. Slimming Pills

The fundamental ingredients in all different brands of diet pills are the same, it's just that some flavored with artificial fruit flavor or other don't-know-what herbs or exotic stuff you hardly heard of which make the pill unique by itself in its own brand.

How these slimming pills work is basically to suppress your appetite or prevent the fat molecules in the food you eat from being digested so either you don't take in more calories than you normally do or you don't store more fat than before. No such thing as eating just that small tiny little tablet can stimulate your metabolism throughout the day and help you burn TONS of fat. This is insane. (Only through a healthy diet plus a reasonable amount of exercise can achieve that.)

Simply put, the main purpose of slimming pills boils down to just one thing – to control your calorie intake.

Years back my wife tried one of the brands in our country, Singapore. It appeared like a whirlwind making a blazing sweep on this little red dot. Like many others looking forward to slimming down, my wife bought it and was anticipating to see herself turning into a new "her" in weeks.

She bought 2 packs worth $200 over. But 3 weeks later she was still the same – as plump as before. But the funny thing is she took up its lucky draw and won 2nd prize (few thousands of cold hard cash) out of it. You know what, when we went to collect the prize, the person-in-charge eagerly asked her if she got any results with the diet pills. She shook her head. To cover up the embarrassment, that guy quickly said that she must control her diet and do more exercises in order to achieve fat loss, otherwise she will never succeed with the pills.

"HUH!...", my wife reacted. "I thought the pills should help me control my diet and you guys claimed in the ad that we can lose weight just by taking the pills." So, it was all a hoax and she suddenly woke up to reality.

To rub it in, don't ever think that after "slimming down" with the pills you'll stop it. According to that "person-in-charge", it's best for you to take it regularly so that you can keep your fat at bay for life even though you've slimmed down. No wonder they can make so much money out of peddling that little "M&M's".

Where do you get so much money to pay for these so-called natural but in fact chemical-loaded diet pills?

So, whenever at the mention of slimming pills, we both hate and love it. Hate is because it just didn't work as incredible as it sounds but yet they still got the face to go around ripping people off, every now and then. Love is because it gave us a sudden windfall, albeit a small one.

News Flash: In September 2010, a 21 year-old young mother in Hong Kong gave birth. For fear that her weight will shoot up like many new mothers, she started to take slimming pills not long after her childbirth. In November 22, 2010 (2 months later), she died of heart attack. Doctors speculated that this could be due to the side effects of the pills not long after her childbirth.

In fact, this is nothing new, hundreds or even thousands of cases like that occur every day around the globe. But I still don't understand why people would risk their life for losing that extra mass? You have so many better and healthier options out there, why diet pills?

Please, your life is too precious to lose just like that. Don't be the next victim.

Think about your kids, spouse, parents and your best friends before you take any risk. They're the ones going to be affected the most should something untoward happen to you. Be a responsible person. And be wise.

2. Meal Replacement Shake

If you observe carefully, you would have noticed that anything that is designed to replace normal meals comes with a fatal flaw.

Before I show you what it is, let's take a look at why meal replacement shake is a bad weight loss method in its own right.

If I ask you to consume the shake in place of your breakfast, you may not feel so bad in the morning since your "engine" has just got started. And not long after will be your break time at the office pantry.

Well, lunch comes and you take the shake again. Guess what? You're going to feel miserable throughout the entire afternoon. Why?

That's because any shake will not be able to fill you up like real food. They're chemically processed and lots of nutrients were lost through manufacturing the powder or the ready-to-drink packages. They can never be compared to the all-round nutrients and the bulk feeling you can obtain from real meal.

Use your health sense and you'll realize that a shake can at best replace your snack, but never replace your meal. Case closed.

But why are those meal replacement shakes selling like hot cakes, and able to garner so many raving fans over the years? Thanks to its MLM structure built into promoting the shakes.

Once you take away the MLM structure, I can guarantee it'll soon collapse as no one will ever recommend the shakes to anyone because it just ain't a practical solution for weight loss.

That's the fatal flaw so well hidden inside you'll never know why it's not working for people but yet it is in such great demand.

You can actually combine milkshakes with normal meals rather than using solely milkshakes all day long and every day for weeks. It's not sustainable and this may interfere with the normal ability of your functions. Imagine you're so lazy that you need someone to feed you and you don't like to use your hands to do anything, your arm muscles will weaken day by day and muscles will contract.

Same here, the nutrients in milkshakes are all chemically pumped and not naturally developed. True, your body will find it easier to absorb these nutrients because there's nothing much for your body to break down in order to extract those nutrients. So, by and by your body will start to secrete less digestive enzymes, salivary acid and gastric acid to help with the breaking down of food. Your body is gradually losing its natural ability to break down food and retrieve nutrients, just like a lazy person slowly losing its ability to earn a living when his or her parents are making money to feed his or her life.

3. Acai Berry Supplement

Acai berry can flush out extra pounds and flatten tummies! Ever heard of such claim?

I'm sure you do, as MLM (multi-level marketing) companies work extremely hard trying to sell you health supplements containing extracts from this exotic fruit by using the above claim.

You read about Acai berry's ancient stories, testimonials and reviews that emphasize the "miracle cures" of this power fruit – its ability to prevent aging and help you shed 30 pounds in 30 days with regular consumption. They even claim celebrities lose fat from consuming their products.

The supplements don't come cheap though. Costing many times more than the whole fruit, you naturally want to know if you're really paying for a "miracle cure".

Wake up, dude! Think about this. Any miracle food that promises fast-track solution to weight loss can't be real. Shedding 30 pounds in 30 days? Oh come on, if that's really true, why obesity is still a global headache today? Weight loss specialists and doctors would go out of job then.

These so-called weight loss supplements are nothing more than just marketing hype, which the MLM health companies try to impress you with unrealistically exaggerated claims. (Note: Their claims are NOT proven by ANY solid medical research, but some will tell you otherwise – what audacity!)

Honestly, they only deliver empty promises since this Acai berry juice is merely new addition to the fad diet foods.

"Best" part is, some of them even got themselves into hot soup for capitalizing on celebrities' (such as Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Oz) valuable reputation and intellectual property rights to lure consumers into ordering their products on the false premise that they have been tested or recommended by this or that celebrity when they have not.

But why do so many people still fall for that? Thanks to the MLM structure (same as that in meal-replacement shake).

Even though the product doesn't work as awesome as it promises, distributors / affiliates of the products will still sell hard and inflate the claims with phony testimonials and comments to make it sound and look compelling and convincing, so that they can expect a big fat check mailing to their doorsteps every single month.

My wife's friend, Terry (weighing about 180 pounds), commented that his constipation got cured and he lost a few pounds after drinking Acai berry juice (bought from his cousin who's an Acai berry MLMer) for a couple of months (I thought he should've lost 60 pounds by then since it claims to help people lose 30 pounds in 30 days?!).

But Terry wasn't sure what else contains in that juice or even if the juice comes from the genuine stuff. As long as it works for him, he's willing to spend the money and take the risk. He's that desperate.

Well, my wife then recommended him to drink smoothie blended from vegetables and common fruits (strawberries, blue berries, bananas and others), which works just as "miraculous" as his Acai berry juice. More importantly, it costs so much cheaper and safer to consume because you know exactly what you pour into your stomach.

Why flush about $2,000 a year down the toilet on a questionable product when you can use them on proven natural plant-based diet to genuinely improve your health and lose your weight?

I believe Acai berry does have its nutritional values like its berry-family fruits such as raspberry, cranberry, strawberry, blueberry etc. But as for weight loss, I'm afraid not. Many scientists and researchers have proven its plentiful antioxidant properties but none has said that it can help lose weight.

My advice for you – stay alert and don't get conned by those MLM companies, distributors and affiliates alike. Even though they offer you free trial, be extra careful as they'll put you on an auto-bill and auto-ship program so your credit card will get charged every month. And this can easily add up to over $150 a month.

Last but not least, don't ever flash a thought of joining as a distributor or affiliate as their unscrupulous exploitation on the celebrities' reputation without endorsement from the celebrities themselves may land you in steaming hot volcano. So steer clear of such MLM scam and you'll be safe for good.

4. Eat Right for Your Blood Type

This is the MOST stupidest weight loss method I've ever come across because it's created based on hypothesis rather than scientific, logic and common sense. (Sorry about my English, as the word "stupidest" alone really can't express its ultimate stupidity.)

It says that those with blood type O and B should eat meat every day in order to survive strong and help lose weight. Ironically, no matter which blood group you belong to, go with more meat and you'll see your health deteriorating – cancers and other degenerative diseases will soon knock on your door (thanks to the toxins produced when animals are killed, the diseases and illnesses attached to them when they were alive, no matter how organic you preserve them.)

If you make a visit down to hospitals and check with those cancer patients... you'll discover that they all come from various blood types. But they have one thing in common, they used to eat lots of meat, and relatively less fruits and vegetables.

Of course, highly-processed food (even the plant-based type) do also play a part in promoting cancers. But you can't get any worse than a meat-eater when you eat as much processed food as them.

I have lots of vegetarian friends and their children who have blood type O and B so radiant and healthy that it instantly dispels the myth of the blood type diet. My blood type is B too. I am a vegetarian.

"Dieters will get moderate amounts of fiber, fruits and vegetables on the Type O plan, but they will also get lots of cholesterol, fat, and saturated fat. We advise people to use their blood type when donating blood and use common sense when it comes to choosing a healthy diet. Researchers have known for years that people who follow a plant-based eating plan are slimmer than those who don't." ~ Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

5. Fat-Burning Creams and Lotions

Lots of advertisements claim that applying these watery stuff can help you tone up by melting away fat, improving circulation, and removing toxins because of the natural herbal extracts, caffeine and vitamins in them.

Though these are easy and cheap methods for weight loss, there's very little evidence that they work. Some creams may cause skin allergic reactions. You'll realize that the ugly excess fat still stick around your body like a Koala clinging to a eucalyptus tree even after numerous applications of the creams or lotions. Go ahead and waste your money and effort, if that's what you believe.

6. Hydration Diet

Also known as water weight loss. An extremely dangerous technique to lose weight. It requires you to drink more water than you normally should.

It states that even when you feel hungry, you should drink water to delay the hunger in order to eat less food.

Well, I do encourage you to drink a glass of water before meal to lubricate your esophagus and help you control your calorie intake, but not to the extent of drinking excessive water daily to reduce calorie intake.

This woman in UK was awarded more than 800,000 pounds of hard cash after she suffered permanent brain damage while on a hydration diet.

Even though she has gotten such a "fortune", money can't buy back her health.

Water is essential to aid in detox and help you stay hydrated. But excessive consumption can cause water poisoning (hyponatremia) which can then result in seizures and even death. So, don't try this even with the advice of a so-called certified nutritionist or dietitian.

A true nutritionist or dietitian will always put your health care on the priority list. And a true nutritionist or dietitian is one who's a vegetarian/vegan and promote healthy plant-based diets, not some dieting method that may cause catastrophic side effects.

7. Mesotherapy

This weight loss technique involves injecting doses of medications and/or plant extracts into layers of fat which will stimulate the metabolism of fat cells and accelerate their elimination.

Though this practice is gaining popularity, there is actually very little data on efficacy and safety.

The formulation used in injections has not been standardized and some clinics or weight management centers are not licensed to perform such injections. Thus, it comes no surprise that bad side effects like allergic or irritant reactions and infections have been consistently reported with mesotherapy.

8. Liposuction

A cosmetic surgery using a hollow tube and a suction device to help remove fat from any parts of your body.

However, the death toll as a consequence of post-operative complications rates between 20 and 100 deaths per 100,000 procedures. People who go with lipo usually want a quick fix to help them lose fat and sculpt their body without going through hard exercising and dieting. Though death rate is pretty low, most people suffer some sorts of complications, and this number has gone unreported.

Read this: Promising CEO in Singapore died of lipo

Honestly, even though you're rich, you're better off spending thousands of dollars to help the needy rather than trying to sculpt a v-shape or hour-glass figure using money without hard work. Be diligent when it comes to losing weight. Being lazy won't take you far.

9. Gastric Banding

Usually a final resort proposed for extremely obese people whose lives are at stake and need immediate weight loss attention. Like liposuction, it involves risks. Death rate is about 50 deaths per 100,000 operations.

You can prevent your gastric from expanding starting from today by making sure to reach only 70% satiation on your main meals(breakfast, lunch and dinner). And with each snack breaks filling your stomach up to 30–40% in between main meals.

10. Body Wrap

A weird method (that I always laugh at) to wrap yourself up like a mummy but yet you're losing water weight instead of fat mass. However, it's a cheap technique to cheat yourself – just buy some plastic film roll or wrap sheets and you can do in the comfort of your home. But again, you won't lose fat with it. Not even a millimeter.

11. B12 Shot

Vitamin B12 is one of the key nutrients we all need. But some people claim that it can help you boost metabolism and lose weight by injecting B12 directly into your muscle.

Let me warn you: You may experience side effects of bloated stomach, heavier and longer menstrual cycle (for women), difficulty in breathing and swallowing, tightness of chest, racing heartbeat, etc.

In fact, we don't need this jab of B12 into muscle for fat loss (very dangerous), so long as we eat healthily and supplement our meals with adequate amount of B12 (5 to 10 micrograms daily), our metabolism will function normally and burn fat effectively. And you don't get a single side effect. Period.

Note: We need only about 1.5 microgram of B12 per day. But due to the fact that our body may not fully absorb what we consume, so taking in 5 to 10 micrograms of B12 daily should ensure you won't suffer a B12 deficiency.

12. Tobacco Smoking

Some people smoke to help them control their weight as tobacco contains high level of nicotine that is effective in suppressing appetite and hunger so you don't overeat.

But alas, this way of shedding pounds is so idiotic that wise people would never touch. It does nothing positive to your health and 5–8 million people die of smoking worldwide every year.

If you think it looks cool on you, tell you what, a survey reported that 86% of people find their opposite sex who smoke look repulsive rather than attractive. "Best part" is, you stink too. And it makes you look stupid. Really.

13. Low-Carb Diet

No doubt a high-carb diet can easily swell up your tummy and expand your waistline sideways, this ketogenic diet is not a long-term solution for anyone to lose weight and keep their weight at bay. Why do I say that?

Let's go back to the fundamentals.

The primary function of carbohydrate is to supply energy (because carbohydrate can easily be broken down into smaller sugar molecules to feed our cells quickly), protein for tissue repair and building up of muscles, fat to keep us warm and cushion our organs against impact and as the first-choice secondary fuel supply.

Looking at these, protein is actually not desirable for use as fuel since our body requires it to help us repair ongoing tissue damages that occur every now and then. So, God designs our body to function as such, we just have to work with it rather than working against it.

But because carb can easily make us fat, so we shun carb like a plague and start eating high-protein diet?

We should not for reason that a high-protein diet (like the infamous Atkins' diet) will force your body to react unnaturally by burning the animal protein from your last meal first before moving on to building your muscle and storing as fat for fuel. This process is known as ketosis.

In a state of ketosis, you lose large amount of water and appetite so you eat fewer calories and, therefore, you lose weight. Don't be too happy yet... what come along are conditions such as bad breath, nausea, constipation, headache, irritability, and giddiness and muscle loss.

"But I feel my responsibility as a doctor is to tell people that this is a hazardous diet. And if you look at the science, for example, research paid for by Dr. Atkins himself, you see that 70 percent of the people were constipated, 60 percent had bad breath, many have headaches. The evidence is clear; this is not a healthy diet. You can lose weight, but you sacrifice your health for a short-term weight loss. And that's what is important for people to focus on, and that's what this issue has done is got us to focus on the health issues. You can have health and weight loss." ~ Dr. John McDougall in an interview (2004) for Atkins' Diet is Dangerous.

That's not all. Your kidneys get further stress from the dehydration and metabolizing of animal-based protein.

Whereas burning of carb breaks the carb right down into its two original components – carbon dioxide and water, metabolizing of animal protein releases nitrogen and leaves behind harmful waste products like toxic urea. This becomes extra work for your kidneys as they must process and excrete the toxic urea from your body.

In the long run, it could lead to kidney disease or worse, kidney failure. Note that there's no cure yet for kidney failure, unless you go through a transplant.

So, no point risking your health for weight loss. Like what Dr. John McDougall has said, you can have both health and weight loss at the same time.

Just make sure you convert more refined (short-chain) carb to complex (long-chain) carb and your fear of weight gain will be gone. But which food contains complex carb?

Natural food like fruits and vegetables.

Speaking of fruits, let me clarify one thing about consuming sweet fruits. It's a misconception to say that sweet fruits release refined carb. They do contain some refined carb, but most of the carb in sweet fruits are actually in complex form. Moreover, they never fail to have fiber tagging along, which helps to release sugar even more slowly into your blood stream, giving you a more sustainable energy supply over a longer period.

Don't forget that fruits provide you with tons of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants too. Therefore, take more of it but not to the extent that exceeds your daily calorie needs and you'll be safe. If your staple diet includes rice, then use brown rice. If it's bread, then switch white bread to whole-grain bread.

Okay, low-carb diet is not at all bad, so long as you don't take it too often, and use more plant-based protein so that at least your health would not suffer as much as you would comparing to consuming the toxin-laden animal-based protein.

To Conclude...

You should be pretty safe if you avoid the aforementioned dangerous weight loss practices.

Just bear this in mind: Anything that goes against the nature of our body functioning should be discarded immediately.

Don't lose your mind out of desperation. Evaluate each and every weight loss option you come across by asking yourself these, "How does it help me lose weight?", "Will it affect my health?", "Any side effect?", "Does it really work?", then Google to find out more about the technique used before you jump in.

If it so happens that it doesn't help you shed pounds but it does provide good nutrients to your body, then in my opinion, you can't get any worse than those who get conned into using Blood Type diet, low carb high-protein diet, hydration diet, meal replacement shakes and slimming pills.

What you've lost may just be the money and time, plus some faith in the product. But if it turns out to have harmful side effects, then even if the method or technique works to really help you lose weight, either you continue to live to suffer the adverse consequences and regret for the rest of your life, OR you wouldn't live long to enjoy. What's the point?

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