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    • Hi Sarah, the esterification process that combines medium-chain (caprylic and capric) fatty acids with glycerols to form medium-chain triglycerides may involve the use of dehydrating agent or molecular sieve to catalyze the reaction and remove any unbound water molecules. Because of this, some chemicals from the agent or sieve may seep into the oil. But I believe it's only in trace amount (if it does seep) which should not pose any threat to our health.

      As for what kind of chemical agent or sieve the manufacturer would use, that you'll have to check with them if you happen to buy fractionated coconut oil from them since different manufacturers may use different chemical agents or sieves for esterication. You can take a look at the infographical process of making fractionated coconut oil for some ideas.

  1. Hi, Soon:

    I have been use VCO for more than a month. I slowly increase my intake to 3 times a day, two teaspoons. VCO make my skin smooth , feel less stress. But , now, I only take 2 teaspoon in the morning after meal, and I feel extremely fatigue at work . I almost fall in sleep everyday, is this normally? Give me some advice please

    • Hi Bin, when you changed to taking less virgin coconut oil you started to feel extremely fatigue. That shows the glucose from your food cannot get through to your cells. Do you have diabetes? Please go do a HbA1c test at your family clinic.

      In case you really do, the medium-chain fatty acids in virgin coconut oil can easily pass through the membranes of your cells and provide energy for you, unlike glucose that requires insulin.

  2. Dear Soon Chai,
    I took one spoon of VCO with empty stomach after few hours I got numbness feeling in hand and legs and also very smell from urine. kindly advise.

  3. I have trouble with Organic extra virgin Coconut Oil, I once uncontrollably filled my boots and jeans up, not funny on a 19klm trip home, the trick appears to not take it on an empty stomach and also get used to it over a coupke of weeks.