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      • Thank you for your prompt reply, I read the article and it says that liquid coconut oil can be consumed, and in Now solutions Pure fractionated liquid coconut oil, the ingredient is liquid coconut oil. So, I cannot consume it? Sorry I’m a bit confused, as I read that MCT and liquid coconut oil can be consumed as well. Thanks for your time!

        • Hi Marie, I understand the confusion you're in. If we solely rely on the name the brand gives, we won't know which is which. Disregarding the name for now, take a closer look at the fractionated liquid coconut oil you're holding. Did you see Supplement Facts or Nutrition Facts on its label? Nothing, right? Then it's not fit for consumption.

          If you read its label carefully, it only mentions "for body, face and hair care... suitable for all skin types" etc. It doesn't tell you things like "suitable for cooking", "energy booster", "diet" or anything that makes you think you can eat it.

          If you want a fractionated coconut oil that you can consume and use for skin care as well, you should try MCT oil. Its light feel on your skin is pretty much the same as what you're using now.

  1. hello,
    I have been constipated all my life but recently I have been even worse, 15 days without a BM. I lost appetite and I feel like a brick in my stomach My gastro did the sitzmark test and told me I had no blockage but did not solve my issue.
    I know I have a pelvic floor dysfunction and I have to do a maneuver in order to pass stool but my concern is that I do not feel the urge to go even with laxatives. Before, I would feel that something was moving. The power of senna or other laxatives would make my stool come out without doing the maneuver. I am so desperate. All I need is clean my bowel. What dosage of Cocunut oil do you recommend to really have a BM. I do not care if I am in the bathroom for two days! Thanks

    • Hi Heather, sorry to keep you waiting. Just returned from a short trip.

      Not necessary. Coconut oil turns solid at temperatures below 76 °F (24 °C).

      If your food is warm, just dump the hardened oil onto it and let the heat from the food melt it down.

      Just make sure to stir and mix coconut oil well into the food.

  2. Hi is MCT oil or coconut oil more effective for constipation. My two year old withhold her bowel. I have coconut oil and it worked for 4 days. Then on the fifth day it stopped working. I switched to MCT oil and it hasn’t made her go. I do not know which one to try again. Please help

    • Hi Linda, just returned from a trip, sorry for not able to respond immediately.

      MCT oil should work more effectively since its contents are all medium-chain triglycerides. That's why the name MCT.

      She could have been accustomed to the effect of coconut oil after 4 days of intake. Coconut oil contains MCT as well, that's why it seems MCT oil does not work much for her.

      How much coconut oil did you give her? If it's only one tablespoon per day, increase to 2 or even 3 tablespoons, but spread out the amount and mix into her food. Try not to feed her on an empty stomach because the stomach cramp might be too strong for her.

      Don't forget to encourage her to drink more water. Coconut oil may not work for constipation if her water intake is too low.

      I would suggest you to continue with coconut oil rather than MCT oil. Coconut oil provides her with stronger protection against viruses, bacteria and other harmful germs. Which is what she needs the most right now for her to develop healthily.

      • Thanks for responding! I gave her less than a teaspoon once a day and it worked for those four days. It stopped working so I switched to the MCT oil. I gave her 1 teaspoonful of that twice a day but she is still withholding her stool. It’s hard for me to get her to take the coconut oil because there’s a strong smell. I’ll try to up her coconut oil intake to 1 tablespoon and see what happens. Thanks

        • Hi Linda, one teaspoon... I see. It's definitely not enough for long-term relief on constipation, even 2 teaspoons a day.

          Did you feed her directly out of the jar? If yes, try mixing coconut oil into her food.

          If she still doesn't like it that way, then you might want to try RBD coconut oil instead. It provides as much health benefits as virgin coconut oil, but it doesn't have the natural coconut odor. RBD stands for "refined, bleached and deodorized".

          Withholding bowel can cause more fluid in the gut to get absorbed into the body, leading to dry and hardened stool. Do encourage her to drink more water to compensate for the loss of fluid in the stool.

          Coconut oil helps to draw fluid to help soften the stool. If her gut is dry, coconut oil won't be able to help much.