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    • Hi Chanelle, sounds that your bowels are not moving well. If that's the case, you must first understand that the wastes that got stuck in your colon or other parts of intestines can contribute to as much as 10 pounds.

      That means if coconut oil does help relieve your constipation, you could immediately lose a few pounds or even as much as 10 pounds in just couple of days. And don't be too happy about that because that's just the after-effect of detoxification, and does not mean that you've burned off 10 pounds of excess body fat.

      Also, along with the bowel-loosening effect will be loss of water as well. So, you could be losing water mass also. Which means, if coconut oil moves your bowels and helps you detox well, you could have lost up to a few kilos in just a week. That's the short-term effect and it's really ONLY weight loss and not fat loss yet.

      For long-term fat loss and weight maintenance, you should keep adding coconut oil to your diet. At the same time, learn to take more fiber-rich whole foods like vegetables (best would be dark green leafy types) and fruits. And remember to drink adequate amount of water to help with the detox.

      Otherwise, the weight loss effect of coconut oil will not max up and you could end up like some people whining that coconut oil can't help lose weight.

      If you do not detox well, the toxins from the wastes (in your gut) can impair your cellular metabolism, making it difficult for your body to utilize body fat for energy conversion.

      Which is why when using coconut oil for weight loss, people with constipation problem will take longer to see true fat loss since coconut oil needs to perform detox first before your body can effectively pull out fats from reserves to burn them off.

  1. Hi there, thanks so much for your speedy response. I didn't explain how bad it is - I have had severe abdominal cramps all day yesterday (top, middle part of abdomen) and I didn't sleep all night due to the pain. (Kind of feels as painful as giving birth, but the pain is higher up.) I cannot function properly like this - I have to work in my "free time" and I have two kids to look after. I'm doubled over in pain and half an hour ago it was so bad I couldn't stop myself from moaning really loudly. I'm worried I've done myself some serious internal damage, perhaps to my gallbladder, I don't know... (I've also been taking a lot of vitamins recently) I need to see a doctor urgently. It's totally counterintuitive to me to keep taking the CO while I'm in this much pain.

    • Hi Louisa, that explains why you get such an intense cramp – excessive intake of vitamins and supplements can clog your intestines. And if you've always had problems moving bowels, the clog will exacerbate.

      When coconut oil gets in trying to move your bowels, you get a more intense pain. Of course, it could be other intestinal issues. So yes, stop coconut oil for now and also whatever vitamins you're taking as well. Get a doctor to help you fix your abdominal cramp first.

      And once your problem is fixed, believe me, taking vitamin supplements is not the way to good health. Just improve your diet with more natural plant-based food and you'll receive sufficient nutrients to keep you alive and stay strong. Best of luck.

      • Thanks so much for getting back to me again. The vitamins (along with a plant/veggie based diet) were recommended to me for cystic acne (which I suddenly had a really bad case of a few months ago, after taking milk kefir). I'm eating much cleaner than ever before, and my skin is clearing. I have never had gastro-intestinal issues before - ever. The doctor said the pain is just trapped wind. But I have flu-like symptoms too (which he passed over because I didn't have a fever, only a few degrees). Of course, he's never heard of coconut oil induced die off... Ugh. I wish I could find a real doctor who also understands about alternative medicines/nutrition/die-off.

        • Hi Louisa, glad to know that it's just trapped wind (yes, this could also trigger a severe abdominal pain that lasts for hours) rather than a clogged intestine, which is very much more serious.

          Well, I'm on a plant-based diet as well. But I don't take vitamins. As long as you include in your diet lots of dark green leafy veggies (blending them into smoothies is the easiest way to get tons of nutrients in one sitting), acne should not flare or return easily.

          Of course, perhaps your body (and skin) needs time to repair and so vitamins may be important to you now. But I don't advocate taking plenty of vitamins, they're after all "synthetic" and not as natural as those coming from the food itself. If your health turns for the better as you move along, I hope you can slowly cut back on the amount of vitamins and increase your intake of whole food.

          I remember vividly when I spoke to a doctor about coconut oil, she sneered. Other doctors behave as such. My mom went for a surgery this April and she got a long incision on her lower tummy. I put coconut oil on the incision to help expedite the healing. But when her surgeon noticed the grease on her wound and I told her it's coconut oil, she kind of like smirked and then passed me a chemical-filled cream telling me to use that instead of coconut oil. The cream did not perform well, so I reverted to coconut oil again and my mom's wound was healing like miracle.

          If you can find a doctor like Dr. Bruce Fife (author of The Coconut Oil Miracle), congrats. If you can't, don't waste your breath on them. They're just lazy to learn more about alternative medicines or naturopathy and refuse to change their perspective for the good of their patients.

  2. Hi there, Thanks for the information. I, too, am suffering from severe stomach cramps (no diarrhoea though) after taking a little too much coconut oil (about 2 tablespoons perhaps). I've taken lots of it before with no side effects, but I've recently cut out gluten and dairy, and I am eating way more healthily and have been travelling so I've not had CO for most of the last 6 weeks. I'm guessing it's just a case of "too much (of a good thing) too soon". I will stop with the CO (obviously, because this is painful) and when I'm better I will ease back into it gently. Thank you for your help. Any suggestions as to what I can do for the cramps, other than stopping the CO, drinking lots of water, and limiting my food intake?

    • Hi Louisa, there's no need to limit any food intake in general when taking coconut oil. Perhaps your body constitution requires you to do so in order to work well with coconut oil.

      To avoid the cramps, the best way is to get back to coconut oil starting with a teaspoon per day. And if your body feels good with it, increase to 2 teaspoons per day after 2 or 3 days. Raise your intake gradually and progressively to allow your body to adapt to coconut oil's effect.