Does coconut oil make you constipated?

Based on my many years of experience with coconut oil, I can tell you that coconut oil should not make you constipated. It helps with constipation instead. This is because coconut oil contains fatty acids that can help to soften stool and stimulate bowel movement.

If you feel constipated after taking coconut oil, it's most likely caused by inadequate water retention in your intestines. This can make your poop too hard to slip out. Drink more water then. And together with the strong laxative effect of coconut oil, you should be able to poop more smoothly.

While coconut oil itself may not constipate you, taking coconut oil capsules may. Why?

Though coconut oil contains mostly good saturated fats that do not go bad easily, the content in the capsules might have gone rancid without you knowing. And when you ingest that rancid coconut oil, it's more likely to cause constipation than loosen your bowels.

It's easy to spot a rancid coconut oil in jar just by smelling it. But you can't tell if the coconut oil inside that little pill has gone bad or not unless you cut it open.

Another possible factor that makes you constipated from taking coconut oil capsules is the capsule itself. Most capsules are made of animal-based gelatin, which may carry antibiotic residues, growth hormones and even diseased animal tissues. Imagine these bad stuff get into your body, do you think they will cause diarrhea or make you constipated?

To make sure coconut oil capsules do not cause constipation, you should check the content of capsules regularly before you put in your mouth. Plus, get 100% plant-based coconut oil capsules for a safer consumption and peace of mind.

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