Doctor Murray organic virgin coconut oil

Doctor Murray's organic virgin coconut oil - one jar opened

Have you tried Doctor Murray virgin coconut oil before? If not, here's a quick check to help you get a good picture of its quality. Let's dig in.

1. Quality check

So now, let's apply my guidelines on choosing the best virgin coconut oil and see how it fares:

ColorClear as water
OdorFresh coconut
User reviews★★★★½
HexaneNo (It's organic)
Trans fatNo

Well, I'd say the quality of Doctor Murray organic virgin coconut oil is comparable to that of Nutiva organic virgin coconut oil which I've been using for years.

Show quality of Doctor Murray's organic virgin coconut oil

The murky bottom is the essence that settles to the bottom. All good quality virgin coconut oil should have this.

If the entire coconut oil looks murky at first when you receive it, fret not. It's most likely caused by shaking during shipping. Stand the jar for a couple of days and you'll see the good stuff sinking to the bottom.

The only shame is that Doctor Murray uses plastic jar to hold their quality virgin coconut oil. Are you concerned about the plastic leaching risk?

I used to be very stringent and insist on getting only coconut oil stored in glass. But since the outbreak of COVID-19 and our income has dramatically shrunk, I've started to open up and look for opportunities to get quality virgin coconut oil at a more affordable price. Glass-stored virgin coconut oil is little more costly in general.

Of course, the risk is there when coconut oil is stored in plastic. But that risk can be greatly minimized by using PETE or HDPE. As long as the coconut oil inside the container smells great when it reaches me, I'm all for it now. And Doctor Murray did not disappoint me in this aspect.

2. Best bang for your buck

The greater the volume, the cheaper it gets. That's why I have stocked up several BIG jars (54 fl oz or 1.6 L) of Nutiva organic virgin coconut oil in my cupboard. Doctor Murray organic virgin coconut oil also comes with such a volume but with a relatively lower price. So, I decided to switch.

It has saved me quite a lot of cash yet without compromising on the quality. Check it out.