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  1. I am interested in using Nutiva virgin coconut oil by tablespoon for both a constipated condition as well as preventative. How should I follow those uses?
    We use the MCT from NOW in a recipe for waffles and making matzo balls with matzo meal.
    Great article by you, thanks for sending.

    • Great to see you back here again, Ron.

      Have you tried before consuming 2 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil with a glass of water at one go? This way of treating constipation with virgin coconut oil is usually done by desperate people who can't put up with chronic constipation anymore. It works for most people but I'm worried that the stomach discomfort may be a bit too strong for a senior like you.

      How much virgin coconut oil are you taking per day now? And how many bowel movements are you having per week? I need these info to see if I can suggest even better solution for you based on your age (I remember you're 80+) and low-sodium condition. Thanks for dropping by.

      • I seem to need to make I bowel movement daily, once in a while miss 1 day. Almost never 2 in one day. I have a high fiber breakfast cereal and drink water throughout the day, probably about 32 oz. Yes 85 in April. My biggest issue is Noctura and getting up a few times at night to pee. I do take a medication Flomax (Tamsulosin). My Favorite supplement company Life Extension just had an article in their magazine and new product to try. Getting old isn't easy but worth it. After all my wife of 64 is now 83.

        • Hi Ron, at your age I consider you're doing quite well having one bowel movement a day. Many youngsters don't even have one time a day but one time a week. They're worse off.

          If 32 oz is your limit of water consumption per day, try to drink a bit more during daytime and drink less at night so you don't get up too many times to pee. And incorporate 1 tablespoon of virgin coconut oil into your breakfast, another tablespoon into your lunch. That's all. Avoid taking virgin coconut oil at dinner. And see if it helps to loosen your bowels better so you won't miss a day.

          Another thing worth mentioning is, you may need to lower your fiber intake at times to avoid having too much fiber clogging your intestines. Sometimes I forgot that and took too much fiber-rich food and got constipated once in a while too. Too much of a good thing may not be good.

  2. I inherited an organic (not certified yet but it is organic) coconut acreage in Belize from my brother. To encourage local development and continue a legacy I have started a venture to produce the best organic coconut oil possible while husbanding the environment and doing a good thing for the village my brother lived in for 30 years.
    I appreciated your article and was gratified to find confirmation of my thoughts on the purity required to be a true Virgin Coconut oil.
    I am trying to get practical advice on how to buy the cold press, the glass bulk containers and any other production tips I can get. Can you help? Can we correspond and talk?

  3. Hi SC,
    Thank you so much, you educate me a lot about fatty acids. May I know if coconut virgin oil can be a help to eliminate rheumatoid arthritis? Great to know.

    Kind Regards,

    • Hi Jing, that depends on the actual causes of rheumatoid arthritis (RA). If your RA is caused by bacterial or viral infection, then virgin coconut oil can help eliminate the cause since it is a potent antimicrobial.

      But that doesn't mean it'll immediately reverse your RA condition. That depends on how severe your RA is. The more severe your RA is, the longer it'll take to stop the inflammation via consuming virgin coconut oil and probably rebuild the damaged cartilage and bones (to some extent). It would be difficult to go back to the original condition where both your cartilage and bones are healthy especially when RA has already formed up for quite some time. Diet improvement is another aspect you have to work on to reduce the inflammation.

      You might want to try getting this book: The New Arthritis Cure: Eliminate Arthritis and Fibromyalgia Pain Permanently.

      • I feel fine with no side effects. I consider myself well read and did some research before consuming it.... small print on the label stated it was from “100% coconut oil, MCT Oil.” Nowhere on the label did it state “(do not eat nor for external use only)” and there was no nutritional chart printed on it either. I am 5’2” 118 lbs and take 1 tablespoon with my breakfast to pad my fat content. I was looking for the most economical way to ingest more healthy fat and I found it on Amazon by the gallon for $48. Yesterday I got a response from the manufacturer who advised that it is food safe and they did not realize people would want to eat it. (I guess that will mean a price increase :). Thanks Soon

        • Hi Marie, may I know what brand you're using. I'm curious and would like to look into it because edible MCT oil should at least have a Supplement Facts table on the label. I've not seen one without.

  4. So how do you test various coconut oils and verify which ones are fake, diluted or impure? Meaning they are labelled organic cold pressed virgin, but really are not.

    • Hi Kurt, you have to smell and taste to find the real and best organic virgin coconut oil that caters to your needs. it's not easy to tell if it's truly a virgin simply by looking at it. Another good way to ensure you're getting the real deal is to pick a reputable brand.

      I was "conned" once thinking that I was getting an organic cold pressed virgin coconut oil since the label says so. I paid a high price for that but ended up with an odorless coconut oil, which is not typical of virgin coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil should reek of fresh coconut. And you can only know that via smelling and tasting.

      As for whether it's diluted with the lighter fractionated coconut oil and pass it off as virgin coconut oil, you really have to gather enough experience from using and consuming different types of coconut oil. It's difficult to tell as a newbie.