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  1. This was one of the most helpful articles on coconut oil that I have read... I use both EVCO, and new to MCT oil. I think I can now use them with more understanding... I bought MCT oil for body fat reduction, but now will also use it as a carrier oil for aromatherapy when fast absorption is desired, and EVCO when more anti-microbial properties are desired... A lot of good, usable information that clarifies ... Thank-you!!!!

    • Hi Chris, thanks for your compliment. I tried to give as much as my experience grows. You'll definitely have your own experience with MCT oil or extra-virgin coconut oil (EVCO) which may or may not be the same as mine.

      But do be aware of MCT oil. It contains solely medium-chain triglycerides which may produce a much quicker and stronger diarrhea-like symptoms than EVCO. Which explains why some athletes get GI symptoms with MCT oil and thought that MCT oil breaks their performance instead of helping them. The key to using MCT oil or EVCO is to gradually increase its intake to allow your body to adapt to its bowel-stimulating effect.

  2. I feel better after reading the posts. I too, took my initial dose of two tablespoons yesterday afternoon, on a fairly empty stomach. About an hour later, I had gut wrenching cramping and diarrhea, sweats, you name it! That went on for hours. I have been taking immodium and I slept thru the night fine. I had a piece of dry toast this morning. I am still running to the bathroom and have blood in the toilet. Sorry, this is gross. I don't know if it is from hemmorhoids (which never bleed) but could be after all of the activity. Hope it is not coming from my intestines... I had no idea this would happen.

  3. Maybe it is me, but is seems that every time I attempt to take coconut oil or extra virgin coconut capsules, my feet always seems to or feel like they swell a bit. I would like to take them for their health and potential weight loss benefit, especially when losing weight can be so very difficult for ladies who suffer insulin resistance with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). I am 48. What do you think?

    • Hi Denise, did you measure the girth of your feet before and after taking coconut oil? Perhaps you should do so since you're not certain about that.

      I've heard much about how coconut oil helps to reduce swelling for some chronic conditions. But for your case, it's difficult to tell. Maybe you should stop coconut oil for a week first and see if your feet swell. If nothing, then restart your coconut oil capsules for 3 days. And if it goes well, then gradually step up the intake. Maybe it takes a while for your body to get used to coconut oil.

      Coconut oil may help to improve insulin resistance, by the way.

  4. After a hysterectomy this has been a wonderful find. No pain killers just ibuprofen. Just tried 1 tablespoon in my coffee. I blended it and no floating oil. It tasted great. Probably would work in hot tea as well.
    It also soften my dry lips which is a plus.
    Already went some and hoping it finishes the job through out the day.

  5. Hi,

    I have not been able to have a # 2 for well over a week due to having to take 4 pain pills for sciatic nerve.I didn't want to take them,but the pain was so intense and I couldn't bare weight with my right leg.Amyway I have Simply Nature Organic Coconut oil and is supposed to be unrefined,cold pressed virgin oil.It looks like water when room temp.Is this a good one to take for this problem?

    • Hi Marsha, Nature's Way liquid coconut oil has pretty much served its purpose (for cooking and baking). And base on that, I think it's a good brand in this context. But the company has received some complaints about its packaging for its virgin coconut oil. So in the end, it's best for you to experience personally and determine whether it's good or not.

  6. Hi, I was wondering if coconut oil is good for me, since I suffer from diverticulosis and if I'm having an active flare-up of diverticulitis, should I not consume it?

    • Hi Judy, if you suffer from diverticulitis, I think it's good to continue consuming coconut oil since coconut oil can help to reduce inflammation and fight infection.

      If you're worried, you can begin with 1 teaspoon of coconut oil per day (add to breakfast or lunch) and then gradually increase the amount until you find the best doses for your comfort. In fact, before you even have a flare-up you should try taking more coconut oil as it might prevent the development of diverticulitis.

      Are you on a low-fiber (high-meat) diet? If yes, learn to eat more fiber-rich food like dark green leafy vegetables (and drink adequate amount of water) to ease the pressure in the colon. Diverticulosis may be caused by the occurrence of high pressure in the colon, which is due to lack of bulk in food.