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  1. Tried the coconut oil for first time today. Took one tablespoon. Within 5 minutes I had severe gas, bloating, and discomfort. A short time later my colon was cleansed. Not the results I was expecting but am convinced this oil works. Will drastically reduce amount for next intake.
    What is best way to have actual oil and not Crisco?
    Putting this in my morning coffee sounds like a wonderful idea.

      • Hello I've been using coconut oil 2 teaspoons in my smoothies,and suddenly I got a cold sore,could this also be related to the die off of candida?
        Also I have been experiencing bloating and today fatigue and drowsiness,I also feel what I think is a swollen gland on top of one shoulder,do we have glands there and is it possible to feel when they're swollen or could this be unrelated?
        And last question I suffer from hypertension which had been kept under control until the last couple of days when it has been spiking a bit,it could not be related to the die off symptoms bu I still wanted to ask if it's possible that the toxins being released could cause a spike in blood pressure?
        I am determined to continue with the coconut oil because I really want to heal. Thank you so much for your time Mr.Soon Chai I really appreciate it.

        • Hi Diana, never heard of cold sore being a symptom of Candida die-off. Cold sore is normally caused by HSV (herpes simplex virus). Rub coconut oil on your cold sore as often as you can and it should vanish in a few days.

          Your feeling of bloating, fatigue and drowsiness are not solely the work of coconut oil. Smoothies contain tons of other phytonutrients that are helping your body to detox.

          We have lymph nodes ("glands") all over our body, including shoulder. It is possible to feel the swell when the node bulges up to especially 2 to 3 times its usual size.

          I wouldn't rule out the possibility that toxin expulsion can influence blood pressure since whatever your body does will have an impact on the flow of blood. But how strong the impact is would depend on how intense the detox reaction is.

          But with regular consumption of adequate coconut oil (at least 3 tablespoons a day), your hypertension should improve. Your choice of using coconut oil is a good one. But if you feel it might be causing certain symptoms that you find unbearable, stop the intake for a few days and see what happens.

        • I also broke out with a cold sore (my second, first one was 10 years ago) and I'm a little spacey. I'm hoping these go away because I also am losing weight :), and my skin looks better.

      • How long does it take cadidia side effects to wear off. I think I have a few. Also should I cut back on the coconut. Oil because of the side effects? I usually put a teaspoon in my coffee daily

        • Hi Patty, that depends on how much Candida yeast you have in your gut and how fast they replicate. Cutting back on coconut oil will encourage them to grow. But you're only having a teaspoon per day, how severe is the "side effect" on you, I wonder?

          Try to reduce your intake of sugar and meat. Sugar feeds the yeast while meat increases your body's toxic load thereby negating the yeast-fighting ability of coconut oil.

      • Its absolutely impossible to rid the body of herpes.

        The herpes virus (hsv) lays dormant in the body, "once infected-always infected". Herpes is the gift that keeps on giving.
        The virus will surface aka outbreaks during times of stress, decreased immunity, poor diet, etc..
        It is a known fact that 1 in 5 adults is infected with the hsv virus and commonly you wont know unless you get an outbreak. A simple blood test can be done to see if you have HSV, the test will check for HSV-1 and HSV-2.
        Unfortunately, there is no possible way that coconut oil will rid the human body of a virus such as HSV.

        • Hi Tracey, thanks for making that point. You're right. Once you're infected with HSV or HIV, coconut oil, at best can only help to decrease their viral load and suppress their activity so that you can move on with a "normal" life.

          Though it's not impossible, it would be difficult to absolutely reduce the viral count to zero. This is just like cancer treatment using the most advanced medical equipment and techniques, the cancerous cells may appear out of sight, but actually some could be lurking somewhere in your body waiting for the right moment to replicate rapidly and strike again.

          Therefore, never rely solely on coconut oil to fight viruses. The best way to keep any harmful microbes at bay is to balance up your diet with more natural whole food like dark green leafy vegetables, legumes and fresh fruits.

  2. I started drinking the coconut oil in my coffee every morning and now my stools are smooth and steady I'm very grateful for this and I hope it works for you as well that works for me

    • Woow!! I'm so grateful. I read here that coconot oil can help to move the bowl,so I decided to take a tablespoon of the the coconot oil that I just bought after praying not only did it made me to move my bowl it also gave me a relief in my nostrils because I have been feeling uncomfortable because of the cough I had .I have taken some cough syrup but to no avail. The moment I took the coconot oil. I got myself. I'm so so happy and thankful, this is amazing. Thank you Jesus.

    • 1 would not start with that much I took my first teaspoon full today my stomach feels so much better and I have constipation from my pain meds nothing and I mean nothing else has helped over a period of 20 yesrs. So be care full with the dose with a baby

    • I started taking 1 tablespoon this morning due to a hospital stay and pain medication 4 days ago. Needless to say I've not had a bowel movement yet. I put 1 tablespoon of solid coconut oil in my coffee but I want to drink enough water, should I drink warm water or tea to keep the oil from solidifying. Or any water is good? Thank you for your time and effort in helping us here.

      • Hi Barbara, warm water works better. Room temp (not lower than 77 °F or 25 °C) water is fine. Coconut oil solidifies below 76 °F (24.4 °C). Tea is diuretic, which will make you pee more and dry up your stool. Coffee may have a laxative effect which works well with coconut oil, but it's also diuretic.

        Are you still taking pain medication? Some pain medications can slow your bowel movement causing more water (from the stool) to get absorbed via intestinal cells, leaving behind little amount of fluid to soften the stool. If you're on medication, increase your water consumption. The laxative properties in coconut oil requires water to help soften stool and ease constipation.

          • Hi Carmen, pure coconut oil begins to solidify at temperatures below 76 °F (24.4 °C). Which is why some people call it a solid coconut oil. If you hold some in your hand it will melt quickly. But if it has become so hard that you can't scoop it, you need to melt the hardened coconut oil before you can start using it.

            I suspect the liquid coconut oil you have is a fractionated coconut oil. Please make sure it's food-grade before you start consuming.

            To answer your question, both types of coconut oil are good for thyroid and constipation. But the one that turns solid below 76 °F (24.4 °C) provides much better health benefits.

  3. Dont make the mistake i did. 3 tabelspoons when your body isn't adapted to it yet will cause horrific stomach pain and diarrhea. Also on another note, dont make the second mistake i also made in buying the unrefined virgin coconut oil in the plastic container. Avoid plastic contaminant and buy glass.

  4. I love coconut and will eat raw anytime I make coconut sweet rice with ginger spices I drain the coconut oil and boil it with all these ingredients. I use the coconut water and coconut milk if I have it at hand if not I just use the coconut from the blender and squeeze it out with a spoon or u can use a cloth to squeez the juice out. I don't measure the ingredients sorry I'm just use to making it .