13 Weight Loss Methods You Should Never Attempt

If you decide to venture out on your own seeking a weight loss solution that fits well into your needs and wants, here I got some info for your reference so at least you won't get drifted into paying for something that could cause harm to your health.

1. Slimming Pills

The fundamental ingredients in all different brands of diet pills are the same, it's just that some flavored with artificial fruit flavor or other don't-know-what herbs or exotic stuff you hardly heard of which make the pill unique by itself in its own brand.

How these slimming pills work is basically to suppress your appetite or prevent the fat molecules in the food you eat from being digested so either you don't take in more calories than you normally do or you don't store more fat than before. No such thing as eating just that small tiny little tablet can stimulate your metabolism throughout the day and help you burn TONS of fat. This is insane. (Only through a healthy diet plus a reasonable amount of exercise can achieve that.)

Simply put, the main purpose of slimming pills boils down to just one thing – to ...read more »