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  1. I've been using Tropical Traditions organic virgin coconut oil for years when I cook/bake and also add it to my tea (or Bulletproof MCT oil). I have always gotten a "rash" on my neck, back and chest/stomach area. What is this caused from? The reaction is little itchy bumps that burn or feel irritated. I can touch them and scratch off little scabs. What could this be?

      • Mike
        Doing Bulletproof coffee with 2 tbs MCT coconut oil and Kerry gold butter in morning and at lunch. Pimples, redness on forehead and near/below eyes daily for two months. Healthy veggie diet, minimal animal protein, no gluten, no dairy other than butter in coffee. Confused, pls help...

        • Hi Mike, how long have you been drinking your bulletproof coffee with 2 tablespoons of MCT oil + Kerrygold butter one in morning and one at lunch?

          I need more info from you as the outbreak on your forehead and near eyes could stem from either the synergistic effect of 4 tablespoons of MCT oil + caffeine or the GMO substance from the butter (the cows that provide cream for the Kerrygold butter are said to have been supplemented with GMO animal feed in addition to being "grassfed").

          • Thank you Soon, Aug-Nov I consumed 4 tbs MCT coconut oil and Kerry gold butter but then noticed the skin eruptions which have lasted Nov-Apr. Recently removed MCT and skin clearing significantly. Having removed MCT resulted in improved skin condition, but on negative side also increased brain fog. Dilemma: MCT removal = clear skin, but increases brain fog...

            • Hi Mike, So Aug-Oct you didn't suffer any skin eruptions. It all started only after Nov, right? Did you check back on what you've done like a diet change in Nov that leads to a skin outbreak?

              I suspect you're on a low-carb diet, aren't you? Low-carb might trigger keto rash due to hormonal fluctuations, especially when it involves dairy. Have you tried removing butter instead of MCT oil? I mean, keep the MCT oil in your coffee but remove butter and see if your skin gets better without brain fog.

  2. Just wanted to say thanks for this article. I've learned a tremendous amount, not just about coconut oil, but oils in general. I love understanding things scientifically.
    So, thanks so much! I wish more articles went into the science behind phenomena.

    • Hi Stanley, coconut oil can protect the tear film layers from evaporation, so it is good as an eye-drop for dry eyes (but the discomfort to your eyes may last longer than artificial tears, that's my experience). Because of its antimicrobial and antioxidative properties, coconut oil at best can help to slow the deterioration of eyesight.

      Coconut oil may help to improve blood flow. But I don't think it helps to improve libido since I never see any libido improvement in myself over the past 11 years of eating lots of virgin coconut oil. I am still as normal as before.

      • For libido and prostate health including heart health, pomegranate seed seems to be of help. As always, consult your doctor when you want to include herbs along with your regular medicines.

  3. Does refined coconut oil work just as well! I caught a cold and all of a sudden 6 days later I got sharp stomach pain and throwing up,cold chills,sweating,etc the only thing later that helped was 3 cups of tropical green tea with 1 spoon of refined coconut oil in each cup. I also went to the obgyn and she told me my cervix was full of a thick white substance and I've had the nasuea stomach pain throwing up last month I think was triggered after an Epson salt baking soda bath

    • Hello Eisha, refined coconut oil has varied quality. Some have a few or even only couple of antiviral compounds while some have smoky stench and others may be odorless.

      So, depending on the kind of refined coconut oil you're having. If you use Nutiva refined coconut oil which has antiviral property that is close to unrefined coconut oil, it should work pretty well for fighting flu and helping with cold. But the best option is still unrefined coconut oil since it guarantees a complete set of antiviral compounds.

    • Hi Jerome, virgin coconut oil does contribute to raising acidity level when it breaks down into free fatty acids in your stomach. But its impact on hiking acidity level is minimal.

      My guess is, you must have been eating lots of junk food (such as high-sugar food or beverages, toxin-laden meat, fried stuff and other refined foods) recently that make your body super acidic. Which is why when virgin coconut oil gets into your stomach you started to have acid reflux that causes heartburn. Heartburn hurts your throat.

      Right now, you need to take lots of vegetables and fruits to "deacidify" your body.