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789 chats on “Help

  1. I have been using Extra Virgin Coconut Oil now for about 2 years. I make porridge for breakfast and mix in Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. I have also made "aftershave" from Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Allo Vera and Peppermint and use it for treating bodily wounds also. It is good stuff and heals well. I just thought you may like to know that.

  2. Hello Mr. Soon Chai,
    I just want to say a big thank you for this blog. First of all your page is straight forward and too easy to follow and personally, I love that.
    Then to the issue of coconut oil for constipation, you're a life saver.
    I was severely constipated to where I had absolutely no urge to go to the bathroom. I tried a few laxatives, milk of magnesia specifically, and senna herbal tea. This was over a couple of weeks. Not satisfied with the results, I continued clicking around until I came upon your write-up. I already had coconut oil at home so I jumped on it. Within 2 hours I took 2 tablespoons and bam the magic happened and honestly I feel brand new.
    You can imagine with no health insurance and no money and no help from any one or anywhere, all the fears and concerns of the last few weeks as to what happens to me if this is really something more serious, all gone in a few hours of reading your blog. In fact, you're the best. And yes, I will go slow on meat and pastry. I strongly suspect them as the culprits. Thank you so so much.

  3. Hi Soon,
    Nice hearing from you. I do think of you frequently as someone who tried to help me. Eventually Soon I ended up twice in the hospital, not only for constipation but for low blood sodium. I did have a hospital Doctor who was helpful. For the low sodium issue it was quite helpful to take a sodium-chloride tablet and the constipation was helped with a regiment of a few medicines and eventually a recommendation by a Dr. who suggested Trulance, a very expensive pill that I was able to get from my VA doctor at very low cost. It was truly a miracle now that I've completed my first month. Always like hearing from you. Thank you. Ron

    • Hi Ron, relieved to hear that you've had a good doctor to help with your low blood sodium and constipation. These guys are hard to come by nowadays.

      Just to share with you. My dad (just turned 87 last month) found a natural remedy for his constipation about a month ago. He's been taking cashews since then and it works like a charm. And cashews are pretty rich in nutrients too. You might like to take some every day and see if it does the same magic to you.

      Are you still consuming virgin coconut oil? I hope so since it does help with your immunity and can protect you against harmful germs. Thanks for dropping in and always happy to hear from you too. 😉

  4. I am wondering when is the best time to take coconut oil.
    First dose:
    Early morning before breakfast and drinking?
    Early morning one hour after drinking water but before breakfast?
    With breakfast even if i only eat fruits.

    Then second dose before lunch or with lunch?
    Since I would like to take ghee as well. Is it OK if I have coconut oil and ghee with meals? Should they be taken at separate times.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Radhika, I'd say the best timing to eat coconut oil for health are morning and afternoon. But I wouldn't recommend to consume coconut oil by itself before breakfast and drinking water as you were asking. This is because an empty stomach enables coconut oil to get absorbed very quickly into our system. This often triggers some side effects like nausea, stomach cramp or even diarrhea.

      Coconut oil is a food, not a supplement. So, take coconut oil internally with food at all times to reap its health benefits. Like adding to your breakfast (even if you're only eating fruits) and lunch. Yes, you can mix coconut oil into your ghee too. Many people are doing that.