3 bad side effects of coconut oil and how to avoid them

Side effects of coconut oil

Coconut oil may cause diarrhea, Candida die-off or acne breakout. If you're suffering from any (or all) of these side effects, I'll show you how to allay their symptoms. It's easy, actually. But if you're just about to start using coconut oil, I'll show you how to keep these bad reactions at bay so that you reap only the benefits from coconut oil without getting its side effects.

Side effect #1: Diarrhea

Coconut oil can trigger diarrhea symptoms if you overdose on it. And this unpleasant side effect can last for several hours, depending on how much coconut oil you have taken and how empty your stomach is when you consume coconut oil.

MCT oil, the food-grade fractionated coconut oil may appear stronger in causing diarrhea. Why? Because it contains purely medium-chain triglycerides, which break down faster into bowel-loosening components – MCFAs and glycerols.

While it may sound scary, this side effect from coconut oil can actually benefit you if you know how to use it to your advantage. Chronic constipation sufferers love coconut oil for its power to soften stools and loosen bowels.

Rather than causing a diarrhea, coconut oil is in fact igniting a detox reaction on our body. Whatever bad stuff that sticks like cement in your gut gets cleared and flushed out.

It's painful and tiring in the process, but you'll feel lighter and reborn at the end of the "event".

Virgin coconut oil in glass
Organic virgin coconut oil in glass jar

Though virgin coconut oil is good at cleansing your gut, I suggest that you always eat it with food, rather than eating on its own and trigger diarrhea that might drain you out. Glass-stored eliminates plastic leaching risk for an absolute healthy cleanse.

How to avoid diarrhea from eating coconut oil

If you have to suffer diarrhea in order to benefit from coconut oil, you'll probably give up on eating coconut oil for health benefits very soon. Good news is, you can bypass this torturous side effect of coconut oil pretty easily. Here's how:

  1. Don't eat too much coconut oil in one go. You need to condition your body for the detox effect of coconut oil. Therefore, start in small doses like one teaspoon per day first to test water. If your body feels okay with this amount after a few days, you can then safely increase to 2 teaspoons daily and so on. Of course, you're free to commence with any quantity of coconut oil, so long as it doesn't cause diarrhea on you.
  2. Never take coconut oil on an empty stomach. If your stomach has already had some food in it, it's fine if you prefer to eat coconut oil out of the jar. But if your stomach is completely empty, I suggest that you eat coconut oil with some foods. Having food in your stomach slows the breaking down of coconut oil into medium-chain saturated fats and glycerols, which are the "culprits" for stimulating bowel movement.
  3. Spread out the coconut oil amount. If you're consuming only one teaspoon per day, nothing bad should happen. But if you want to play safer, you can always split the one teaspoonful of coconut oil 50/50 – ½ in the morning, ½ at lunch. As your body adapts better to coconut oil, you tend to take in more. But do remember to spread out the amount over the day.
  4. Ingest coconut oil in daytime only. You just never know how your body will respond to the effect of coconut oil. So, take coconut oil in the morning and at lunch, preferably. In case it triggers diarrhea on you, you still have enough time of several hours for the watery-stool effect to wear off before bedtime. If you take it at dinner and the diarrhea effect kicks in, you would be busy rushing to the bathroom instead of having a good night's sleep.

Side effect #2: Candida die-off

Chronic fatigue, skin infections, urinary tract infections, brain fog, bloating, psoriasis, mood swings, toenail fungus and/or strong sugar cravings etc are bad symptoms you'll probably suffer from when Candida yeast in your gut overgrow.

A very small amount of yeast is beneficial to gut health. They help us digest better and improve our nutrient absorption. They only become a problem when they overgrow.

But when coconut oil kills majority of the yeast in an attempt to stop the overgrowth and restore their balance in our gut, you could experience what we call the Candida die-off symptoms.

These symptoms include nausea, headache, dizziness, fatigue, swollen glands, joint or muscle pain, stomach upset, chills, hives or rashes, or skin breakouts etc.

A few symptoms (like fatigue and stomach issue) may sound somewhat similar before and after coconut oil intake. But you could feel even more intense after taking coconut oil.

That's because when Candida bugs die (in response to the anti-fungal effect of coconut oil), they can discharge as much as 80 different toxins which can get absorbed into your system and cause all sorts of functional disorder.

Luckily, coconut oil is good at expelling toxins too. So, those Candida die-off symptoms should subside as coconut oil cleanses your body.

RBD coconut oil in glass
Organic RBD coconut oil in glass jar

When it comes to purging toxins and restoring your health, RBD coconut oil doesn't pale in comparison to virgin coconut oil, even though RBD coconut oil is refined. The only difference is that RBD is odorless. This favors you if you dislike the natural coconut scent that virgin coconut oil bears.

How to alleviate Candida die-off symptoms from taking coconut oil

If you want to make the Candida die-off symptoms more bearable, then kill the yeast in a small group over time. In other words, start off with a small dose of coconut oil as outlined in the 4 tips earlier that help to avoid the diarrhea effect.

At the same time, you must lower your sugar (or carb) intake to starve the yeast since yeast feed on sugar to grow. That means, you got to adjust your diet and make it less Candida-friendly.

Tackling both ways will keep the number of Candida yeast well in control and you'll suffer less of the die-off symptoms as a result.

Side effect #3: Acne breakout

No matter how miserable the Candida die-off symptoms are or how torturous the diarrhea effect is, acne breakout is always the last side effect most would want to experience from using coconut oil. Why?

It affects your appearance!

This in fact, is just another detox reaction coming from the use of coconut oil.

But this side effect of coconut oil is a little different from the first two. It manifests on your skin. And you don't get it by eating too much coconut oil. You get it by putting coconut oil on your skin.

If you're already suffering from an acne flare, and you're using coconut oil for acne, it's going to freak you out as more pimples pop up due to drawing of toxins from beneath the skin by coconut oil.

The higher the nutritional value of coconut oil, the stronger will be its toxin-purging power. As unrefined virgin coconut oil has the highest nutritional content among the different types of coconut oil, its power to expel toxins is also the strongest. This is why acne sufferers who choose to use virgin coconut oil experience more breakouts than before the use.

How to prevent more acne breakout when treating acne with coconut oil

  1. Start with a dab of coconut oil on your skin. In the hope of getting rid of acne with coconut oil, we tend to smear a lot on the affected zone. Not necessary actually. Our skin can only absorb that much coconut oil at one time. Putting too much coconut oil not only makes your skin greasy, but also attract dirt more easily. This may clog up more pores and trigger more breakouts. A small amount gets absorbed into skin more easily. And it goes a long way.
  2. Improve your diet with more fiber and nutrients. A nutrient-dense diet definitely plays a critical role in improving your skin health. Good skin comes from the inside out. Fiber helps you flush out toxins via bowel movement. Less toxins remain in your gut means less toxins will get stored in your skin. Nutrients help to clear up acne and heal your skin fast. This applies well to coconut oil side effect #2 (Candida die-off symptoms) too.
  3. Consume coconut oil to reduce breakout. Coconut oil not only stimulates more bowel movements to help decrease the level of toxins in our body, but also helps improve our liver function that regulates sebum production. Excessive secretion of sebum plays a significant part in acne flare.

Deciphering the side effects of coconut oil

When you suffer bad side effects or adverse reactions after ingesting coconut oil or applying it to your skin, it means something harmful could have been lurking deep inside your body or in your skin for ages that coconut oil has to immediately deal with.

That's actually a good sign. It warns you of the potential health risk so that you can take immediate action to fix your health before it's too late.

Another reaction you should also look into is that, the symptoms you got might relate to an allergy.

Are you allergic to coconut? If not, what about peanut, dairy or others?

If you're allergic to peanuts, for example, then it could be that the coconut oil you consumed are produced in a facility that also manufactures peanuts.

In that case, check the brand that you've bought and see if the label says anything about the environment in which they make or pack the oil. If need be, contact the company that makes or packs the oil. Or you can simply change to another brand that you think is safer for your consumption and usage.

However, though very very rare, if you have allergy to literally nothing in the world since you were born, and consuming or topically using coconut oil causes a breakout on your skin after several attempts even your diet is clean, wholesome and healthy, then coconut oil is not for you.

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348 chats on “3 bad side effects of coconut oil and how to avoid them

    • Hi Dave, cold sores are caused by herpes simplex virus, which is a type of lipid-coated virus. Yes, the lauric acid in coconut oil will kill this virus. Just apply to the blisters. But do not use liquid fractionated coconut oil because this type of coconut oil does not have lauric acid, even if it does, the amount is limited. Use virgin coconut oil which has the most lauric acid in it.

      • Hello I've been using coconut oil 2 teaspoons in my smoothies,and suddenly I got a cold sore,could this also be related to the die off of candida?
        Also I have been experiencing bloating and today fatigue and drowsiness,I also feel what I think is a swollen gland on top of one shoulder,do we have glands there and is it possible to feel when they're swollen or could this be unrelated?
        And last question I suffer from hypertension which had been kept under control until the last couple of days when it has been spiking a bit,it could not be related to the die off symptoms bu I still wanted to ask if it's possible that the toxins being released could cause a spike in blood pressure?
        I am determined to continue with the coconut oil because I really want to heal. Thank you so much for your time Mr.Soon Chai I really appreciate it.

        • Hi Diana, never heard of cold sore being a symptom of Candida die-off. Cold sore is normally caused by HSV (herpes simplex virus). Rub coconut oil on your cold sore as often as you can and it will vanish in a couple of days.

          Your feeling of bloating, fatigue and drowsiness are not solely the work of coconut oil. Smoothies contains tons of other phytonutrients that are helping your body to detoxify.

          We have lymph nodes ("glands") all over our body, including shoulder. It is possible to feel the swell when the node bulges up to especially 2 to 3 times its usual size.

          I wouldn't rule out the possibility that toxin expulsion can influence blood pressure since whatever your body does will have an impact on the movement of blood. But how strong the impact is would depend on how intense the detox reaction is.

          But with regular intake of adequate coconut oil (at least 3 tablespoons a day), your hypertension should improve. Your choice of using coconut oil is a good one. But if you feel it might be causing certain symptoms that you find unbearable, stop the intake for a few days and see what happens.

          I encourage you to find out more on how coconut oil benefits health so that you can understand coconut oil better and maximize its healing power on your health problems.

        • Absolutely! When I up any form of antifungal in conjunction with the anticandida diet I'm on my throats looks like strep. Every time I up the antifungals or compromise my body's ability to filter out toxins by adding to them my throats hurts or I get sores in my mouth. When I started this whole process My lymph nodes popped out on the beck of my head, I itch, get fevers, my blood pressure elevates, heart rate elevates, I get nauseous, my joints hurt a lot etc. die offs depend on how extensive your overgrowth is. Candida releases a lot of toxins when they die and the live candida are excreating their own toxins constantly. All of these toxins have to be filtered out.Vitamin c helps with die offs, avoiding candida feeding foods can intensify die offs but decrease the length of time you have die offs. A gallon of water a day, sweat a little if u can and sleep well and take naps if u feel u need to. Don't take it too fast it's not a race. I've been doing this for 4 months and I'm better than I was but I've been declining physically for about 7 years. It's easy to question this process partly because of how much it differs from the medical process we're use to I think. What's helped me the most is research and talking to others doing this also.
          i hope this helps even if a little

          • Hello Tiffany, I really appreciate your additional info that sheds light on the detox process, which is often known as healing crisis. Your comment will not help just a little but a whole bang lot for those who are truly in need. Thank you very very much for your input. Do drop by often to share with us your experience again. 😀

        • i think if you are using lots of coconut oil, and eating low sugar your body can go into ketosis, (which is good to some extent) which lowers blood pressure.. i think mixing coconut oil with high sugar and carbs is potentially a bad thing. The reason I think this is so, is because the liver will burn 1 of 2 things. sugar, or fat, as a ketone. glucose is not too bad, and needed in moderation, fructose is horrible, and so is dextrose 'corn syrup'.. perhaps it is possible, your body is trying to metabolize the coconut fat, and sugar, however because the pancreas is releasing insulin, to fight off the sugar, your body is trying to sift in between, causing a spike in blood pressure. I do notice that when i have much sugar, as i rarely eat much for sugar, i get higher blood pressure, and increased heart rate, and an overworked digestive system as a whole. Remember your blood pressure is regulated primarily from your kidneys, and heart as a result of what is happening, in accordance with how your nervous system sees the digestive result. This digestive result happens from the moment you first smell a food. This is likely why, high ammonia concentrations cause a person to reflux, as the stomach is preparing for what is coming. Another and more likely reason this could be happening is your immune system sees the protiens in the coconut oil, as a threat, so it gives a anti-histamine response, which can cause this to happen, although it is more likely that the coconut oil is bonding with the smoothie, giving a higher insulin response. P.S. if you are suffering from hypertension, it would be time to have your spine checked for alignment, and a healing of your digestive system, (microprobiotics/digestive enzymes) and perhaps a change of diet (lower sugar, more keto, paleo). I answered a little more, and speculated on what was happening, hopefully it helps you and anyone else scrolling through.

          • Hello Mike, mixing coconut oil with sugar and carb is actually good since coconut oil helps to slow the metabolizing of sugar. However, high sugar intake is always bad. Also, coconut oil contains ZERO protein, so there would be no anti-histamine response from the immune system. Anyway, really appreciate your input. Thank you.

        • I also broke out with a cold sore (my second, first one was 10 years ago) and I'm a little spacey. I'm hoping these go away because I also am losing weight :), and my skin looks better.

      • How long does it take cadidia side effects to wear off. I think I have a few. Also should I cut back on the coconut. Oil because of the side effects? I usually put a teaspoon in my coffee daily

        • Hi Patty, that depends on how much Candida yeast you have in your gut and how fast they replicate. Cutting back on coconut oil will encourage them to grow. But you're only having a teaspoon per day, how severe is the "side effect" on you, I wonder?

          Try to reduce your intake of sugar and meat. Sugar feeds the yeast while meat increases your body's toxic load thereby negating the yeast-fighting effect of coconut oil.

        • let me explain something from a naturopathic, common sense view. When a persons bacteria is destroyed in their digestive system in part, such as is the use of anti-biotics, a person needs to try to replenish those lost bacteria which protect the intestines, and help in a myriad of different ways. What happens is you destroy first the beginning part of the intestines bacteria, and often the intestine itself (which causes leaky Gut syndrome[which is awesome! which is where your vitamin B enzymes are absorbed) or the ending part which is where your appendix is. Then the body gives a brilliant response, by increasing bacteria that is available somewhere else ('yeast') to make up for the bacteria that is no longer existant. I hope some one with common sense is following so far. Ok, so in order to fix it, you promote life.. thats called a pro-biotic.. An anema may also help when resetting the digestive system. balance digestion is number one, happy long life to you. 🙂

          • I suffer from Candida - first day I started taking one tablespoon  Virgin coconut oil mix with cup of hotwater in morning and for lunch around 3 pm i had eat tablespoon virgin coconut oil. For lunch i had vegetables. I've noticed around 6pm that I was get chills and legs began to ache. Is chills and ache side effect of coconut oil? Stop taking Virgin cocinut oil.

            • Hi Keiaha, the chills and ache on your legs are most likely caused by the effect of toxins left behind by the dead yeast after they're "murdered" by virgin coconut oil.

              I don't know how severe your Candida condition is. The more severe it is, the longer it will take virgin coconut oil to kill them and stop the overgrowth. You should spread out the amount of virgin coconut oil and mix it into your food.

              Meanwhile, increase your intake of veggies and other wholefoods. Cut back on the consumption of refined sugar and meat. Your condition should improve over time. The "side effects" will diminish over time too as your Candida bugs reduce in quantity.

      • Hi Soon Chai,
        I’ve had a yeast over growth around my nose for a year or two now. I have tried applying tea tree oil with no luck. I came across an article that talked about the benefits of VCO so I decided to take the challenge. I have started with 2 tbs a day with green tea but I feel queasy and had headache. I’ve read your comments below and know it could be related to the yeast die off. How much should I be taking to see results and should I apply it around my nose as well. This has been really uncomfortable for me as it makes me feel self conscious and I try to cover my yeast over growth with make up. Any advice you can give will be greatly appreciated.

        • Hi Lilly, you felt queasy because you've had a bit too much coconut oil as a first-timer. As always, start coconut oil in small amount and then build up your intake from there.

          You should take as much coconut oil as possible. But again, build up the quantity as you move along. Like 1 tablespoon spread over the day for 7 days. Then after that increase to 2 tablespoons per day and so forth.

          Of course, you should apply coconut oil to the affected area. Try once in the morning and once before bed and see how it goes. If it shows signs of improvement, apply once or twice more per day, making it to 3 or 4 applications in a day.

          Another critical thing you should do is, improve your diet with more dark leafy greens and cut back on dairy and meat. Good skin comes from the inside out.

          Oh, before your skin heals, try to use a more natural approach to cover up your yeast overgrowth. Chemical-laden makeup can clog up your pores and hamper healing. I'm not good at which natural makeup is better so I can't help you with that. Sorry.

            • Hi Lilly, forgot to add one more thing. The fungal yeasts feed on sugar. So, control your sugar intake. Try to take more food or beverages made from unrefined carb rather than refined carb.

              For example, eat wholegrain bread instead of white bread. Go with brown rice rather than white rice. Unrefined carb turn into sugar relatively slower due to its naturally complex structure and the presence of fiber, thereby reducing the odds of feeding the yeast.

          • Thank you Soon Chai, I forgot to ask when is the best time to drink the VCO? I’ve been taking it with Green tea is that fine as well? Again thank you! And I will limit my sugar intake as well as my meat and dairy!

            • Hi Lilly, anytime is fine. But instead of drinking virgin coconut oil, I'd suggest to mix it in your food. Taking with green tea is fine, as long as the combo does not cause any discomfort to your stomach.

      • Its absolutely impossible to rid the body of herpes.

        The herpes virus (hsv) lays dormant in the body, "once infected-always infected". Herpes is the gift that keeps on giving.
        The virus will surface aka outbreaks during times of stress, decreased immunity, poor diet, etc..
        It is a known fact that 1 in 5 adults is infected with the hsv virus and commonly you wont know unless you get an outbreak. A simple blood test can be done to see if you have HSV, the test will check for HSV-1 and HSV-2.
        Unfortunately, there is no possible way that coconut oil will rid the human body of a virus such as HSV.

        • Hi Tracey, thanks for making that point. You're right. Once you're infected with HSV or HIV, coconut oil, at best can only help to decrease their viral load and suppress their activity so that you can move on with a "normal" life.

          Though it's not impossible, it would be difficult to absolutely reduce the viral count to zero. This is just like cancer treatment using the most advanced medical equipment and techniques, the cancerous cells may appear out of sight, but actually some could be lurking somewhere in your body waiting for the right moment to replicate rapidly and strike again.

          Therefore, never rely solely on coconut oil to fight viruses. The best way to keep any harmful microbes at bay is to balance up your diet with more natural whole food like dark green leafy vegetables, legumes and fresh fruits.

            • Hi Cris, yes it does help to some extent. But your overall diet is just as important in helping to boost your immunity for fighting HIV. In other words, don't rely solely on coconut oil. Make your diet more powerful so that you have a higher chance of surviving through HIV infection.

              In my article on the health benefits of coconut oil, I've briefly talked about how coconut oil keeps HIV in check for a guy named Tony V. You can check that out.

            • Hi Jason, the American Social Health Association's Herpes Resource Center does not advocate eliminating foods with arginine, and reports that there is no objective proof showing that consuming arginine will increase a person's number of outbreaks.

                • Hi Jason, information around for decades doesn't mean it is correct. Look at the misinformation about coconut oil, it's the perfect example. It has been slammed since the 80's but now it has finally cleared its name, despite some extreme voices still lambasting and questioning coconut oil out there due to its "poisonous" saturated fat content.

        • I had an interesting experience over 10 years ago when I first heard of the health benefits of taking virgin coconut oil, so I ordered some from Tropical Traditions on line. It was very hard to find in local stores then. I started taking a tablespoon in the morning and one in evening, and at the time I happen to have a small wart in my right hand ring finger that I had cut off once with nail clippers but it grew back. About three weeks after taking the coconut oil daily I noticed the wart was gone, but this time I had not intentionally done anything to get rid of it. It was only after realizing taking coconut oil was the only thing that I had added to my daily life, I did more internet research on benefits of it and found out it can kill viruses, I did not know that when I began taking it. I knew warts are caused by a herpes virus and then realized that the coconut oil had killed the virus in my body that had caused the wart. That was in 2001 and it had never returned.

    • For cold sores I'd encourage some high quality chemist brand cream because it really kills the cold sores fast, though it seams like a chemical that you wouldn't want in your skin just using it on the cold sores is highly effective and fast removing

  1. I took 4-5 tablespoons VCO for about 2 weeks now for my throat discomfort due to viral infection...until today the discomfort is still there...it will irritate for a short while. Then ok. It's that a healing crisis..it's been about 3 weeks now. Pls advise

  2. A few weeks ago I introduced deodorized coconut oil for cooking, butter replacement etc I probably consume 4 to 5 tablespoons a day and it feels like around the same time I have developed lots of energy, smelly underarm odour (even after a thorough wash) and dry, red dermatitis condition around my lower eyelids and lately some swelling in the evening and morning to my eyelids... could this be part of a detox. I am concerned about the dry skin and swelling of eyelids being an allergic reaction and will see a GP but just wanted to check if it could also be a detox symptom before I give up on it entirely. I would appreciate your thoughts if you can advise, thanks!

    • Hi Tina, I don't rule out it's the detox reaction of coconut oil occurring on you. Bad brands may have a negative impact on you too, which makes us difficult to distinguish between real detox and actual bad reaction. So, may I know the brand of deodorized coconut oil you're using?

      Yes, you should consult a GP. But don't give up on coconut oil just yet. Coconut oil rarely causes allergy. Like I just said, it could be the brand you're using. Of course at the same time, you should take a good look at your lifestyle and check on your diet. Coconut oil is exceptionally good at fighting and expelling bad stuff from our body and skin.

  3. I did experience a worsening of my regualar symptoms (cystic acne and general exhaustion) as soon as I started incorporating coconut oil to my diet. My educated guess would be that dying pathogens (most likely a member of the Candida specie) unleash a larger amount of their usual junk.

    I sure hope this will lead me to something good, and not just ruin my liver and immune system !

    • Hi Sam, pathogens like viruses, bacteria and parasites release toxins when they're killed by coconut oil. But when Candida yeast cells die, they can release as much as 70 or even 80 different toxins. That's a lot!

      At this rate, it could be hard on your liver because it needs to handle so much toxins and hence, may not have the "time" to regulate your sebum (skin oil) thus causing the acne breakout. Feeling exhausted is normal in the meantime.

      But stick with coconut oil and at the same time, cut back on meat and refined food and increase your whole food intake (I hope you're not a smoker or drinker), your health as well as skin should get better. If your condition doesn't improve, something could have gone wrong internally with you that coconut oil has no effect upon. Go for a health check if you're worried.

        • Hi Shelly, smoking creates millions of free radicals. The saturated fats in coconut oil can stop free radical reactions. But too much free radicals inhaled can easily negate coconut oil's health-promoting effect.

          Similarly, drinking creates toxic byproducts from the alcohol. This increases the toxic load your liver has to handle. While coconut oil can help to improve liver function, alcohol intake can offset this benefit.

          Like on one hand, you make money through hard work. And on the other hand, you gamble away the money. So, instead of having money in your pocket, you end up having no money or worse, you owe money. Get it?

            • Of course you'll be okay with coconut oil, Shannon.

              And it's definitely better for you to switch from the dietary oil you're regularly taking to coconut oil. Your health will improve.

              But it would be even more ideal to quit smoking. That way you won't negate the health-promoting properties of coconut oil.

  4. Hi I'm Zeus 23 years old. I'm suffering from a lot of breakout that started last January 2016. I'm using Apple Cider Vinegar (Organic) and coconut oil for my face. Is it normal to have too much break out because of using this natural remedies?
    please answer.

    • Hello Zeus, it's normal for these natural remedies to trigger breakout on your face because apple cider vinegar (ACV) and coconut oil both are detoxifying, which means you're having lots of toxins buried beneath your skin. But it is also abnormal to have breakout since this means that something is wrong with you internally, particularly your liver.

      I would suggest that you use either ACV OR coconut oil for acne, and stick to one remedy throughout the course of treatment because no one knows what can really happen when ACV meets coconut oil – could they be causing more skin cells to shed (and hence, more severe breakouts) when you combine them for use on your face?

      Years ago I sprained my right wrist in a cycling fall and I massaged two effective TCM ointments on the sprained zone as I thought combining them both would help my wrist heal faster. The part where I applied two ointments was burning the entire night and I thought it was just a "normal" sensation. The next morning I woke up and shocked to see that the skin tissue had severely "eroded". It was a third-degree burn. It looked really awful and had left an irremovable scar on my wrist. So, beware of any adverse reaction whenever you're attempting to combine two remedies for any treatment.

    • 10% salicylic acid(easily found online)with a quality .25mm derma-roller every other day with hyaluronic serum and/or coconut oil in the days between, will work wonders very quickly.

  5. Hi, I'm suffering from bulimia and recently binged excessively on coconut oil (sounds disgustingly crazy, even for an eating disorder, I know) and I'm now worried about what the effects of this will be. And when I say binged, I mean a lot more than 3-6 tablespoons.... Please can I get some advice 🙁

    • Hi Marie, you said you suffer from bulimia, so did you try to purge coconut oil after you "binge" a lot of it? And why choose coconut oil?

      It seems to me that you have not gotten any adverse reaction from coconut oil like "diarrhea" as what most people would have encountered when they take 2 or more tablespoons in one sitting. Did you spread out the amount and binge the oil with food or you simply eat it by the spoonful? I need more info from you to help you. Thanks.

  6. Hi. Ever since I started to take coconut oil (Virgin) vitamins/pills (1000mg), I've noticed that I get chills at night right when I go to bed. Is chills a side effect of coconut oil?

    • Hi Ana, getting chill after eating virgin coconut oil is pretty unheard of. Feeling chilly is one of the many symptoms of Candida die-off. But usually when the yeast dies, it'll couple with nausea, constipation, abdominal pain, dizziness etc. So, I reckon it's not a Candida die-off for your case.

      Virgin coconut oil helps to increase metabolism and hence, produce heat (thermogenesis). I wonder if you're taking something else on the same day you're taking virgin coconut oil capsules? This could be the real reason you're getting the chill.

      Also, how many pills are you taking per day? 1000 mg in one capsule only provides 1 g of virgin coconut oil. If you take 3 pills per day, that's only 3/14 tablespoon of virgin coconut oil, not even close to half tablespoon.

      And if your diet includes lots of meat and refined food, the thermogenic effect virgin coconut oil generates will easily get neutralized and you wind up gaining nothing from it. I'd suggest getting virgin coconut oil packed in jar (or bottle) rather than wrapped in capsule so that you can consume more for better health.

  7. I suffer from bacteria vaginosis and thrush I was told to use organic coconut oil with a tampon for a few hours and clean the area with warm water and after brushing my teeth use the oil on my toungue and rinse since doing that I have devolepled green stool and no voice with cough and congestion what should I do

    • Hi Rachael, did you use plenty of coconut oil for your BV condition? When coconut oil gets inside your body, it can speed up your gut motility causing the contents to rush through the gut, leaving very little time for the bacteria (together with dead red blood cells) to give your stool its normally-brown color. That's why your stool is green.

      Are you also taking lots of dark green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, collard greens or broccoli or others at the same time? These greens contain plenty of chlorophyll that can turn your poo green too. Of course, there might be other factors like ingesting prescribed antibiotics that remove gut bacteria, which are the ones that give your stool its characteristic brown hue.

      As for being voiceless and having cough and congestion, I strongly recommend you to consult a specialist as these might indicate the occurrences of other infections since BV can lower your overall immunity.

  8. Hi. I have been taking coconut oil capsules for the two weeks now but am for the last one week to today I have been having diarrhoea like five to six times a day. I am worried is it normal or can I do something about it. Please advise me.

    • Hi Susan, first of all, when you say you have diarrhea like 5–6 times a day, how long are the intervals between diarrhea?

      If the intervals are short like within an hour, then it's probably diarrhea. But if your bowel movements spread out in terms of hours, then it's actually normal for regular coconut oil eaters. I have 3–6 bowel movements (I take lots of veggies as well) every day and I feel perfectly fine.

      Another thing is, how many coconut oil capsules are you taking per day?

      One capsule normally contains only 1 g (1000 mg) of coconut oil, which is very little – only 1/14 tablespoon. You must swallow 14 pills to get a tablespoon. And one tablespoon may or may not produce the diarrhea effect. Results vary among people. Are you taking the same amount of coconut oil for that two weeks, or you actually increase the amount in the second week?

      Also, did you change the way you ingest coconut oil pills like taking them on an empty stomach? This can stimulate your bowels making the "side effect" even more intense.

      If you're afraid of having so many bowel movements since you barely have two or more per day most of the time, you can try to lower your consumption of coconut oil pills. And from there slowly work up the intake to the amount at which you find most acceptable and comfortable. And keep in mind to never take coconut oil on an empty stomach.

  9. Greetings,Soon Chai

    I need a advise from you about Ccount Oil I have Candida Albicans In Bowel and i start to use it and i have some called die off symtoms dizzines, nausea, gas, constipation, abdominal pain, panic attack, ect .Its normal this reaction or its a Cocount Oil seid effect,by the way how can i take the Cocount Oil in day how much ?
    Do i have right to use carbohidrates when i used the Cocount Oil.

    Thank you for advise and Help Soon Chai

    • Hi Anton, coconut oil itself does not have side effect unless you take too much of it in one go that triggers diarrhea.

      Based on your description, they're probably all Candida die-off symptoms due to the release of 70–80 toxins when the yeast cells are rapidly killed by the antimicrobials in coconut oil.

      But if you're worried that it could be something else that causes those symptoms, go for a check-up though.

      Usually, I would suggest people to take up to 4 tablespoons per day. But you can take it as much as you feel comfortable with the amount. And remember to begin with a small quantity first before you increase the intake to avoid diarrhea.

      As for your last question, I suppose you meant whether you need to watch your carbohydrate intake when you use coconut oil, am I right?

      Since most part of coconut oil convert to energy, you should not need more carbohydrate than you used to.

  10. Hi Anton
    I recently commenced taking no more than a tablespoon of coconut oil each day. Some nights I am waking up with hot sweats, could this be a side effect?

    • Hi Norman, do you take coconut oil in the morning or at night?

      If you take it at night and your body has just got started with coconut oil, yes, you may sweat in your sleep as it steps up your metabolism.

      This is not something you should worry about... not really a side effect but just a normal reaction from eating coconut oil. Of course, others may not have this issue, that still boils down to your body constitution. By the way, I'm not Anton. 😉

  11. Hi ,

    I am getting a redness on one my cheeks since long.
    Tried lot of medicine and remedies but it seems nothing is working at all.
    Doctors suggested to use steriod creams.
    Just want a suggestion will coconut oil work if applied.
    Also i have acne marks too.

    • Hi Isha, what kind of redness is that? I'm not sure if coconut oil will work on that. But whenever I got rashes or any unknown redness on my skin that cause itch, I would apply coconut oil and the itch will subside and eventually disappear with the redness. Coconut oil speeds up tissue healing, so it might help to speed up the clearance of your acne marks. Even without coconut oil, your acne marks will vanish by themselves, but will take longer time.

      • HI Soon Chai, I am 53 with no health issues, we'll so to speap. My face began to turn a grey/dry darkish color about 1 year ago. The skin isn't as smooth and Shiney as b4. Dermatologist think all looks well!! Can you help please, with any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you very much.

  12. Hello Soon Chai,

    I have been diagnosed with h pylori infection. Did the 7 day anyibiotic course, to no avail. I have started taking virgin coconut oil 4 dats back. I am experiencing symptoms, like headache, tiredness, cramps. I feel bloated and feel nausea and had a single hour of vomit. As I have been suffering from almost identical symptoms ever since I got h pylori, I was just wondering whether I am recovering or the bug is still "bugging" me. By the way, my burps and bloating improved when I take about 1 tsp of VCO.
    Are they normal die off effects?
    Please, guide me about the dose to treat the infection. As I read in many blogs the recommendations vary between 1tsp 3x a day for 30 days to 1 TB SP 2x a day for 30 days. So I am a little confused. Currently, I am taking 1tsp 3x a day.

    Thank you so much for your time and patience.



    • Hi Sana, H. pylori does not cause any obvious symptoms in most cases. That said, you could be experiencing the die-off symptoms since these bacteria will release toxic chemicals when they die.

      There's no specific dosage of coconut oil for this bacterial infection. You can take as much coconut oil as you need to but beware of its diarrhea-triggering side effect.

      Your 1 teaspoon 3 times a day sounds good. But you can increase to 2 teaspoons 3 times a day to speed up the elimination of H. pylori as long as you can withstand the discomfort of the die-off symptoms. I believe you should get better as you move on and increase the amount teaspoon by teaspoon.

      As for how long you should take virgin coconut oil in order to clear up the infection, I would suggest that you take virgin coconut oil as a food rather than just a remedy for your bacterial infection so that you're always protected against H. pylori (a very common bacterial infection that happens to half the world's population) and many other super germs.

      Meanwhile, take time to learn more about coconut oil where you'll get to understand coconut oil better and how it can help to keep you healthy and stay away from doctors for good.

  13. Soon Chai, I'm so glad I found this site. I love coconut oil and have incorporated it into my daily diet, but 2 weeks ago I purchased coconut oil softgels. I have developed like an addiction to them. I eat 10-15 a day. I have no health problems, I'm not overweight, I take no medications. I'm active and fit and take care of myself. I just love chewing on these softgels. I love how they taste. I love chewing on the capsules. Can this harm my body? I've had no diarrhea, and no side effects other than "cold-like" symptoms, which I am assuming is candida die-off or some sort of detox. Can too many coconut oil supplement cause damage? They are 1000mg each.

    • Hi Neesee, 1000 mg is actually just 1 g. So, you're merely eating about a tablespoon of coconut oil a day. This amount most likely won't give you any diarrhea-like symptoms or whatever side effects you're expecting especially you're spreading out the doses.

      As long as it does not give you any undesirable outcome, I don't see chewing coconut oil capsules a bad thing. Much like chewing bubblegum.

      But depending on the quality of softgels you're chewing, like if they're made of animal-derived gelatin which may contain antibiotic and hormone residues or even get contaminated with diseased animal tissues in some cases, then of course, they can harm your body.

      You can try virgin coconut oil in veggie softgels instead which is much safer but slightly more costly.

  14. I'm 64 years old. I started taking coconut oil capsules 4 times a day and
    notice some horrible smelling bowel movements. Is this normal?
    I stopped taking them for a week or so and didn't seem to have the odor for awhile.

    • Hi Cheryl, how many capsules are you taking each time? If it's only 1 capsule (1 cap normally holds about 1000 mg), then 4 caps a day is only 4 grams (less than half a tablespoon), which I think should not have effected that horrible smell as what you described.

      It could be the softgel (made of don't know what kind of animal gelatin in most cases) on the capsules that cause the smell.

      But if you take quite a lot that constitutes about 2–3 tablespoons, I guess it could be the purging of toxins via bowel movement (detox reaction from coconut oil) that makes your stool smelly. This means that you have way too much toxins sticking on your intestinal walls and they must have "lived" and fermented there for a long, long time.

      Do you love meat? When I was a hardcore meat-eater, my stools always have a very strong smell (I couldn't even take it myself – I have to pinch my nose throughout the "big business"). It was only when I started eating lots of veggies then everything changes.

      Of course, the initial detox (triggered by the fiber-rich veggies) will cause the stool to be even more stinky as the sticky toxic waste is getting expelled. You might want to learn increasing your veggie intake and cut back on your meat consumption. Also, less dairy = less vomiting odor.

  15. Hello....I have recently started taking coconut oil. This morning...I drank a cup of coffee with a tablespoon of extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil in it. I have been using coconut oil for about two weeks now. But today I had a sudden feeling of BAD nausea, slight shortness of breath, and heart rate up a bit,,,and feeling flushed in my face...hot...I drank some water...and in about 30 to 45 mins the nausea has left...along with all other symptoms..Is this symptoms of die off, and if so...why now...after two weeks.....

    • Hi Lesa, are you taking thyroid medication and did you increase the amount of coconut oil over the past two weeks? Coconut oil boosts metabolism, and if you were to take medication (for low thyroid) at the same time, your heart rate may increase.

      Why after 2 weeks?

      The contents in coconut oil are capable of fighting germs, boosting metabolism, stopping free-radical activities. If your body has always been free of germs and free radicals and you have an active metabolism, it will probably increase your heart rate within an hour of consumption on the first day (you won't have to wait 2 weeks).

      Apparently, you have lots of bad stuff inside your body that coconut oil has to deal with first before it steps up your metabolism.

  16. Hi Soon. I added a tblsp of Nature's Own coconut oil to my coffee yesterday. This is my first use of coconut oil, hoping for energy and digestive effects. Late last night and early this morning I am experiencing pulsating of my upper lip. Do you know of any instances where someone has experienced this type of reaction from use of coconut oil? (I realize the lip pulsing may be unrelated but trying to narrow down the possibilities.)

    • Hi Don, heart pulsating, yes, but lip pulsing, not that I've heard of... so far. Hmm, does that cause any discomfort to your body? If not, then coconut oil should be fine on you. I guess it could be that you're quite nervous about getting started with coconut oil and wonder if it could inflict any adverse effect on you that triggers some weird physical reaction which are practically harmless.

      Observe for 2 more days and see if the "side effect" persists. If it does, stop coconut oil until your upper lip stop pulsing and then add 1 teaspoon of coconut oil back to your drinks or food and gradually up the amount from there.

  17. Dear Soon,

    Sorry for the double post. I am taking mastic gums and one TSP of raw coconut oil first thing in morning and drinking lots of water to fix my H pylori issues.
    Pls tell me if this regimen is ok

    Also, when i take 1TSP of coconut oil, i can hear some rumbling in my stomach as tho its doing something and burp out soon enough. Does it mean the oil is actually fighting the pathogens? Do u know if coconut oil is very successful on h pylori, as its mostly anti-viral??
    Thanks and have a nice day!!!

    • Hi Ram, I'm not a doctor to determine if the regimen is okay for you. But I'd suggest that you stick to using one of the two instead of using both at the same time since mastic gum is anti-bacterial and can kill H. pylori too as far as I know. But how good it is against H. pylori I'm not sure since I've not taken the gum before.

      As for the rumbling in your stomach, I think it could be the reaction between coconut oil and mastic gum (which is why I suggested that you take either one of them for treatment) because we won't know when coconut oil is taking effect against the bacteria until several days later. Only when you feel better with your stomach then can you know that coconut oil succeeds in fighting the bacteria.

      You said in your last post that you have suffered for 11 months. Have you got a doctor to diagnose your condition? A simple bacterial infection in your GI tract may develop into cancer, so I really think you should look for a specialist (if you have not done so) rather than finding a cure on your own since this concerns something that we cannot see with our bare eyes and may need special gadgets to check internally.

      • Dear Soon,
        I cant thank u enough for the selfless help ur giving via ur blog.
        Yes, i have been been bloating, farting and gas since Jan 2015. I went to GI specialist in October 2015 and after stool/breath test, was tested positive for H pylori.

        Since oct 2015, i have been trying various medicines by GI's which only help to some extent, but return back as soon as the pills stop. I have done endless tests for Kidney, liver and gallstones and surprise surprise, all are clean. I smoke 1 ciggy per day (which is nothing) and drink probably once in a month or less.

        I am trying the coconut oil remedy because its firstly natural and clean. It is anti viral/bacterial which must ideally help my H pylori.
        Do let me know for any more queries, RAm

        • Okay Ram, try to go slow on your H. pylori treatment with coconut oil to avoid getting the "diarrhea" side effect. I suggest adding 1 tablespoon to your breakfast, 1/2 each for lunch and dinner so you have 2 tablespoons for the day. Keep this amount for 2–3 days and see if you get any nauseous feeling or diarrhea-like symptoms. If nothing bad happens, then make it to 3 tablespoons and gradually up to as much as your body can take it.

          Keep in mind not to consume coconut oil on an empty stomach to avoid stomach cramp that may add on to your bloating discomfort.

          1 stick of cigarette per day may seem nothing. But it can bring in thousands of free radicals into your body and make silent waves inside there that you will never realize how serious it could be to a healthy person, let alone a bacteria-infected body like yours. It seems that you're not so addicted to ciggy as addicts always will take very much more than that number. So, why not quit it once and for all?

          By the way, free radicals that get into your body will offset coconut oil's effect on H. pylori. So, if you want a truly healthy body, quit smoking which I think is really nothing to you. You save some money too.

          • I just had a little extra coconut oil, i had diarrhea~~ thats ok, am not worried.
            I am taking one Tablespoon as soon i get up and drinking lots of water.
            I am taking one more in evening, before dinner
            I believed that was the correct process?

            I plan to increase the count once i feel comfortabl.Your thoughts?
            PS: i will not smoke anymore :))

            • Hi Ram, whichever way you choose to eat coconut oil I don't see the reason to object as long as coconut oil does not give you any bad side effect. Good for you and your family when you quit smoking since smoking does nothing but harm. 😉

        • Hello Soon thank yoi for this platform, just responding to Ram...Ive had this same issue and can understand the frustrations; I went to an IBS center where a naturopathic doctor explained that my stool test came back normal except depending on my sensitivity h pylori may be the culprit. He prescribed me a 10 day antibiotic and some probiotics since antibiotics kill off both good and bad bacterias; I felt that I was able to relieve myself with ease and my pain went away; However, after I finished my antibiotic all my symptoms returned; stomach pains and all, I went back got tested for celiac disease because my symptoms were similar to that, that also came back negative, when inquiring if my problem can be ibs he said I didnt have my symptoms long enough to be diagnosed...3 years I am battling with this. I've realized is coffee, sugar, meat, and processed food make my symptoms worse. Recently I had a very bad flare up and am doing a water diet, with 3-4 tbsp of coconut oil which has caprylic acid that helps with the pain I get, and with 2-3 liters of water a day, no food, drink tea including green tea...symptoms are gone; I just have to reintroduce myself to food, starting with green juices then soups. Hope this helps!

  18. I have been using it on my face and it was fine and then my under my left eye it was puffy then yesterday my right eye is the same way,I don't know why this has happened,it was fine! Could it be that now I apply it differently I now wet my face and put it on a wet face where before I put it on a dry face,my cheeks too are puffy!! What is the best way to put it on my face?

    • Hi MaryAnn, it's funny to hear that coconut oil causes puffy eyes because many people manage to get rid of their puffy eyes with coconut oil. So now let's look into what causes your eyes to swell.

      You're probably right. It could be the oil that locks the moisture in your skin and causes it to puff up, which is why coconut oil helps to reduce wrinkle. But that should not last for too long because once coconut oil gets completely absorbed into your skin the swell should subside.

      If it persists, something could have gone wrong with you internally and not the work of coconut oil. Have you been under stress or sleeping badly? Stress and lack of sleep may cause puffy eyes.

      One more possibility, have you been taking food high in sodium recently? Excess sodium can make certain part of your body hold extra fluid. And that depends on where your body chooses to store the fluid and apparently your body tends to store the fluid under your eyes.

      Try reverting to putting coconut oil on your dry face and see if it helps. If yes, keep your face dry before applying, always.

  19. i started taking coconut oil been just a day or two. when I first took a dab of coconut oil my eye started to oose tear up. the next day the roof of my mouth felt so tingly and I felt like I could feel something in my brain. i have experience being a bit off balanced. i woke up this morning feeling really bad lost my balance. I am also taking acetyl carnitine started yesterday. dont know which one would have made me feel so bad this morning and off balance. Also I used the oil for oil pulling too. and brushed my teeth with dove soap. could have been the soap,

    • Hi Sandy, if you want to know which one causes you to lose your balance you should stop taking coconut oil and oil-pulling, and use toothpaste instead of dove soap for brushing your teeth. Coconut oil should not have given such side effect. That's pretty much unheard of.

      One of the side effects of acetyl carnitine is low blood sugar level, so this could be the reason why you're feeling lightheaded. Anyway, use the isolation method and you would very soon know which causes you to feel bad.

  20. Dear Soon chai,
    I see no improvement in-spite of taking the VCO coconut oil on daily basis. Yes, I am h pylori as i mentioned above.

    Even the symptoms of farting and belching continue to remain and have not shown much improvment.
    If coconut oil can kill Aids virus, im surprised it has not yet killed the H pylor

    • Hi Ram, sorry to reply late. This comment of yours has been automatically pushed to Trash folder by my spam filter and I just realized it. Sorry about that.

      It's difficult to assess your H. pylori condition and it also depends on the amount of virgin coconut oil against the severity of your condition. For example, if you just got infected then just 2 tablespoons of VCO per day should help you get rid of the bacteria fast without leaving much damage to your body behind.

      But considering your case which has had the symptoms lasted for almost a year and a half (from Jan 2015 till now), I'm afraid much of the damage have been inflicted and even though VCO is able to kill the bacteria it will take quite a long time for your body to repair and heal anything (inside your body) that has been damaged during the infection.

      I understand your frustration. But please stay cool and be patient. Continue with your VCO intake. And if you can, engage in some exercises to help your body recover faster. In the meantime, look for other specialists to see if you could be suffering from something else due to complication from the infection of H. pylori. Best of luck!

      Note: Anyone who suffers similarly to Ram, please refer to Mehret's experience on how she eliminates the symptoms.

  21. Hi , I've been having joint knee pain for a while know and drs tell me its not arthritis. So I've started taking 1tbsp of coconut oil a day in the morning with my green juice. So I've been doing it for a week now and notice that I get mild stomach cramps and feel bloated. Could that be from the killing off of toxins?

    • Hi Dalia, your stomach cramp may come from the increasing of intestinal muscle contractions after eating coconut oil and bloated feeling could stem from the release of toxic gas by bacteria or other microorganisms in your gut when they got killed by the antimicrobial compounds in coconut oil. Moving around (walking will do) helps to get rid of the trapped gas.

  22. Hi Soon,
    I've changed my lifestyle about 4weeks ago to paleo with a small amount of full fat dairy. My morning coffee contains a tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil and a tablespoon of grass fed organic unsalted butter. Three days ago I developed a red bumpy rash on the back of my neck. Initially I thought it was a heat rash but it's far worse and hasn't gone down, do you think it could be linked to the coconut oil or is is more likely to be something else? Thank you.

    • Hi Rikke, you mean you started with virgin coconut oil since 4 weeks ago and you only started to get that red bumpy rash on the back of your neck 3 days ago?

      It's hard to tell at my side since I do not know how severe your rash is and also what other foods you have been taking other than virgin coconut oil and dairy because toxins from meat and junk food can overload your system and cause your body to go haywire.

      Anyway, let's make it simple here and just assume it could be just an acne breakout on the back of your neck. If that's the case, it could be the dairy that upsets your hormonal balance and triggers the rash. Stop your butter intake for 3 days or so (try replacing with rice milk or almond milk) and see if that red bumpy rash diminishes or not.

      At the same time, rub some virgin coconut oil on the back of your neck twice a day (until the oil absorbs into your skin) and see if it helps to relieve the rash and itch (if there is). Virgin coconut oil can mitigate the itch from heat rash and eczema, so I think it should have similar effect on that unidentified rash of yours.

      If your rash persists after stopping dairy, then stop your intake of virgin coconut oil as well for 3 days and see how it goes. If the rash persists or gets worse, go see a medical specialist because it could be something else inside your body or as mentioned earlier, the toxins from other foods that trigger the rash, particularly on the back of your neck.

  23. Hi Soon Chai,
    Been research on VCO and I found this blog. Just sharing my experience,I've been diagnose with gallstones 5mos ago, and I;ve undergone cholecystectomy.. I've having a hard time in digestions since then... It's been 2 days since I've taken VCO and my digestions improved..jst taken 1tbsp on the morning and 1 in the evening..My poop becomes more solid unlike before and from color yellow turns to brown.. I think its does really help me and as of now no bad side effects on me, still waiting if there's any 😀 aside from this my appetite also subsides in which its really help me in loosing weights...

  24. Hello,
    6 weeks ago I started taking Nutiva refined coconut oil (solid at room temp variety) as a diet addition after hearing great results from friends. The dose was too large, 2T/day, and I quit after 4 days because of very loose stools. Then it turned into full-blown diarrhea a week later which I've had for 3+ weeks (along with some bloating, rumbling gut, no abdominal pain, ongoing headaches and nausea) and can't seem to get rid of it. No other diet changes and I had bowel samples checked with no bacteria present, so I'm thinking it has to be the coconut oil. Any advice on getting rid of the diarrhea?

    • Hi Lynn, this is very unusual. You got a full-blown diarrhea after stopping coconut oil for a week. And it persists for 3+ weeks and during this period you have not had a drop of coconut oil.

      Seriously, the effect of coconut oil should have long worn off with the bowel movements 1 or 2 days after you quit. I'm afraid you'll need to do a full body check-up and see what actually has happened to you.

  25. Maybe it is me, but is seems that every time I attempt to take coconut oil or extra virgin coconut capsules, my feet always seems to or feel like they swell a bit. I would like to take them for their health and potential weight loss benefit, especially when losing weight can be so very difficult for ladies who suffer insulin resistance with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). I am 48. What do you think?

    • Hi Denise, did you measure the girth of your feet before and after taking coconut oil? Perhaps you should do that since you're not confirmed on that.

      I've heard much about how coconut oil helps to reduce swelling for some chronic conditions but for your case, it is difficult to tell. Maybe you should stop coconut oil for a week first and see if your feet swell. If nothing, then re-start your coconut oil intake with just 1 teaspoon for 3 days and if it goes well, then gradually step up the intake. Maybe it takes a while for your body to get used to coconut oil.

      Coconut oil may help to improve insulin resistance, by the way.

  26. I added 1 Tbsp cold pressed virgin coconut oil to my coffee and broke out in hives a day later. Stopped adding to coffee until rash was gone. Tried again and rash came back. Is this a typical side effect?

    • Hi Amy, this could be a detox reaction from virgin coconut oil. How's your diet? Do you take lots of meat or dairy products every day? If yes, try cutting back on those and increase your veggie and fruits intake. And in the meantime, stop your virgin coconut oil intake for the time being.

      The reason for doing this is to let your body detox with fruits and veggies first (meat contains tons of toxins), so when you resume your consumption of virgin coconut oil it should not break out in hives or even if it does, it should not be as severe as you're experiencing now. Virgin coconut oil is very detoxifying, for your info.

  27. This morning I put about a tablespoon of VCO in my coffee. Went to the gym and before the hour was up I was broke out in a rash all over my legs and upper body. I have been using VCO since Saturday but not as much. I didn't do anything any different. Do you think the VCO could have caused the rash. It was gone in about an hour.

    • Hi Carol, based on what you've given, yes, could be. Just as it would cause an outbreak of acne on face. If the rash comes and goes pretty fast, it's probably the normal detox reaction from VCO.

      Try to cut back on meat and processed food and increase whole food intake to prevent toxic buildup in your tissues so that virgin coconut oil will have lesser toxins to expel and manifest on skin.

  28. I started washing my face and body with coconut oil and now I itch along my back and legs x I allso use it as a vaginal wash xx I wash my face at night and in the morning and my body at night xx is the rash due to the oil xx what is the correct way to clean your body with the oil xx

    • Should I stop using item my skin and start using it in my diet xx I am always trying to help my skin and if this is harming me rather than helping please let me know xx I would hate to start aging faster and keep getting rashes xx hope you can help xx

      • Hi Maggie, I can't imagine how you would wash your body and face with coconut oil. Usually, we apply coconut oil topically to our skin (after showering or facial cleansing) as a moisturizer and to keep off harmful bacteria and other skin-damaging germs. Also, to prevent free radical reactions from UV radiation.

        Also, it depends on the quality of coconut oil you're using. Some coconut oils are made in an unhygienic environment and may have molds on them or manufactured in a facility that also processes food that you're allergic to. So, I do not know if the coconut oil you're using is of what quality. Can you provide more info about the brand of your coconut oil so I can check for you?

        What I would suggest for you is to first, stop your coconut oil wash for 2 weeks first and see if your rashes would go away. If your body returns to what it was before using coconut oil, next is to get a high-quality organic virgin coconut oil. Then start with just a teaspoon per day added to your breakfast for 3 days and see any bad reaction your body has.

        If your body looks good with coconut oil, then increase the amount to 2 teaspoons per day and work up the intake from there gradually until you reach 3–4 tablespoons of coconut oil daily (spread out the amount over your meals and not putting all 3 tablespoons in a meal to avoid undesirable side effects), which is the recommended dosage and way of eating coconut oil for health protection and anti-aging.

        You can also use the same organic virgin coconut oil on your skin (and vagina) after shower or facial wash instead of using it to wash your body and face (we don't normally do that)..

        Also, if you don't want to age faster, replace most of your meat-based foods with dark green leafy vegetables and fruits because meat carries lots of toxins that promote skin aging while the natural plant foods contain tons of skin-nourishing nutrients that will nourish you from the inside out.

    • Hi Rakshita, were you also feeling nauseous and pain in your stomach as well? If so, they probably are the die-off symptoms of Candida yeast in your gut instead of the side effect of coconut oil.

      If you only feel dizzy after taking coconut oil, then you have to look back on your diet to see whether you have cut back on your carb intake or not while taking 2 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil because when your brain does not get enough glucose from the food intake it tends to feel lightheaded.

      Also, were you also sleeping badly that night before that causes you to feel dizzy the following day? You have to consider other factors because feeling dizzy alone is most likely not the side effect of coconut oil as far as I'm concerned.

  29. It's been on my 2months of taking VCO, and I'm having an acne break outs..Should I be stopping or still continue? It helps in my digestions since I dont have a gallbladder anymore..Its just the breakout on my face that bothers me..

  30. Hi,
    I was diagnoised with large uterine fibroids. I read in your article that massaging cocoanut oil into the skin may help to break uo fibrin, can you please expound on that?
    Can the cocoanut oil help to reduce the fibroids? Can cocoanut oil spread the fibrin throughout the body to other cells?

    • Hi Tamara, I think massaging itself may help to break down fibrous tissue, not necessarily with coconut oil though coconut oil is good for losing weight. But massaging your skin will most likely affect the surface tissue only rather than so deep into your uterus, in my opinion.

      Coconut oil is not a cure-all. It's good at breaking down fat tissue, but I really have no idea if it would help with your benign lump in your uterus. You can try consuming coconut oil and see if it helps. I don't think coconut oil would spread the lump to other cells.

  31. Hi Soon,

    I hope you can help me. I have red skin on the nose, it spreads to both of my chins. It looks like the skin are infected somehow. I have tried to apply some coconut oil on the "rash", after applying it, my skin burns, not constantly but randomly during the day. Is that a normal reaction? Because of the anti-bacterial effect that the coconut contains. Ihave only use the coconut oil 2 days now.

    • Hi Mikkel, is your red skin on the nose just occurred recently? If it's bacterial infection, coconut oil may have an impact on it and the random burning sensation you felt could be a healing crisis, which is normal. But it may not be the case.

      Do you smoke, consume alcohol, or take spicy food? These can trigger redness around your nose and even your chin. Over-exposing yourself to cold and dry weather can trigger that as well.

      I suggest that you try to pinpoint the causes of your redness and then eliminate the causes rather than using coconut oil without knowing what exactly is causing the redness around your nose. If you insist on putting coconut oil, try for another couple of days and if no improvement, seek help from a skin specialist.

  32. Hello
    Im rochelle im taking now a vco. 3x a day and apple cider together. Its actually my second day now. Wen my 1st take of vco i fell sleepy the whole day and tiredness.
    Its normal or is that ok to take that two together??
    Pls let me know your answer, i really need to know.
    Thans soon

    • Hi Rochelle, I have both apple cider vinegar and virgin coconut oil but I don't usually take them together except during meals (food cooked in virgin coconut oil and then dipped into apple cider vinegar to enhance flavor). Nothing happens when I eat them this way (probably I have become seasoned).

      Apple cider vinegar promotes growth of healthy bacteria while coconut oil fights harmful bacteria (it may also kill some friendly bacteria by accident). And I suspect it's the die-off of bacteria that causes you to feel tired.

      Or it could be that you were having Candida (did you have symptoms like athlete's foot, toenail fungus or digestive issues) and when Candida yeast got killed by virgin coconut oil, they will release toxins that cause fatigue and dizziness as well.

      What you can do now is separate the intake of virgin coconut oil from apple cider vinegar for a few days and see what happens.

  33. Hi Soon, I started taking vco 1 tbs mixed into coffee & unsalted butter creating the Bullet coffee effect. I felt nauseous hours later & throughout the day. I might have read somewhere that this could be indigestion & that if a digestive enzyme is taken would solve the problem. Do you know if this is true? If so, what enzyme would you recommend?

    • Hi Rashidah, you have introduced too much acid into your stomach. Virgin coconut oil makes you acidic after it has broken into its individual fatty acids. So is butter. Coffee is highly acidic too. So yes, acid indigestion can cause nausea.

      You don't need digestive enzymes, just some antacid will do. Try Eno. But if you can put up with the bad feeling, you don't need any antacid or enzymes at all. All you need is just a few hours of fasting and your body will eventually return to its functional state.

      When you start eating again, take your food in moderation to prevent overloading your stomach. It has just recovered, so don't put too much stress on it. Also, not everyone is suitable for bulletproof coffee. If your stomach is sensitive to acid, don't try this. In fact, shaking virgin coconut oil with water is good enough to charge you up, you can try that, but it tastes pretty weird (I'm used to that).

  34. Hi Soon Chai,
    What a wonderful site this is, so informative and interesting. I started using coconut oil in my diet around six months ago but I don't have it everyday. Any useful suggestions about how I could implement it in my diet, I'm not good at eating it on its own. I occasionally have it spread on a slice of whole meal toast with peanut butter for breakfast. I cook with it to, if an oil is required. I don't make smoothies as I'm not a fan, prefer to eat my foods whole.
    Many thanks

    • Hi Lindsey, I can tell that you're not so passionate about having coconut oil as a staple in your diet yet. That probably stems from the fact that you don't really know what coconut oil is good for and why you should eat and use it every day. I strongly recommend you to learn more about how coconut oil can benefit your health.

      Once you gain more insight into the properties of coconut oil and what it can do for you, I believe you'll naturally implement it in your diet and lifestyle like a ride in the park and keep your health in the best form. Knowledge motivates changes.

  35. Thank you, I do see that Coconut oil is good for our bodies. I shall look for ideas of how to consume it within our diets. We do eat some but maybe not enough. I give to my dog every day mixed in with his food, he's 11 years old now and looks much younger!

  36. Hi my name is Andrew and I've been suffering for the past seven years from oral thrush white coated tongue accompanied with bad breath smelling like female menstral cycle or male genitlia for some odd reason. Are these ailments from the candida albicans ? And I crave sugar like crazy. Im an athlete and it does affect my social life and training performance. I just recently discovered Coco oil and experienced the die off symptoms. How long should I keep up with taking Coco oil and staying away from sugar because I miss eating my chocolate covered coconut bites.. lol

    • Hi Andrew, you should continue eating coconut oil as part of your daily life rather than letting it go once your oral thrush is over because sugar-lovers can easily bring Candida yeast back to life again (sugar feeds Candida). Meaning, you're very prone to getting Candida.

      Other than keeping Candida off, taking coconut oil daily can also help reduce your needs for sugar as coconut oil provides energy. With coconut oil, you don't have to stay away from sugar since we need sugar for brain function and additionally you need it for your athletic performance. Just keep in mind to always only take the necessary amount of sugar for your needs and nothing more than that.

  37. Hello Soon Chai,
    My name is Jessy and I have been suffering from sharp needle-like pain, that last only a few seconds, throughout my body for the last month and a half. I had been using Coconut oil body wash and coconut oil body lotion since August.
    Is there any chance the pain comes from using these products?

    • Hey Jessy, welcome on board!

      Very unlikely the pain comes from using coconut oil since it seems okay for you in Aug and early Sep. You're actually not alone since there are many people out there having something similar to yours. They don't take coconut oil. Are you on some kind of medication right now? That could be the reason.

      Nevertheless, stop coconut oil for 2 weeks and see if the sharp pain still occurs or not. If yes, go for a body check-up or consult a neurologist.

  38. HI
    I have alopecia aerate for 7 years, i tried many different treatments from herbs to cortisone. nothing worked. i have modified my diet and there is very little response.
    do you think eating and applying coconut oil directly on my scalp will help regrowing my hair?
    thank you.

    • Hello Aida, the answer is unfortunately no. Coconut oil only helps to strengthen the existing hair by preventing loss of protein and moisture, but it won't help to regrow hair when there is no hair on the scalp. Dr. Bruce Fife, author of The Coconut Oil Miracle has tried on himself, but the top of his head remains hairless after years. That's the best proof.

      I know there are articles everywhere on the web claiming that coconut oil helps to regrow hair. That's not true in most cases. Too much hype about coconut oil can lead you in the wrong direction.

    • Hi Soon!

      I absolutely love this blog and thank you for kindly sharing. I have a response to Aida's question and a return question for you. Aida I have suffered from thinning hair and have done a lot of research. Seemingly, alopecia sufferer' s have toxins in the kidney and liver. Being that coconut oil can kill these toxins, Soon wouldn't you think that the oil could help?

      Much luck Aida.


      • Hi Autumn, when your hair follicles do not get adequate amount of oxygen and nutrients they need for strengthening hair, thinning of hair and hair loss will take place. But what causes that?

        Toxins in the body (that your liver and kidney have to deal with) can upset your hormonal and pH balance, leading to a disorder that causes weak blood flow to your scalp. This is one reason. Another reason is the formation of excessive DHT (dihydrotestosterone) from testosterone. DHT affects the absorption of nutrients and oxygen into the hair follicles.

        Now, coconut oil does not kill toxins. It actually helps to energize cells so that cells are able to expel toxins on their own. Also, coconut oil may help to inhibit the formation of DHT. But so what? If you continue to force yourself to stay wide awake at night to pub, booze and socialize or play games or watch your favorite TV programs, or you're taking a really poor diet that contains lots of toxin-laden meat with very pathetic intake of the natural greens or other wholesome foods, or you allow yourself to high-sugar intake that fluctuates your hormones, coconut oil can't help you much.

    • Also, I have researched the positive effects coconut oil has on the thyroid/Hilton's and in turn can lead to alopecia causing hair to weaken, thin and or fall out. Coconut is known for killing fungi that also contributes to alopecia. Soon, your feedback?


      ...sorry for the back to back post. ☺

      • Hi Autumn, fungal infection on your scalp can cause patches of hair loss. You can try applying coconut oil on the affected area and coconut oil should help. Coconut oil does help to fix low thyroid problem also. When your metabolism returns to its active state, it'll help to improve your overall bodily functions.

  39. I am taking coconut oil tablets from GNC. Organic and supposedly nothing else in the tablets. The instructions call for two tablets before each meal. I take two in the morning and two in the evening. I have been experiencing such severe dizziness and this is the only thing I can think of that would bring this on. I eliminated everything else. I thought it was the Apple Cider Vinegar and I stopped that but still have the dizziness so I think it is not the ACV. Can it be the coconut oil tablets causing the dizziness? Should I cut back to one per day and would one per day be beneficial? Thanks.

    • Hi Karen, each softgel contains only 1 g (1000 mg) of virgin coconut oil. If taking 4 grams (not even a teaspoon) daily can have such an impact on you then I would say coconut oil is too amazing.

      Since when did you start getting that severe dizziness? Did you get it as soon as you start taking the softgels? Dizziness could be a symptom of Candida die-off. But I don't think it's the effect of coconut oil because it is too small an amount to effect anything. Why not you stop the softgels for a week and see if your dizziness will go away.

      Do you also have (virgin) coconut oil in jar? If you take that and it doesn't cause dizziness, then it could be the softgel that is giving you the problem since most softgels on the market are made from animal-based substances that may contain antibiotic, hormone residues and diseased animal tissues. You're better off with virgin coconut oil in veggie softgels which is safer.

      Honestly, taking softgels (or capsules) is a good way to get started with coconut oil but not too beneficial for health since the health-promoting effect of a few grams of coconut oil daily can easily get offset by the harmful chemicals in refined food and toxins in meat. Don't forget that we're inhaling some degree of polluted air as well.

      Unless you're eating lots of vegetable greens and fruits and grains, I highly recommend you to take virgin coconut oil in jar since you can gulp it down in tablespoons (one = 14 grams). It's cheaper this way as well because a 29 fl oz (822 grams) GNC virgin coconut oil costs much lesser than a bottle of 240 grams of GNC virgin coconut oil in softgels.

      But for quality, GNC virgin coconut oil is new and I have never tried before. Moreover, it's packed in plastic jar so I would only recommend what I'm eating – Nutiva virgin coconut oil in glass jar.

  40. Hi Soon Chai, I see here a nice discussion. I am curios, are you a vegan? So eating meat does cause a lot of problems to the body? Then if you are a vegan eating proteins from veggies provide the same results as the proteins from meat?

    • Hi Constantin, I'm a vegetarian, not a full vegan yet but close to it because I take really very little dairy and egg products (normally left over by my parents when they can't finish the food). But I'm very strict to making sure my food does not contain meat because I don't eat my friends.

      If meat does not cause problems to the body, then why are doctors around the globe telling their patients to take more fruits and vegetables and less meat? If meat does not cause problems to the body, then why are the majority of skin care products not derived from meat but instead from plant? If meat does not cause problems, then why do many smart athletes (most of them are meat-eaters) restrict their meat intake one or two months before competition?

      There are tons of evidence to show that meat causes problems. Meat is highly toxic and carcinogenic. Have you heard of anyone who has got cancer take more meat and cure? Not a single one. Meat will only make their condition even worse and cause them to die faster. But you probably have read from news that someone with cancer has got back his or her life after stopping meat and starting to eat only plant food, right?

      I used to be a hardcore meat-eater and severe constipation (for an entire month) and frequently falling sick were the end results. As I began to take less meat but more vegetables, fruits and other plant foods, my health improved by leaps and bounds as I was able to move bowels more frequently. And ever since I stopped meat completely 22 years ago, I have been feeling super as my body is having less toxins. But you gotta try it yourself to feel what I feel.

      Veggies (I assume you're referring to only vegetables) do not provide much protein. You can easily obtain protein from beans, nuts and seeds. Soy products like tempeh, tofu and soy milk are the easiest and fastest way (in my opinion) to feed protein. If you're still skeptical of whether eating plant food can provide enough protein, you can google for "vegan bodybuilder". Their super tight muscles will make your jaw drop. You can also find out what they eat that makes them what they are.

  41. Hi I just started using Coconut oil on my face, body and started getting this rush all over my body should I stop the use of this before it gets worse. It's already bad enough.

    • Hi Enid, it could be the detox effect of coconut oil. If you're afraid, stop using coconut oil until the rash calms down.

      If you feel like using coconut oil again, be sure to use only organic virgin coconut oil and this time around, start with just a thin layer applied over a small area on your skin for at least a week to see if there's any reaction again.

      In the meantime, try to eat more greens and fruits to help carry toxins away from your skin so that when you re-apply coconut oil, the toxin-purging effect through your skin will be less severe.

    • Hi Cynthia, breaking out rash is actually normal (and quite common) with consuming coconut oil as it is cleansing your system of any toxins you have accumulated in the past. Different people react differently depending on their body's toxic levels and the amount of coconut oil they take. This is a healing crisis in fact. But many people do not realize this and freak out. It's a shame!

      What kind of coconut supplements are you taking? Is it virgin coconut oil in softgels like 1000 mg in a capsule that sort? And how much are you taking per day that effect an outbreak of rash?

      • Hello...I've had genital herpes for 3years..recently started taking unrefined vco..first day I had diarrhoea but it went after a few hours.hot chills and headache third day..fourth day got the outbreak and its now 5days after but the outbreaks don't seem to b going away...I keep getting new ones everyday while the old ones dry up after applying the coconut oil...am on a sugar free diet and drink a lot of water plus fruits...is it normal for the outbreaks to keep coming or the vco is not working anymore...I take three tablespoons a day...am worried is it ok to get the persistent outbreaks

        • Hi Cathy, as I've mentioned above in the post, acne breakout and diarrhea-like symptoms and others like headache are the common "side effects"... actually detox reaction of virgin coconut oil. So, it seems pretty normal as far as I am concerned. The outbreak might continue until your body and skin are cleansed of "dirty stuff".

    • Hi Stephanie, if you cannot bear with the pain, you can stop taking coconut oil right away until you're better. Then when you resume, start off with 1 teaspoon per day and maintain for a week and see what happens. If it goes well for you, then increase to another teaspoon and so on until you're able to take a few tablespoons per day without much "side effects" (healing crisis, actually).

  42. Soon Chai, I've been taking Virgin unrefined coconut oil orally (2-3 Tblsp a day) for the last 3 months, putting it on my face far longer and oil pulling for 2-1/2 years. I've been getting horribly itchy skin all over and a rash on my wrist I can't get rid of. Could I be developing an allergy to it? Or should I try a different kind? I love all the health benefits of it, dropped my blood pressure back to normal, weight loss, great looking skin and energy. I hate to think about quitting it 🙁

      • I've been itchy for about 6 weeks. I started using Nutiva in a plastic container about then. I have allergies to milk, but not nut ones. I itch like crazy! I've been eating more processed and sugar close to the holidays. I had kidney stones about 2 weeks ago for the first time, not sure if there's a correlation. I quit taking coconut oil 2 days ago...still itchy. Wondering if there's a brand that's less likely to cause reactions in people?

        • Hi Kathy, first off, I don't think you're allergic to virgin coconut oil because you've been using it for as long as 2.5 years for oil pulling and far longer than 3 months for facial care.

          3 months of ingesting and you only started to have the itch 6 weeks ago. This is actually an indication by virgin coconut oil to tell you that you've been intoxicating your body lately. Like you said, you've been eating more processed food and sugar close to holidays. Sugar feeds Candida yeast. It also feeds bad bacteria. When you eat lots of sugar or high-refined-carb food (refined carb converts to sugar super fast), these harmful microbes will multiply like crazy.

          Coconut oil's main task is to wipe out those microbes to prevent them from colonizing and ravaging your body further.

          When these microbes die, they rot and release toxins. All living organisms (including humans and animals) will rot and produce toxins when they die. Microorganisms are no exception. So imagine millions of them die, the tremendous amount of toxins they release can trigger adverse reactions such as headache or even migraine, body ache, nausea, dizziness, fever, fatigue, rash or hives (that make you itch like crazy) etc.

          Kidney stones are formed as a result of excessive calcium, oxalate and uric acid. This definitely is not part of the effect of coconut oil, but it could be the effect of toxins released by the dead microorganisms that causes calcium, oxalate and uric acid to stick together to form kidney stones.

          You know, toxins are very unpredictable. When our body fails to get rid of them, they'll disturb our body's normal functions. Different people react differently to toxins and of course, the amount of toxins will determine the severity of the consequences.

          Check your diet for any excessive calcium and uric acid. Animal meat will raise your uric acid level. So, cut back on that where possible. Of course, you must make sure to drink adequate amount of water because lack of fluid does also contribute to "manufacturing" kidney stones.

          If there's a brand that won't cause any reaction to you, two possible reasons:

          1. You're eating extremely healthy that there's little toxins for coconut oil to expel, and so you enjoy even greater health consuming quality virgin coconut oil.

          2. The brand packs low quality coconut oil (that is not true virgin coconut oil) and so it does not help boost metabolism and purge toxins and hence, has no impact on you even when you take lots of high-sugar food and meat and other junk foods.

          So, for the reactions you got, you can tell that the virgin coconut oil you're consuming is really a very good one. But there's another concern with that, it's packed in plastic container. I use Nutiva virgin coconut oil as well, but I buy the glass jar one. I used to buy that plastic one, but somehow I just didn't feel safe and so I went for the glass-filled oil as soon as Nutiva started packing them. I do not know if that plastic may have some relationship with the adverse reaction.

          Stop taking coconut oil won't help you in the long-term. It's actually good to have coconut oil protecting you. True, when you don't take coconut oil, those "side effects" may gradually fade off but in actual fact, your body would become a warehouse for storing toxic substances. When the time ripens and they flare, you could probably be in terminal stage of cancer or other degenerative diseases.

          Holidays or not, just be extremely careful with what you eat and bring into your body. You might feel like not joining your friends or family for the food will make you a spoilsport, but think about the consequences you may have to face. You suffer while they may not. You have the choice.

          Oh, since you're not taking coconut oil orally and the itch is still there, try rubbing virgin coconut oil on your skin and it should help you mitigate the itch in 5-10 mins.

          Did I miss out any questions of yours? Let me know. By the way, Merry X'mas and a Happy New Year! 😉

          • OK, My rash is still present, but less severe. I've cut back on the coconut oil for sanity sake. I'm cutting way back on meat, no sugars or processed food and lots and lots of water. Sticking to whole foods as much as possible. A friend sent me an article stating the correlation between kidney stones and renal failure, even though I only showed trace protein in my urine with the stones. Freaky to think about! I'm also taking burdock to cleanse my blood and give my kidneys a break. Rash is mainly on my arms the worst, the both right and left low back. I was major welts and 24 hour itching, the burdock helps a lot. Could a die off really be lasting 3+ weeks? ANything other ideas to mitigate the rash and get flushed? Other then the rash, I feel fine. No other symptoms. Help! 🙂

            • Hi Kathy, did you try applying coconut oil for your welts? I do have itchy welts sometimes right after a hot shower or when the weather gets super hot or probably due to some food I have taken, but after applying coconut oil they'll disappear in 30 mins or so.

              It's very hard to tell whether you're still experiencing the die-off because toxins are difficult to deal with and they can be stored in the tissues for ages and stubborn to get purged.

              Take acne treatment with coconut oil, some people use coconut oil to treat their acne and they got breakouts so severe for several weeks that they almost give up but they stick through the "crisis" and start to see their pimples shrinking and skin clearing day after day.

              So, you might have so much toxins right inside your tissues that they could take a long time to be purged. If rubbing coconut oil does not help, try to surf online for other natural remedies like using cold compress, taking an oatmeal bath, using chamomile tea or treating with aloe vera etc.

  43. Thanks for your informative blog:)
    I have been using Nutivia organic CO in the glass jar since the summer along with a Paleo AIP diet. I was able to gradually increase my CO consumption to approx 4tbsps/day with no difficulty. Without any dietary changes, I started to develop a rash on my back a couple hrs after consuming the CO before Christmas. I had my husband rub the CO onto the rash and the hives stopped itching, but the rash never totally went away. After applying the CO to my back, approximately 30 mins later, I developed extreme facial flushing and red swollen cheeks. I had had the facial flushing previously before after consuming CO, but just brushed it off. I then stopped the CO entirely for a week. I then tried about 1/2 cup of coconut milk in a green smoothie and the same facial flushing occurred about 30 mins later. I badly want CO in my diet again for health reasons, but cannot get by this flushing reaction. I wonder if I have developed a sensitivity to the CO after all these months?
    I am now scared to even resume my oil pulling with CO. Is there anyway I can gradually resume the CO and coconut milk in my diet? I can drink 500 mls of coconut water every am with out any issues. I am just reacting to the coconut milk and oil. I have always used the Nutivia organic virgin oil in the jar and pure, no additives, coconut milk, same brand as always. Please help me find a solution to this dilemma.
    My joints and skin are missing my CO!

    Many thanks:)

    • Hi Mary, when did you start taking 4 Tbsps of virgin coconut oil?

      Virgin coconut oil boosts metabolism. As you consume more, your metabolism may step into an overdrive, triggering an increase of toxin-purging activity that can induce rash or other skin reactions. It could just be a healing crisis, actually.

      I notice that Paleo AIP diet is not so healthy as it claims to be since it allows for meat consumption. Meat is very toxic by itself, even if the livestock is grass-fed. So, do you consume lots of meat?

      You love coconut oil and you very much wanted to keep having it for the health of your joints and skin, so the only solution to help you get around the skin reactions is to increase your whole food (especially dark green leafy vegetables) intake and decrease your animal-based food consumption. When your body becomes cleaner, the detox effect from coconut oil would die down naturally, which means the "bad" reaction will mitigate.

      As for getting facial flushing, the increase in metabolic activity caused by medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) in coconut oil or coconut milk may improve the blood flow. In fact, the increase of blood flow occurs to the entire body, it's just that the enlargement of blood vessels to accommodate the increased blood flow appears more apparent on facial skin since facial skin is relatively thinner. That explains the blushing (and slight swelling) of your cheeks.

      I don't think you've developed a sensitivity to virgin coconut oil. I think after taking it for so many months, your body has become more sensitive to the bad stuff that invades your body and quickly try to expel it through the skin (that's why the rash), which is a good thing. Like a vigilant police force, it's able to quickly detect some bad guys that infiltrate into the force and then get rid of them before they cause much damage.

      Coconut water has very little MCFAs. That's why you don't feel a thing drinking it. Feeling nothing doesn't mean it's good. Getting undesirable reaction doesn't necessarily mean it's bad. What you can do to get past this "healing crisis" hurdle is to reduce your coconut oil intake to 2 Tbsps instead of keeping at 4 Tbsps per day. In the meantime, increase your vegetable and fruit intake to help make your body cleaner. Then slowly up the intake back to 3 or 4 Tbsps of coconut oil.

      • Hi Soon,

        Thanks for your reply:)

        I had been using the CO at 4 Tbsps for at least 2 mos no problems. I do not eat a lot of meat, only 1 portion a day. At least 75% of my diet is vegetables, esp green and orange veggies. I may eat 2 pieces of fruit max as I was concerned about the fructose content. I am esp concerned about the flushing as it has flared my dormant rosacea. Is it better to gradually re-introduce the coconut as CO or as coconut milk to avoid the flushing reaction and at what dose? I have been off CO except for the coconut water for almost 2wks now and would love to be able to re-introduce it safely. Would it have less of a reaction if I re-introduced it with food than without? And would it have less of a reaction if it were to be consumed with some protein rather than just with veggies? And at what dose to start? Sorry for so many questions, but I really want to get CO back into my life again. I feel my health was much better until the rashes and flushing came out of the blue.

        Thanks ever so much, Soon:)

        • Hi Mary, your health has actually turned for the better since your 4-Tbsps for 2 months. The flushing and rosacea breakouts are actually the detox reactions of coconut oil.

          Like I previously said, your body has become more vigilant and sensitive to bad things that get inside your body as coconut oil helps cleanse your body. The toxins in 1 portion of meat per day may now begin to "agitate" coconut oil and so coconut oil has to expel them through your skin as soon as it can. Of course, some people can live with 1 portion of meat with consumption of 4 Tbsps of coconut oil daily without any issue. That's because each of us has a different body constitution plus different medical conditions (as in your case, your joint problem).

          That said, I don't have a recommended dose for you. You'll have to find the best dose that gives you the health level you need and yet does not cause much reaction to you.

          Here's my suggestion though. Try cutting your 1 portion of meat down to 1/2 portion (reduce bit by bit gradually over the course of 4 to 8 weeks or longer, up to you), in the meantime, re-introduce your intake of coconut oil at 1 Tbsps daily WITH food and spread the 1 Tbsps over the day (this should be safe for you). Then increase the amount gradually till you hit 3 Tbsps over the course of 4 weeks. If 3 Tbsps start to give you some reactions, cut it back down to 2 Tbsps and allow your body to adapt to this 2-Tbsps even longer like 3 months or so before you up to 3 Tbsps. Trial-and-error was what I did when I started my coconut oil diet 11 years ago.

          Unless you make your own coconut milk from fresh, the milk you get from can or packet may have substances that work against the effect of coconut oil. I use coconut milk or cream occasionally. Coconut oil is the easiest form to let me consume every day for health benefits.

          You can mix coconut oil literally with any food. Proteins or veggies do not matter. But it definitely will give stronger and faster reaction when you take coconut oil without food and especially on empty stomach. So, always make sure to eat coconut oil with food. I cook with coconut oil, add some more before serving. I don't use unsaturated oils because unsaturated oils easily oxidize and can intoxicate our body. If you cook with unsaturated oils, change it to coconut oil, again, gradually. Unsaturated fats that go inside your body may intoxicate your body even more than the toxins from 1 portion of meat. So, do also take note of your unsaturated fat intake.

  44. Hi Soon,

    I have had my total colon removed many years ago. I have an internal pelvic pouch made out of my small bowel.

    I have been using Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil on and off for awhile now. I don't use it everyday. However, I used one tbsp this morning as well as one tbsp a few times last week. I've noticed that I get extremely bloated and it gets worse as the day goes on. I was wondering if it's because I don't use it regularly and/or because one tbsp is too much for me at one time?

    What is the best way to slowly introduce it to my body?

    Also, could it be a problem taking it because I don't have my colon.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    Warm regards

    • Hi Barb, how frequent is your bowel movement before starting on coconut oil?

      I ask you that because if you don't move well, the toxic waste that gets trapped in your small intestine may further be fermented by your gut bacteria and cause more gas. And when coconut oil enters and kills those bacteria, they may die and then rot to release toxins and produce gas as the by-products, which is the probable reason you're bloating at the intake of coconut oil.

      For your case since you've had your colon removed, you should try to start off with just a teaspoon first every morning. Doing it every day allows your body to "get to know" about coconut oil. And when you feel it works fine (without any "side effect") after 7 days or so, increase your daily intake to 2 teaspoons by adding one teaspoon to your lunch.

      The key to consuming coconut oil for health benefits without having to suffer its "adverse reaction" is to go slow on increasing the intake until you can take up to 3 or even 4 tablespoons per day.

      Do not rush in the hope of gaining its health benefits quickly. If your body needs more time to "understand" coconut oil, give it.

  45. Hi all,

    Started using Virgin Coconut Oil 100% for the last three weeks and below is a list of some of the symptoms am experiencing after die-off of candida yeast.

    Headache, fatigue, dizziness
    Swollen glands
    Bloating, gas, constipation or diarrhea
    Increased joint or muscle pain
    Elevated heart rate
    Chills, cold feeling in your extremities
    Body itchiness, hives or rashes
    Skin breakouts

    I have had candida in the last 16yrs, dry skinned person and my face is only part of my body that candida love the most.
    I am patient but I believe my self esteem will be back!!!

  46. Hi Soon Chai,

    I had mild chronic gastric 4 months back. After medication, my ulcer is gone but I have frequent indigestion and gaseous stomach each time after meals. I took slippery elm but not much help. I took yogurt and not much help either.

    I started on VCO two days ago. It made me feel better and reduced indigestion, bloating and gas.

    This morning I had a big spoonful after breakfast and right after my lunch I had diarrhea. I went to the toilet 4 times until the last one was just water.

    I am concerned about the acid reflux. Doctor say I can go back to nexium if I feel uncomfortable but I am scared of taking those that cause side effects.

    Is it safe for me to continue with VCO for my gastric?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Dickson, your body is "new" to virgin coconut oil (VCO). So, you must allow ample time for your body to adapt to VCO, otherwise, the result would be "diarrhea".

      It is definitely safe for you to take VCO, but you need to go slow on consuming VCO, not one big spoonful after breakfast like you did on the 3rd day, that's too potent for your body to take it at that instant. You can actually start off with 1 tablespoon (3 teaspoons) per day, but be sure to spread it over the day, like 1 teaspoon with breakfast, 1 with lunch and the other dinner. Mix VCO with food, always.

      • Hi Soon Chai,

        Thank you for your reply.

        Yes I have reduce my intake to 1 teaspoon twice or three times a day. And there is no sign of diarrhea.

        I still have the feeling of acid reflux after a heavy meal or meal with a bit of chicken. But I am mostly on diet meals like vegetarian.

        How long must I continue to take VCO before I can be cured? Can chronic gastric be cured?


        • Hi Soon Chai,

          I forgot to mention that I notice my blood pressure is higher at 143/85 even though I am taking the high blood pressure tab.

          Please advise if this is normal.

          Thank you.

        • Hi Dickson, no wonder you have frequent indigestion and gassy stomach. These are caused by taking heavy meal. Heavy meal always takes a toll on gastric, and over time your gastric performance will deteriorate.

          4 months ago you started to have mild gastric issue (with acid reflux), it's still not too late for you to reverse the condition now before it progresses to a more severe gastric problem.

          Now you really need some discipline to make sure every meal you take must not make you feel full. 70 % satiety level is the max you should go. People always think that eating full will help them last hunger longer. But this overloads your stomach with food and make your stomach overwork always.

          Imagine your boss keeps overloading you with heavy work, you'll definitely stress out one day and quit. Same principle applies to each and every organ of our body.

          You should learn to take small meals 5–6 times a day. This keeps you going but at the same time allows your gastric ample time to rest. And since your gastric has "fallen", it will take some time for it to recover. Harsh fact: It won't go back to its full functionality ever after being overworked for so many years.

          143 is a bit high. You must try to burn off some fats that compress your blood vessels causing the pressure. As you increase your coconut oil intake, your metabolism will improve to help burn fat and so will your blood circulation that in turn help to lower your blood pressure level.

          • Hi Soon Chai,

            Thank you for your advice. I will go slow on my meals from now on.

            I forgot to mention that I am skinny and lost some more weight when I had gastric. I also noticed there was a very bit of blood in my stool this morning. And I have loose stool since my intake of VCO. I spoke to my doctor and he say it is quite normal besides the stress factor could have up the pressure a bit. My cholesterol level is normal and not on medication. I am not diabetic.

            I continue with 1 teaspoon after breakfast this.

            Thank you.

            • You're welcome, Dickson. But skinny doesn't mean you won't have liver fat or other fats that compress blood vessels. You just have to monitor your blood pressure level and I believe it will improve over the course of next several weeks after taking virgin coconut oil daily. Plus, you should gain back some weight since coconut oil can help improve digestion.

              Most people with gastric issue has one common bad habit... they delay hunger for too long. Keep this in mind, eat whenever you feel hungry. And if you're super hungry by the time you take your meal, don't wolf down everything in a flash to feed your hunger as this can "shock" your gastric and cause it go bonkers. Get a grip on yourself and begin with small bites (along with some warm soup) to let your gastric get used to the food slowly and increase your food intake gradually. 30 mins per meal is a good timeline.

          • Hi Soon Chai,

            Sorry to continue to ask questions.

            Today is the fifth day I am taking VCO.

            I notice my morning stool has indigested food and mild diarrhea during the day. Is this normal?

            Thank you.

            • Hi Dickson, indigested food is actually pretty normal even for people without gastric issue.

              When your bowels move faster, less fluid and nutrients will get absorbed. It could be the work of virgin coconut oil that increases your bowel motility. You can reduce the motility by cutting back on virgin coconut oil a bit so that your intestines can move slower a bit to absorb more nutrients and fluid. Also, you have gastric issue at present, so indigestion of food could also be the result of that.

          • Thank you Soon Chai,

            I will take your advise to cut back VCO for the time being.

            After I took VCO for the first time, my reflux, burping, bloating and gas stop. But today the burping is back and was burping the whole day even though I had small meals.

            Let's see if my mobility and burping will slow down after I cut back on VCO.

            Thank you again.

            • Hi Dickson, it takes many years for gastric to go down, so naturally it will take some time for it to get back up again.

              Virgin coconut oil is not an instant remedy. The first time you took it and it stopped your burp doesn't mean your gastric problem is gone for good. It actually is still there and it's going to stay for several weeks before you see improvement, of course, that's provided you're discipline enough to religiously follow through the tips I've mentioned.

              Your burping is due to your gastric issue, nothing much to do with VCO.

              Keep me posted. 😉

          • Hi Soon Chai,

            I have reduce my intake of VCO as of today. Let's see how it goes.

            Do you know if I need to take any vitamins or supplements besides VCO for my gastritis?

            Thank you.

            • Hi Dickson, I personally will leave my body's natural healing ability to run its course, with the help of virgin coconut oil since virgin coconut oil energizes cells and helps to repair. That said, I don't think you need any supplement. But you can ask around for other trusted opinions and who knows there might be a great supplement to further boost your recovery.

          • Hi Soon Chai,

            I am back.

            I would like to know if it's OK to take probiotics, VCO and enzymes at the same times. Will this cause any problems to my GI and digestion?

            Will VCO increase acidity in my stomach? I read somewhere indigestion is cause by insufficient acid.

            Thank you.

            • Hi Dickson, I think it's pretty safe to take all these together. However, you still have to try out since we all can react differently when we lump different (though good) things together. Take a small amount of probiotics and enzymes first, then increase progressively and gradually. Along the way, monitor their effects on you to make sure you don't suffer any adverse reactions from taking them.

              VCO contains 100% fatty acids. As the term suggest, they are acids. So, yes, VCO does increase acidity but not as much as we think. To digest food properly, not only our body relies on gastric acid, but also bile salts and pancreatic juice injected into the small intestines. Lack of bile salts and pancreatic juice may also contribute to poor digestion.

  47. Hi Jerome, virgin coconut oil triggering sore throat is super rare.

    Virgin coconut oil does contribute to raising acidity level when it breaks down into free fatty acids in your stomach. But its impact on hiking acidity level is super minimal.

    My guess is, you must have been eating lots of junk food (such as high-sugar food or beverages, toxin-laden meat, fried stuff and other refined foods) recently that make your body super acidic and become a breeding bed for flu or cold viruses. Which is why when virgin coconut oil gets into your stomach you started to have acid reflux that causes heartburn. Heartburn hurts your throat, setting the stage for viruses to land there and take hold.

    Right now, you need to take lots of vegetables and fruits to "deacidify" your body. Virgin coconut oil helps to fight and kill flu instead.

      • Hi Jerome, so before you started taking virgin coconut oil you already have an acid reflux. You should continue to take coconut oil, just that you must make an effort to reduce your meat consumption, fried food and high-sugar food or drinks, and increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. Otherwise, taking virgin coconut oil won't help you much.

  48. I've been using Tropical Traditions organic virgin coconut oil for years when I cook/bake and also add it to my tea (or Bulletproof MCT oil). I have always gotten a "rash" on my neck, back and chest/stomach area. What is this caused from? The reaction is little itchy bumps that burn or feel irritated. I can touch them and scratch off little scabs. What could this be?

      • Mike
        Doing Bulletproof coffee with 2 tbs MCT coconut oil and Kerry gold butter in morning and at lunch. Pimples, redness on forehead and near/below eyes daily for two months. Healthy veggie diet, minimal animal protein, no gluten, no dairy other than butter in coffee. Confused, pls help...

        • Hi Mike, how long have you been drinking your bulletproof coffee with 2 tablespoons of MCT oil + Kerrygold butter one in morning and one at lunch?

          I need more info from you as the outbreak on your forehead and near eyes could stem from either the synergistic effect of 4 tablespoons of MCT oil + caffeine or the GMO substance from the butter (the cows that provide cream for the Kerrygold butter are said to have been supplemented with GMO animal feed in addition to being "grassfed").

          • Thank you Soon, Aug-Nov I consumed 4 tbs MCT coconut oil and Kerry gold butter but then noticed the skin eruptions which have lasted Nov-Apr. Recently removed MCT and skin clearing significantly. Having removed MCT resulted in improved skin condition, but on negative side also increased brain fog. Dilemma: MCT removal = clear skin, but increases brain fog...

            • Hi Mike, So Aug-Oct you didn't suffer any skin eruptions. It all started only after Nov, right? Did you check back on what you've done like a diet change in Nov that leads to a skin outbreak?

              I suspect you're on a low-carb diet, aren't you? Low-carb might trigger keto rash due to hormonal fluctuations, especially when it involves dairy. Have you tried removing butter instead of MCT oil? I mean, keep the MCT oil in your coffee but remove butter and see if your skin gets better without brain fog.

    • Hi Kian, I think you're experiencing the "healing crisis" of coconut oil as you've started way too fast – 3 tablespoons a day.

      As for your sore throat, coconut oil generally does not cause that. Coconut oil helps with flu instead. It's actually due to you having eaten too much acidic food recently that promote viral infection and trigger sore throat. Think about what you have eaten these past few days and the answer will pop up instantly.

      Swelling to your neck may be the symptom of cleansing. You should now reduce your coconut oil intake to just 1 tablespoon per day (splitting into 3 separate teaspoons – 1 added to breakfast, 1 to lunch and 1 to dinner) and take more fruits and vegetables to help expel toxins and excess acidic components from your body. This will help improve your symptoms.

      After improvement, you should try to increase the amount of coconut oil progressively. Coconut oil is a potent detoxifier. You should never take it in large amount when you're getting started.

  49. Soon Chai,
    I have a few questions but want to first tell you my situation.....I just turned 50 and have always had skin problems. And thank you for this forum!
    I got my first 2 boils when I was about 17…They both popped but left nasty scars which I have now removed by a dermatology I used to work for.
    Even she could not get to the root of my problem except to say I had blocked sweat glands.
    Now 20 years later I still have the same problems but under my arms……Very painful.
    I have been doing coconut oil for about 60 days and have seen some improvement but it now seems to have taken a turn for the worst once again. I go to sleep but am awaken by sharp stabbing pays every few hours.
    If, I could I would send you a pic of what my underarms look like….It is terrible, scars upon scars and they still have puss under both arms. I pop them every night and there is always puss. I do NOT apply the coconut oil as if I do it will block my pores mores and I will get more infection.
    The odd thing is that while I can still pop the boils, every day since I started the coconut oil I seem to have a layer of dead skin that I have to peel off….I know this sound gross but am hoping it means the oil is working? It’s hard to explain but it seems the oil is working.
    Any help or advice would be amazing and thanks for doing what you are doing!
    Jim Drake

    • Hi Jim, are you saying that you don't apply coconut oil but you take coconut oil orally? I wish I could be there to help you.

      First of all, coconut oil does not clog pores, unless you're using super low quality refined or hydrogenated coconut oil. Secondly, coconut oil fights infection.

      If you're consuming coconut oil, you should try to apply it topically to your boils once or twice a day as well and see how it goes. No need too thick, just a thin layer each time will do.

      On top of that, you must watch what you eat because if you eat the wrong stuff, they can negate the healing properties of coconut oil.

  50. I had my first tea spoon of extra virgin coconut oil this morning and followed that up with a glass of hot water. Have a acidity pain in the solar plexus ever since. Is this a side effect of the detoxifying process?

    • Hi Sangeeta, sorry for the super late response. Been busy.

      How do you explain the acidity pain? Or was it just a burning sensation there? Coconut oil burns up in the liver, which is where the solar plexus is.

      Most, if not all, so-called side effects of coconut oil are actually good. Just like inflammation to a cut is to help it heal. Since you've started with a teaspoon in the morning, do it every morning and the "pain" should go off gradually. Give your body some time to adapt to the healing effect of coconut oil.

  51. Hi Soon Chai, I've been suffering panic attacks for 21 months now. They come on a regular cycle every three weeks and last for a week. My daughter suggested that it could be a parasite infection. I asked at my health shop what I could take to cure this. They suggested coconut oil. I've been taking a teaspoonful in the morning and before bedtime. I've noticed an increase in itching in my skin especially my scalp, and the roof of my mouth has become extremely sore. Should I continue with the coconut oil or stop?

    • Hi Rose, I used to have on-and-off panic attacks, even after many years of taking coconut oil every single day. But I don't have much now because I've learned to let go of many things in life.

      What I'm trying to say is, coconut oil may not really treat panic attack since the main causes of panic attack are anxiety and stress. But of course, you can try it out... who knows, your condition might improve with coconut oil.

      The soreness on the roof of your mouth may be caused by something else rather than coconut oil. The itch in your skin might be the detox reaction of coconut oil. 2 teaspoons per day and you already got such a response. Try to reduce to 1 teaspoon per day and see what happens.

      • Thank you so much for your advice. Since using coconut oil I've noticed an increase in my energy level. Usually, between my "panic weeks" during my good weeks, I still feel washed out and lethargic. I've read up a lot on the effect coconut oil has on hypothyroidism, which I also suffer with, and I'm very excited to see how that will affect me. You're doing a great job with the help and advice you give to ones on this site. Many thanks again.

        • Hi Rose, since you got hypothyroidism, I guess you're taking medication for that. So, you really got to be careful with the doses of coconut oil. As you increase your intake of the oil, you're very likely to experience palpitation due to an increase of metabolism driven by both the medication and coconut oil, that's where you need to reduce your thyroid medication. Check with your doctor. You're welcome. 😀

          • Hi Soon. Well I spoke too soon. This morning I feel terrible. I was woken by a panic attack and have had two more since. I'm terribly shaky and afraid of being alone. I'm seeing a consultant later so I'll ask her about this. Thanks again for your advice.

            • You're welcome, Rose. You might want to consider some exercises (such as yoga) to help you stay composed. Talk to your friends (those good ones, I mean) as well about your condition and they may be able to help you out in one way or another.

  52. Hi im experiencing crawling sensation in the skin. Dandruf. Joint pain. Recurrent uti. Before i had this im eating process foods and sugary product do you thnk its candida?

  53. I have been talking coconutoil for 3 weeks now for yeast infection but the symptoms am having now is much more than before should I continue, same with my 9 years girls

    • Hi Agatha, I suspect it's the toxins released by the dying yeast that aggravate the symptoms. While using coconut oil for yeast infection, you should at the same time seriously learn to cut back on your intake of sugar and refined carb.

      Refined carb turns to sugar easily and sugar feeds yeast. When yeast gets the food, they can multiply very fast and in great number. And when you bring coconut oil into the picture, the killing of yeast becomes endless and your symptoms will never subside.

      So, reduce your sugar intake. Continue to consume coconut oil and progressively increase its intake. You should see improvement over time. But if your symptoms do not seem to get down after a few days, consult a doctor and see what he or she suggests. Keep me posted.

    • Hi Neriz, caprylic acid is very effective against Candida. Organic virgin coconut oil contains about 7.5% of this acid. MCT oil (the edible form of fractionated coconut oil), on the other hand, carries about 75% caprylic acid. If solely for fighting Candida yeast, I suggest MCT oil.

      But when Candida gets out of hand, it can dramatically impair your immune system and cause development of other infections due to attacks by pernicious parasites, bacteria or viruses. Caprylic acid alone may not be able to fight them all. Therefore, I suggest you to use both MCT oil and organic virgin coconut oil to fight Candida and cover your safety.

  54. Hi I have normal healthy skin. Just recently I have been applying coconut oil to my skin, 3 weeks into applying to oil I noticed my skin on my face was sensitive, my skin started going red and felt very itchy. Ive been diagnosed with eczema by my GP. Is this due to the coconut oil? Please advise

  55. Hi Soon,

    A little over a week ago I decided to try a coconut detox to see if it could help with a persisting bloating that doesn't seem to leave my body (I've tried everything – I even went to the doctor's about it and my results were normal). I read that you could take a teaspoon of coconut oil several times a day by the spoonful, and I've been doing that, to see if a detox could help with my bloating issue. However, I've noticed that I have different symptoms that what you have listed and no known allergies to coconut oil because I've used it in the past for cooking.

    Some of my symptoms include itchy legs, small red now white bumps appeared on the inside of my arms, a cold popped up with a constant runny nose for two days straight (I still have a slight effect to the runny nose, but not as often as the first two days.), a on/off cough came on two days ago (which disappears hours after taking coconut oil), and now blister-like bumps that itch appeared on the inside of my right wrist today.

    No foggy mind, no stomach cramping, no nausea, no dizziness, no fever, no trouble using the restroom, no acne breakouts, no symptoms that you have listed.

    I'm using Vita Coco Coconut Oil, 100% Organic, Cold Pressed, 100% Raw, Extra Virgin.

    I'm not doing a full detox because I still need food in my system, but I am eating clean – no sugar, processed food, dairy, meat, etc.

    Could my symptoms be different from what you mentioned in the detox? Does this mean my body is expelling toxins differently?

    I'm not sure whether I should continue with the detox or stop.



    • Hi Stacy, the cold and cough you got were just coincidental and not the cause of taking coconut oil. You may be eating healthy now but what about in the past?

      Our skin can act as a warehouse for storing toxins over the years. And the toxins may still be buried deep inside your skin and coconut oil is helping to expel them. Also, do you sleep late at night? Do you smoke, drink alcohol? Do you get angry or fall into a mood swing easily?

      Late-night sleep causes hormonal imbalance that can impair the removal of toxic substances while smoking and alcohol will add on to the body's toxic load. Negative emotions cause our body to produce toxins too. If these toxins are not removed via urination, sweating, and bowel movement in time, they could get deposited into our skin.

      The active compounds in coconut oil can empower cells to purge bad substances out of the skin. The itch on your legs, small red bumps on your arms, blister-like bumps on your wrist could be the expulsion of toxins. I get those at times too. And I believe anyone eating coconut oil will have any of the symptoms you mentioned once in a while unless they are eating super clean (without even a dab of pesticide or toxic substance in their food) and live in a super clean environment where toxic pollutants and contaminants are unheard of.

      Actually, there's no way you can stop the detox since our body is doing detox every single moment. Coconut oil helps to improve our body's detox.

      I really think you should continue with coconut oil. Instead of taking coconut oil by the spoonful, why don't you mix it into your food? Coconut oil is a food by itself. The oil in my diet is primarily coconut oil and not other unsaturated oils that oxidize and turn rancid easily inside our body.

      I'm not trying to scare you... but persistent bloating could be a sign of ovarian cancer. Did your doctor suspect that? Let's hope that it's just a normal IBS issue. You can try to break your meals into smaller portions from today onward and take your food 5–6 times a day. This should help improve your bloating if it's just IBS. By the way, Vita Coco Virgin Coconut Oil is a good brand.

  56. Hi! I ate a teaspoon of coconut oil today on an empty stomach and I have had diarrhea all day. Is this something normal? I have eaten it before (years ago) without this side effect.

  57. Apologies if you already covered this in the comments above. There's too many for me to read them all! I've cooked with coconut oil for years with no problem. Recently I tried applying it to my face as a moisturizer. The brand is Kala and it's marketed for use on skin. A few days later I started to develop redness, swelling and flaky skin on my eyelids. Then I got flaky, red skin around my mouth too. I stopped using the coconut oil but a few days later I still have red, swollen eyelids and patchy red flaky skin around my mouth. Is it possible for my skin to take a long time to recover from coconut oil? Or should I assume something else is causing my skin issues?

    • Hi Brigette, did you have a change in diet recently? Are you on any medication?

      If no, then it could be an expulsion of toxins from your skin. Our skin is a warehouse for creepy and toxic substances we never knew they actually existed deep inside the tissues for years until we put something like coconut oil on the skin that will draw out the bad stuff from below.

      According to Dr. Bruce Fife, expert of coconut oil uses cum author of The Coconut Oil Miracle, he advises people to try sticking with using coconut oil on the skin and let coconut oil does its job of detoxifying. The detox could last for a few days up to several weeks before your skin turns for the better.

      Some people get acne from putting coconut oil on the skin while others are like you, having redness and flaky skin as the "side effects". But the underlying causes are pretty much the same – too much toxic crap being buried underneath the skin.

      But if you're seriously freaked out now and dare not continue with dabbing coconut oil on your skin anymore, then look for a skin specialist and see what he or she recommends for your skin problem.

      • Thanks for the reply. I was on Valcyclovir and Doxycycline for a suspected (but unconfirmed) case of shingles on the right side of my forehead. So it wouldn't surprise me if this is related, but of course I'm experiencing this rash on both sides of my face. I finished the Valcyclovir on April 3 and the Doxycycline on April 8. I started applying hydrocortisone cream to the rash yesterday and it appears to be getting a bit better today.

        • Hi Brigette, chemical residues from oral medications can get stocked up inside our skin and not being purged for years when our body fails to force them out via sweating, urination or bowel movement. This could be the issue with you when using coconut oil.

          Just want to let you know that hydrocortisone cream provides only temporary itch relief. It can further add on to the toxic load on your skin. But if you're comfortable with it, by all means. In fact, you can try introducing back coconut oil for your skin slowly at some time later because coconut oil is really extremely good for skin, if you know how to use it.

  58. Hi there
    Please help, I have started sleekgeek lifestyle since January 2016 and been cooking and frying with coconut oil but now I am experiencing dry skin especially my hands and face. Can it be coconut oil?

    • Hi Monica, if it is coconut oil, you would have gotten dry skin last year in Jan and Feb. Your skin lacks fluid. Just make sure you drink adequate amount of water to hydrate your skin. Also, look back on any diet change recently or are you taking any medication or applying some sort of chemical-loaded skin product that could have "evaporated" the fluid from your skin? Cast your mind back.

        • Hi Monica, in that case, it's not about how much you drink, but how much your skin tissues can absorb. If you're of edema type, most fluid could be retained in certain parts of your body than spreading out evenly, causing certain parts relatively drier. Like my mom, she drinks a lot a day and tends to have lots of water retained in her legs, but the skin on her arms are extremely dry and wrinkled.

          Other possibilities could be consumption of diuretic foods (celery, oats, cabbage, carrot, cucumber, watermelon...) or beverages (black tea, green tea, coffee, cranberry juice, apple cider vinegar...) that make your body lose fluid easily. Also, diabetics tend to urinate more than usual, causing excessive loss of fluid easily. Are you one of them?

  59. Hi, I am 23 and have been using "virgin" coconut oil in my body (face and all) as a moisterizer for over a year now and it is my best friend. I recently bought "refined" and have found my skin INCREDIBLY itchy, red, and splotchy (a side effect I never experienced when using the virgin oil). Is it possible that the difference between virgin and refined could cause this reaction? I have no recent changes to my diet/daily cosmetic routine. Thanks

    • Hi Tricia, I use both refined and virgin coconut oil. I didn't experience much difference except for the rate at which they get absorbed into my skin – refined tends to penetrate faster, but that's provided the refined coconut oil you use is of high quality.

      There are different types of refined coconut oil, some might be processed in an unhygienic environment while others might have undergone partial or full hydrogenation. The impurities or mold in low-quality refined coconut oil could have caused your skin to break out. Anyway, what is the brand of your refined coconut oil, is it organic? Let me check for you.

  60. Question. I started having 1 table spoon of organic coco oil ( Trader Joe's) in my decaf coffee every morning since 1
    Month. Since then, I have been retaining a lot of water, up 10 pounds in 1 month. I work out daily, eat daily healthy and gaining weight. Can I retain water or salt with coco oil? I am so confused...

    • Hi Mayte, as far as I know, coconut oil does not cause water retention as a side effect.

      Did you also increase your salt intake when you started to add coconut oil to your coffee one month ago? Try to recollect to see if you have any minor changes to your diet routine besides adding on coconut oil. Stressful workload and not sleeping well can trigger hormonal imbalance that in turn cause water retention too.

      If you're sure that nothing has changed ever since except bringing coconut oil into your diet, then stop coconut oil for a month and see if your water retention improves. Keep me posted so we can work together to see what actually went wrong with your coconut oil intake.

      • Hi Soon, I actually took out coco oil for the past 4 days, and down 4 pounds. I did not increase my salt,... not sure what is going on.. So weird...

        • Hi Mayte, what's the brand of the coconut oil you used? You might want to try changing to another. Each one of us is different, so it's not surprising that we all react differently to the effect of coconut oil. Of course, the type and composition of the oil may have some influence in how our body would react to it.

  61. Have been taking virgin coconut capsules for 6 weeks, everything has been fine, I feel really well and my cholesterol has come down from 6.3 to 5.7 but I am having rather painful leg pain, is this normal or should I stop taking them as it is really painful

    I take 4 a day and the make is perfectly pure, the pain is in my calves, I can only take capsules as I don't like coconut thankyou

    • Hi Mrs Barnard, this doesn't seem like the work of virgin coconut oil capsules. It's more likely a muscle ache or cramp that you could have sustained somehow during or post workout or something else. Think back on what you've done in the past few days that could have hurt your legs.

      • I stopped taking them and 2 days later the pain in my legs was a lot better so tried them again the next day and the pain returned so it seems it is them, I have vericose veins so maybe my blood was too thick while taking them

        • Hi Mrs Barnard, I seriously couldn't make any sense out of coconut oil causing that pain in your legs at first. But when you said you got varicose veins, then probably the reason for that is due to coconut oil's effect on improving blood circulation. As varicose veins are contorted due to faulty valves, they promote abnormal blood flow causing the veins to swell. So when coconut oil increases blood circulation, this increased movement of blood (and hence, pressure against the walls of veins) could have aggravated the discomfort and pain.

          But 4 grams of coconut oil daily can cause that pain, I feel that's too amazing. (Each cap holds only 1000 mg, which is only 1 gram.) What I mean is, so little coconut oil yet so powerful in its effect. Still pretty hard to believe. But come to think of it, cumulative effect from coconut oil isn't impossible.

          Another possibility we shouldn't rule out is that the ingredients that are used to make the softgels. If the softgels are not made of plant origin, then it could contain residues of antibiotics and hormones, plus diseased animal tissues. These stuff are not easy to get rid of by our system and when they accumulate to a certain degree, they can cause haywire to our system. Your varicose veins may get worse due to these toxic accumulation.

          • Thanks for the advice! The capsule is made from gelatine and glycerine so I thought it would be ok, do I keep taking them and go through the pain barrier if it will get better or stop taking them, what do you think, I don't want to do myself any harm , thankyou

            • Hi Mrs Barnard, I strongly recommend taking virgin coconut oil from jar. I mean, you don't have to eat it straight from it (I find that disgusting too), but rather, you can add to your food or beverages, or cook your food with it. It's very tasty.

              You probably have some cooking oil in your kitchen, just replace that with coconut oil and you're done. But if you can't stand the natural coconut aroma in the virgin oil, you can go with the refined coconut oil which is odorless but yet provide almost the same great benefits for both your health and skin.

              If you consume coconut oil out of jar, you probably won't experience that pain in your varicose veins if it is really due to the toxic softgels rather than coconut oil itself. In fact, I've heard some people having their varicose veins improved after daily application of coconut oil to their skin. Of course, individual results will vary depending on how twisted the veins are.

              If you simply don't like taking coconut oil that way, then the next option for you would be virgin coconut oil in veggie capsules, which will cost a little higher since the softgels are made from plant-based ingredients that are a lot safer to consume.

              Actually, there's an implicit risk in taking coconut oil in softgel form. The oil may have long turned rancid without your notice unless you take the time and effort to randomly sample by cutting open the softgel to examine the quality of the oil. Who knows, the pain that you've suffered could be due to the rancid coconut oil in softgel?

              Cut open the softgel and the oil should smell like coconut. If it smells like cheese or vomit or something else, then the oil has turned bad.

  62. Hi Chai
    I've had Balantis for 2 months now but only started applying coconut oil on the affected areas a month ago and started taking 3 tbl spoons a day 2 weeks ago. In the last week I've got spots on my penis and testicles and a rash all over my body? is this a side effect of the coconut oil and how long does it usually take to work?

    • Hi Darren, having rashes all over your body is most likely a detox reaction of coconut oil. It has already started to work as soon as you apply topically or consume it... it's just that its cumulative effect begins to display after some time. It all depends on how toxic your body is before you can see the healing of your rashes and balanitis. If you're worried, stop coconut oil and look for a specialist about your condition.

  63. Dear Soon Chai,
    I took one spoon of VCO with empty stomach after few hours I got numbness feeling in hand and legs and also very smell from urine. kindly advise.

    • Hi Hussain, don't jump to conclusion as yet that virgin coconut oil is the culprit that causes numbness in your hands and legs and smelly urine. These symptoms could be the cumulative effect of your bad diet. Keep taking virgin coconut oil but mix it in your food for the next few days and see what happens. At the same time, eat more vegetables.

  64. Hi, Soon:

    I have been use VCO for more than a month. I slowly increase my intake to 3 times a day, two teaspoons. VCO make my skin smooth , feel less stress. But , now, I only take 2 teaspoon in the morning after meal, and I feel extremely fatigue at work . I almost fall in sleep everyday, is this normally? Give me some advice please

    • Hi Bin, when you changed to taking less virgin coconut oil you started to feel extremely fatigue. That shows the glucose from your food cannot get through to your cells. Do you have diabetes? Please go do a HbA1c test at your family clinic.

      In case you really do, the medium-chain fatty acids in virgin coconut oil can easily pass through the membranes of your cells and provide energy for you, unlike glucose that requires insulin.

  65. A few months ago I took a tablespoon of VCO and within a couple of hours I started to feel really ill (fever, brain fog and flu-like symptoms). I also have an underactive thyroid and I'm taking medication for it. Do you think the side-effects was caused by candida die-off or due to my low thyroid? Thank you.

    Forgot to write, that I also had heart palpitations and my thyroid area ached.

    • Hi Rachel, virgin coconut oil boosts metabolism. People with low thyroid have had their conditions reversed after regular intake of virgin coconut oil for a period. But how long it will take will depend on individuals.

      Like for your case, you need to gradually reduce your thyroid medication while slowly increasing your coconut oil consumption to make sure their combo effect does not overdrive your thyroid causing heart palpitation until it comes to a point where you do not need to rely on the medication anymore.

      The "side effects" you were experiencing (I guess) are probably triggered by heart palpitation. Discuss with your doctor on how to administer your medication now with the intake of coconut oil.

  66. Hello Soon.
    I am a smoker, a drinker, I eat unhealthy foods and have no normal exercise routine.
    I also have had moderate to sever eczema for the past 7 yrs. It pretty much just came and never went away.

    A friend suggested I try vco, so I ordered some after reading up on some different brands.
    It arrived yesterday and like a big dummy, I dug right in and helped myself to 2 large tablespoons.
    Big mistake. Lots of gas today and diahrea which I am reading is normal.

    My question is do you think that this sudden onset of severe eczema (I require an 80mg injection of kenalog every 3 months to control the severe itching) 7 yrs ago was my body telling me something from all the bad things inside me?

    And if I quit smoking and drinking cold turkey, start eating better and get a regular exercise plan while taking vco, that maybe my skin will clear up?
    I'm 50 now and I can't live like this and want to give 100% and stick with a plan.

    How long will the detox take eating 2 tablespoons per day?

    Please help.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Richard, you are absolutely correct. Rome was not built in a day. You've been abusing your body's natural healing ability until one day it cannot take it anymore and starts to flare eczema on your skin.

      Your skin will definitely improve over time once you stop pumping free radicals and toxic chemicals from both smoking and drinking. Of course, eating better will enhance your overall health since good skin comes from the inside out. But I gotta warn you of the withdrawal symptoms when you quit smoking cold turkey due to the nicotine effect.

      Also, please understand that it takes you years to take down your body, so it definitely will take you some time to detoxify your body and help your skin clear up after a major makeover on your lifestyle. In the meantime, you should also apply virgin coconut oil to the affected area. It helps to stop itching and may improve your skin condition. In short, eat virgin coconut oil and use it topically as well.

      Last but not least, you should try to gradually increase your intake of virgin coconut oil to as much as your body can take. Generally, 3 to 4 tablespoons per day. But don't up the intake too fast or you'll get another round of "diarrhea". Allow your body some time to adapt to the detox effect of virgin coconut oil. Don't rush. Take it easy.

  67. Hi Soon,
    Are you familiar with the "Just Organic" brand of vco sold in Aldi stores in Australia? I have been using it for oil pulling but then started taking it internally. I started taking about 2 tablespoons per day and it really knocked me around and made me feel like death - extreme lethargy, foggy thinking and jaw pain, believe it or not. I had to stop for a few days. Too much, too soon and a high toxin load to deal with, probably.
    This product is from Sri Lanka, and is described as "extra-virgin, unrefined, cold-pressed with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives" and it is NOT expensive, (glass jar, 300g, AUD$5.00), but is it healthy? It DOES NOT say "Free of Chemicals", "No Hexane" or "Hexane-Free" on the label, so that's an unknown.
    Due to the reaction I had, I'm concerned about the possible use of hexane. I'm hoping this Aldi version is a healthy product variety because it is affordable for me and I wish to also give it to my elderly mother. I don't want to pay health store premiums. If it is cold-pressed, does this negate the need to use hexane in the extraction process?
    Please let me know if you are familiar with the brand and if you think that their failure to mention hexane should be a red-flag for me.
    Thank you very much for sharing your extensive knowledge of the subject.

    Kind Regards,
    Stuart Maier.

    • Hi Stuart, I'm not familiar with that brand, so sorry. How does it taste and smell like?

      If it's odorless, then it's not really a virgin coconut oil. If it does taste and smell like coconut, but without some smokey stench, then you're getting quite a nice bang for the buck since a good quality virgin coconut oil would cost double the price of that "Just Organic" brand.

      By right, cold-pressed mechanical extraction should not involve the use of hexane. But the thing is, this brand does not provide more info on its label. So, either you give them the benefit of the doubt and take their word for it and believe that it's truly a cold-pressed oil, or to stay on the safe side, pick another brand.

      I personally would doubt this and will go with other brands that at least I can find more info on the web. I would not want to risk giving that to my beloved family.

      My experience tells me that some companies are not honest in their claims, as far as coconut oil manufacturing is concerned.

      By the way, if you ever get another brand which is really a true quality, start it slow to allow your body to adapt to the oil's effect, like I mentioned on this article.

  68. Hi. I'm here because I'm plagued with intensely sore boils after introducing coconut oil into my diet. Its happened before. I always give it up. I've been diagnosed in the past with heavy candida growth. Now I found your site. Its got my thinking if this is all die off that I'm going through. Maybe I should keep eating it for a while. Its a scary though, cause these boils are debilitating. Extremely sore, and make me feel totally run down. Any feedback would be really appreciated. I have to get to the bottom of this

    • I'm afraid so, Johnny. What do you eat every day, actually?

      In most cases, encouraging the growth of Candida is pretty straightforward for those who love sweet stuff and meat, hate vegetables. Are you one of them?

      I gotta tell you this, coconut oil is a very potent yeast fighter. I would suggest that you increase your intake of dark green leafy vegetables by blending them with your favorite fruits (hope you do like to eat some fruits as well). You might not get used to taking more veggies at this point but your body will like it when you do it. Do this every day. And cut back on your meat intake as well.

      To sidestep the debilitating die-off effect from coconut oil, reduce your intake of coconut oil by half (how much are you taking per day?). The flare-up should mellow and you should not feel so fatigue but your yeast infection might take a bit longer to heal.

      I think that's the best option for you right now. You can even cut down the intake of coconut oil to one teaspoon per day if you feel that works best for you.

      • Hi. Thanks for getting back to me. I used to be junk eater. Now I'm vegan..Mostly Raw food. I'm a health nut. I have had cancer and beat it with natural approach. My diet is really clean. I feel I damaged my liver from many years of junk food. I have sweet tooth, but I only eat the occasional date sweetened raw dessert or smoothie. You'll probably now see why I'm so confused about eating coconut oil or even lots of coconut. The same happens if I eat raw cacao. It destroys my health. Always get severe outbreak of boils. Usually on my head. Its ridiculously painful. It does feel like infection. It has to be. But why would I not get this reaction from other anti fungal treatment? I could down a whole bottle of the strongest oregano oil in a week. Or a bottle of the strongest probiotics in a week and still not get this boil reaction. Maybe some other die off, but not outrageously painful boils. It seems if the coconut oil is part of a dessert (mixed with a type of sugar i.e dates or coconut sap) I get outbreaks. If I use a little in cooking it dosent have the same reaction at all. Thanks for your time and input 🙂 I can have sweets (natural) without any boils. Its only when I use coconut or cacao. The very best to you !!!

        • Hi Johnny, glad to hear that you have switched to vegan and beat your cancer with mostly raw food. Kudos.

          As what you've said, your diet is clean. I believe your liver is slowly recovering from its past damage, just as a smoker who has stopped smoking will have his lung function improved over time.

          I think your condition has gone beyond the "side effects" of coconut oil. You're probably allergic to some substances in coconut and cacao. Or the coconut oil you've bought was packaged in a facility that also manufactures other foods that contain common allergens like peanuts, dairy etc that you might have a reaction to?

          There are way too many possibilities.

          Like the case of Mrs A Barnard. She got painful legs from taking virgin coconut oil capsules. But when she stopped eating that and instead change to taking virgin coconut oil from jar, the pain was gone. Could the pain be caused by the animal-derived softgels which might get contaminated with residues of antibiotics and hormones, or diseased animal tissues? Nobody knows.

          You said that when you cook with a little coconut oil, you're completely fine. How about adding that same amount to your raw food? Will that also work well for you? If so, then that amount is the max your body can accept for now. Perhaps somewhere in the future try to introduce a little more into your diet and see what happens. Your body probably needs longer time to accept more coconut oil.

  69. Hey so I've been using coconut oil in my hair for like 5 months now and I even decided to put some on my skin just a few weeks ago Ive been getting random hives I was wondering how I can get coconut oil out of my system

    • Hi Matt, stop putting coconut oil on your skin. In the meantime, increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. Juices or smoothies are easier for you if you don't usually take lots of fruits and vegetables. This will help cleanse your system without adverse reactions.

  70. I have been adding a partial spoon full of coconut oil to my hot oatmeal, and to my children's oatmeal, for years but recently started eating that as my breakfast almost daily the past couple months and I'm noticing that my hair gets oily/greasy significantly faster now accompanied by a negative odor on my scalp like wet dog smell. Yule! I washed my bed pillows to eliminate that possible cause yet I'm still having this hair and scalp issue. I've been having issues with my scalp being very itchy for about 10 years and in the last few years it's become common for me to get dandruff as well. I finally and thankfully found a shampoo that is keeping my head from itching (Dove anti dandruff - it's a newer product). I started the new shampoo and new routine of eating oatmeal more often right about the same time so I'm not sure which one or if both are contributing to the greasy stinky scalp or if it's perhaps a new phase for me hormonally (I'll be 35 in June, I'm a mother of 3 children, I'm still breastfeeding my 16 month old baby and I got a tubal ligation when my baby was born). Oh!... I also started taking lexapro about 30 days ago in a desperate attempt to relieve my depression. Perhaps that medication could cause or contribute to the greasy stinky scalp. I was searching online to see if there was any mention of coconut oil in diet causing greasy hair and surprisingly didn't find a single article to confirm my strong suspicion of the correlation. However, that search did lead me to you and to the very enlightening information about candida die off etc. Would you be so kind as to share your thoughts on my situation with me? Thank you, thank you so very much! Alexandria

    • Hi Alexandria, it seems that you're having the smelly hair syndrome (SHS). Over-production of sebum, excessive sweating, hormonal changes, eating a diet that includes spices, oily fish and other foods that give off strong smell... these are the possible causes for your SHS condition. A nutrient-deficient diet can drastically affect hormones too.

      Of course, the release of smelly toxins by Candida die-off may to some degree be purged via skin pores and contribute to the stinky smell.

      But, do you show symptoms of Candida such as brain fog, chronic fatigue, oral thrush, fungal infections on your skin or nails, digestive issues etc? It'd be better for you to seek professional diagnosis.

      The chemicals (especially the inactive ingredients) in Dove dandruff care shampoo may embed in the skin of your scalp and play a part in the smell as well when the mixture of excessive sweat and oil lift them up to the surface of your scalp. But this may not affect most people who use the shampoo as their scalps do not sweat a lot and secrete excess sebum.

      Did your hair get smellier after taking lexapro since 30 days ago? Lexapro may stimulate more sweating, that in turn, contribute to smelly hair.

      Based on what you've given, what you need to do now is to try reducing the secretion of oil and sweat via your scalp.

      Negative emotions such as stress and depression (like you're having now) cause hormonal imbalance, which then triggers excessive production of sebum, needless to say.

      Next, your diet. Do you eat lots of greens and fruits? These are foods that house tons of minerals and vitamins which will help improve your liver function. When your liver functions properly, it'll timely turn off the androgenic hormones before it over-stimulates your sebaceous glands to secrete more sebum.

      Adding coconut oil can help to further strengthen your liver function, hence, normalizing your hormonal fluctuations. (Which is why eating coconut oil is good for oily and acne-prone skin.) So, consider increasing your intake of coconut oil. Be sure to mix with food. Don't take it on an empty stomach as coconut oil may loosen bowels and cause diarrhea if you do that.

      Last but not least, you must try to sleep well. A good night's sleep can make your liver function optimally.

      • Wow, lots of food for thought. I'm sorry I haven't replied sooner. I need to consider all your suggestions before I can really reply properly but your mention of liver function made me want to share more information.... I tend to have a few beers in the evenings while I cook dinner. As a stay at home mom, cooking dinner with some great music on and some alcohol to unwind is honestly a highlight of my day but I'm probably drinking more than would be recommended.

        I tend to run around hungry too often during the day because I feel too busy to stop and prepare myself a meal. I think the lexapro is stimulating my appetite tho because I've now been eating pretty much every morning. I do eat fruit and vegetables but probably not as much as I should. I home cook dinner every night. A nutritious, balanced meal is always the goal.
        I've been seeking medical help but I'm getting a bit of a run around from insurance and don't have time to jump through too many hoops. I don't want to just self diagnose but I haven't gotten answers from doctors anyways. I don't trust western medicine very much anyway. They don't explain things like you're doing, they just want to right Rx and herd patients in and out as quickly as possible. I don't want pills, I want insight on why my body does certain things and guidance on how to make corrections with lifestyle rather than drugs if possible. Therefore, I tend to feel like I've wasted my time at doctors.
        I need to process what you've shared before commenting on some of your reply. Thank you so much.

        • Hi Alexandria, there are many ways to unwind. Drinking beers is not a good one. Learn to cut down on it and then gradually quit it once and for all, where possible, for the sake of your liver and overall health.

          Take your time to process my suggestions. Close your eyes and try to "look inside your self". A light bulb might go off somehow and you'll probably have a clearer direction and know what to do next. Take care.

  71. I have been using 100% pure coconut oil non-hydrogenated zero trans fat for about 6 months on my skin all over my body after about a month my fingertips seem to be swelled and numb. if I stop for a few days the numbness seems to subside. my skin feels great the itching in my legs from dryness has gone away but the numbness drives me crazy. Any idea what this is?

    • Hi Tom, do all your fingertips feel swollen and numb? Numbness can be caused by B-12 deficiency, low thyroid, insulin resistance or multiple sclerosis. Of course, a damage to your nerve may trigger the numbness too.

      I'd suggest that you go for a blood test or full body check-up. In the meantime, stop putting coconut oil on your skin for 7 days and see if the numbness does really go away. If yes, you might want to consider switching to another brand or change to virgin coconut oil instead.

      • Hi there,
        Thank you responding so fast, you have good insights as I do have MS and I do take B-12 regularly. I have not had any issues or reason to suspect nerve damage; however I can say without a doubt that stopping applying the oil for 3-4 days relieves the swelling and numbness. I had a full check up with blood work in December and all was fine except of course as usual they want my cholesterol lower and recommend Statins which I refuse to take. I am planning to try some Virgin Coconut oil. Can you recommend any brands that are odorless and readily available at say a pharmacy? Specialty shops are so expensive and online...well idk if I would try acquiring this product online.

        • Hi Tom, all virgin coconut oils should bear its coconut scent. If there is one without odor, that's not virgin coconut oil then.

          I got cheated once. The label shows "virgin coconut oil" but it ends up flavorless with a pungent smell. And it's super expensive. So, beware of such thing.

          Not all pharmacies are selling coconut oil, though more of them have started to sell. I couldn't advise you on that. I got mine online too because as you said, specialty stores are expensive.

          I just found a good RBD coconut oil for you. RBD stands for refined, bleached and deodorized. It's called Wildly Organic Refined Coconut Oil. It's only 14 oz and it's stored in glass.

          I've not used it though but I believe it should be as good as Nutiva refined coconut oil (I'm using this for my skin) after reading the reviews. It costs only about 10 bucks.

          I chose for you the smaller jar so that you won't have to spend more on bigger container for a brand that's new to you. Also, it's in glass container so it's safer for you to use on skin.

          Nutiva refined coconut oil in glass jar does not come in 14 oz size, that's why I never recommend to you, unless you don't mind getting one.

          Last but not least, read the labels (and fine print) carefully before you buy.

  72. I always eat coconut oil, but recently increased my intake- doing a more strict ketogenic diet. Today, (TMI alert!!) I had white chunks/spots in my poop. Upon investigation (toilet brush prodding), it did not appear to be mucus, but kind of dissolved & looked to be very soft coconut oil. Is it possible that I ate too much coconut oil & it is in my stools?

    • Hi Joiedevivre, overdose of coconut oil may result in excessive oil passing out along with the stool. This means that your body cannot absorb the amount of coconut oil you take in.

      What you can do is try avoiding taking 2 or 3 tablespoons in one sitting. If you aim for 6 or even more tablespoons per day for your ketogenic diet, spread out the amount evenly. Our body can only absorb that much stuff at any one time. So, allow at least a couple of hours for your body to fully absorb one or two tablespoons of the oil.

      If after trying that "interval consumption" you still have "oily stool", you might want to consider cutting down on the intake. No point letting coconut oil go to waste. Coconut oil isn't cheap though, comparing to other vegetable oils.

  73. So i started taking CBD oil and its base is coconut oil, sublingually only 1x last night and 1x today. I am experiencing stomach aches and Diarreaha. I have IBS so I am sensitive to certain foods. Will this ever get better? should I continue taking it or how do I know when its better off to just quit?

    • Hi Sarah, CBD oil may trigger diarrhea, especially for people (like you) who have sensitive bowels. Coconut oil too.

      Since you have IBS, I suggest 1 teaspoon per day for you first. And see if you can mix into your food to mitigate its diarrhea-causing effect. If all goes well, you can try adding more CBD oil to your food.

      By the way, I don't have much CBD oil nutritional info with me. So, I can't tell how good it is for you that you should continue or quit. It usually ties with the nutritional info of hemp seed oil. But both of them have very different beneficial properties although they both come from the same plant.

      I don't know what makes you choose CBD oil (with coconut oil as the base) over pure coconut oil. Perhaps you can enlighten me on that. I might be able to offer some advice.

  74. Hi Soon Chai.
    Im male 26 asian, I almost died trying 1teaspoon of virgin coconut oil yesterday.
    Got my vco from my friend so tried 1 tablespoon right after dinner, didn't mix with anything. Soon I felt dizzy at the end of the day, found out I have stomach flu today.
    I throwed up at least 10 times last night, so painful that I can't remember how long it lasted. After that came dehidration + diarrhea, I have constipation now, fever-39 degrees C, joint pain, i feel super cold, dizzy, nausea so hard i can't even stand up straight, muscle pain and etc.
    i thought all of this is because of candida die-off, but i can't find any sample of someone being hit so hard by that + 1tsp.
    Do you think this is normal? Is this because i have so many yeast and virus in my gut?
    I thought if I could endure all this and take 1 teaspoon everyday could make me feel better, but im so worried now for even worse case scenario.
    Should i stop taking vco?
    thank you.

      • Hi Juyoung, virgin coconut oil couldn't have possibly caused stomach flu. You would have gotten stomach flu even if you didn't take virgin coconut oil.

        Sometimes, it's just the wrong timing that makes coconut oil the "culprit". What's more, one teaspoon couldn't have produced such an impact unless you're severely allergic to coconut. Meaning, a little bit of it can trigger fatal side effects.

        Another possibility is the virgin coconut oil your friend gave you is moldy. Did you find any peculiar smell or taste in it?

        If you still have some faith in coconut oil and you would like to try out again, you can add 1/2 teaspoon of virgin coconut oil to a glass of juice or soy milk and see how it goes. But please do that only after you have recovered from your stomach flu.

        I don't think you would be getting another episode of all the adverse reactions this time around. If all goes well, up your intake gradually and you'll find that coconut oil actually is not only harmless, but helps to boost your immunity as well.

        Of course, you can quit taking it if you don't want to.

  75. I've been using coconut oil for years (cooking with it), for the past three days I started taking a tablespoon a day only. I'm trying to help lower my blood pressure which is a little high (not taking medicine)...I do watch what I eat but every time I eat it everything goes right through me..should I stop using? Or take a teaspoon a day instead of a tablespoon?..I do take on an empty stomach i've just read somewhere that I shouldn't take it on an empty stomach. I've also used it as a tea and drinking it with only hot water and coconut oil. It's a little scary when you eat and all comes right out of you I fear I'm messing up my insides!?

    • Hi Nylady, it seems that you don't have much bowel issue. Which explains why just a tablespoon a day can loosen your bowels so easily.

      Two options for you:

      1. Mix one tablespoon of coconut oil into your food. This can help slow its digestion and thereby, bowel-stimulating effect.

      2. Cut down to taking just a teaspoon per day on an empty stomach (if that's what you prefer). But I always suggest to eat coconut oil with food.

      Another thing worth telling you is that, our intestines are a few meters long. Whatever you eat at the time, most of them are still inside your small intestines. They don't come right out of you so easily unless your intestines are short and straight.

      What came out of you (as you mentioned) were the lumps that have been stuck in your colon for quite some time. They shouldn't have stayed inside there for too long. Coconut oil is helpful in this context.

      What I'm trying to say is, don't worry unduly about that. We're supposed to move bowels at least 3 times a day. One time in the morning to remove what we eat the previous night. Once in the afternoon to eliminate the toxic waste left after digesting breakfast. And the 3rd one to get rid of the stools formed from lunch. You'll feel lighter and less toxic as a result.

  76. I used fractionated coconut oil for my hair for about a month and i got a terrible acne breakout accompanied with oily skin. This has been going on for almost a year now and I dont know what else to to. It seems that it clogged my pores really badly because small white grains come out sometimes

  77. First time reading all the info on VCO. So gald I did however. I got a mild stomach ache today after tasting VCO and being a little to enthusiastic so I went overboard. I probably ingested 4 or 5 teaspoons. Heck it taste delicious. Thank you Soon Chai for your expertise. I'll continue to check back and update as I progress down the path of coconut oil benefits.

  78. Hi,
    Please give me suggestion.
    I started doing the keeto diet. High fat and zero carb. For fat I am depending on cocut oil and butter.
    I am drinking 3-4 table spoons coconut oil directly in the morning and sometimes 1-2 table spoons in the afternoon/evening. Side effects I have are dizziness, minor nausea, minor headache, and little bit of stomach discomfort(no diarrhea). Please help me

    My questions are..
    1. Is there any harm in drinking coconut oil directly without mixing with anything??
    2. Can i drink on empty stomach?? (Does it harm kidneys or liver??)

    Thank you so much for the help in advance.

    • Hi Ram, answering your questions...

      1. No harm in drinking coconut oil directly without mixing with anything. It's a food after all.

      2. You can of course drink coconut oil on an empty stomach. It won't hurt your kidneys or liver. But the diarrhea-like symptoms are stronger if you do have. The little bit of stomach discomfort could stem from your direct drinking of coconut oil on empty stomach.

      Additionally, a gentle reminder for you. Your keto diet is not healthy. The reason why you feel dizzy and headache is because you're taking in very low carb. Carb is still essential for our body's overall functionality, especially our brain.

      If you do this so-called zero-carb diet for long-term, I'm afraid your brain won't run optimally and may even be damaged. Once it becomes damaged, it would be hard to fix it.

      Don't follow keto diet blindly without knowing what side effects it may have on you. Try to keep your carb intake at 30% at least.

  79. I have been putting coconut oil in my coffee and cooking with it for a few weeks now. I have developed a terrible itchy rash across my shoulders, chest and back area. Could this be a result of the coconut oil? I have eliminated most of the other environmental products.

    • Hi Andy, it's difficult to determine if this is the effect from coconut oil. What have you been cooking with coconut oil? Did you get the rash only few weeks after adding coconut oil to your coffee and food?

  80. I took 4oz of coconut oil and chased with 4oz of lemon juice repeated twice as body detox last night. I woke this morning with diarrhea and the feeling you have when you've been seriously ill and trying to recover. My body,joint and muscles aches. I just had a light dinner after almost 24hours. I was scared to eat anything. The diarrhea has stopped now. Am I okay? Thank you

    • Hi Diamond, that's equivalent to about 8 tbsp of coconut oil + 8 tbsp of lemon juice... oops, no... you did twice and so it should be 16 tbsp of coconut oil... this is total madness! Who taught you that?

      After all the flushing out, you're only left with very minimal electrolytes and other nutrients to run your body. Your cells are in absolute fatigue which is why you felt seriously ill.

      Continue with your light meal plus some wholesome beverages to replenish your loss of fluid and minerals until you're fully recovered. It should take another day or two for you to get back on your feet again.

      Just don't burden your digestive system at this juncture.

      I hope you won't do such a drastic detox that drains you out ever again. There are various ways to detoxify your system. The safest is to take coconut oil with food on a regular basis, and eat more vegetables and fruits for a good intake of fiber and nutrients plus drink adequate amount of water to facilitate the cleansing.

  81. Hey everyone, I’m not trying to sound weird. I need answers. I’m having bad headaches and pain in my head and nausea. Also dizziness and brain fog feeling. I used coconut oil and I put it inside my bottom, I thought it would help my constipation. I don’t know why I didn’t just do it orally. I put quite a bit inside my private area and have been feeling sick since. It started burning shortly after and then I got a bad awful headache. This has been going on for about two days. Am I having an allergic reaction or how long will it take for this to go away? I’m definetly never doing it again. I’m not sure what I was thinking. I feel worse and wish I never did this.

    • Hi Savannah, an allergy to coconut oil is very rare. But of course, it can still happen.

      Did you go for a check-up to find out what else could be the cause of your symptoms? Sometimes it happens coincidentally and may not be the "fault" of coconut oil.

      Coconut oil generates thermogenic effect. And when you apply it to your private area which has soft tissues that are sensitive, a burning sensation could occur. If you're not back to norm, I would suggest that you go see a doctor.

      If you want to treat your constipation with coconut oil in the future, remember to do it orally.

  82. Soon Chai,
    What is the best way to increase good bacteria to replace the candida die off?
    Yogurt has too much sugar. Do you recommend a freeze dried capsule with 30 billion colony forming units?

    • Hi Jason, the best way to increase good bacteria is to change your diet by eating more whole plant-based foods, particularly the dark leafy greens. Adding coconut oil to your diet can help you ward off Candida and build up good bacteria fast. This is by far the safest and guaranteed way to naturally cultivate good bacteria in your gut.

      But if you need a quick fix now, your mentioning of the freeze dried capsule with 30 billion colony forming units (CFUs) is not a bad idea. But go with one that uses veggie capsules rather than non-veggie capsules.

      The reason behind that is because non-veggie capsules are usually made of animal-derived gelatin, which may contain antibiotic and hormone residues, and even contaminated with diseased animal tissues.

  83. Hi Soon Chai,

    I’ve been giving my 2 year old, 2 tbs of vco a day, for a month now.
    A few days ago, she suddenly developed rashes all over her body.
    Vco is the only new thing that I’ve introduced in her diet, thus I believe this could be a healing crisis?
    Looking at her suffering with the itchiness, I’ve stopped the vco for 3 days now. It seemed to lessen but today (after 3 days), it’s back- despite me not continuing giving her the vco.

    May I ask for your view on this?
    Do you think the Vco is causing her rashes, as a healing crisis?
    I would really want to continue giving her vco as I’ve noticed she has experienced less health issues, especially coughs and colds.

    Thank you for your time.

    • Hi Nurul, glad to have you back here.

      It's apparent that virgin coconut oil has nothing to do with her rashes. If it did, it could have occurred a month ago.

      It could be the hot weather or fast-changing weather recently causing her body to get a bit uptight and hence, "haywire". Plus, your little cutey is ever growing and changing internally. So, the real reason behind her rashes is unknown.

      What you can do now is apply coconut oil to her rashes. It should help her get off the itch. I got rashes too whenever it gets too hot here in Singapore. And coconut oil always does the trick for me – stop the itch.

  84. I went on a 3 day detox, during which I consumed only fruits and curd, in a small quantity. I was having 10-14 spoons of virgin coconut oil.
    When I was done with the 3 day period, I started eating in small quantities. Suddenly, I started getting really strange kind of pain in my stomach, when I was hungry. When I ate, the pain disappeared. I was also sleeping a lot more, about 16 hours a day. It's been 2 weeks now, and I am still getting that strange pain and still sleeping a lot more.
    Is this a side-effect of coconut oil detox or something related. If so, do I need to take any measures or just let it heal on its own.

    • Hi Khalid, 10–14 spoons of virgin coconut oil... teaspoon or tablespoon?

      I think you could have overdone your detox. You've probably over-driven your intestinal muscles during your detox period until it gets easily contracted (with little or no food) and causes you the pain. But when you eat, the mass of the food kind of mellows the intense contraction, giving you the relief.

      That said, what you're experiencing is the side effect of your detox, not coconut oil.

      If you're still taking more than 3 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil per day, cut it down to just 3 tablespoons per day. And always mix the oil into your food. Don't push your intestinal muscles any further. Let it rest and get back to normal.

      You tend to sleep a lot more due to exhaustion from the massive loss of electrolytes and other nutrients. Your body is in the process of healing now. You should try to take more fruits and veggies this time round to replenish the loss of electrolytes and nutrients during your detox. This will expedite the healing process.

      The fastest way to rejuvenate your body is to blend fruits and dark leafy greens into a smoothie. Drink it every day. An easier alternative would be to get some superfood powder so that all you need is to simply mix the powder with water, stir well and gulp it down.

      • Hi Soon Chai!
        Thank you for your response.
        I was having 10-14 tablespoons a day. I now realize I overdid the detox. I have completely stopped taking coconut oil.
        I might start again, but in moderation, like you mentioned 3 tablespoons a day, mixed with food.
        Thank you.

        • You're welcome, Khalid. Keep in mind to spread the 3 tablespoons over the day, not take it in one sitting. This will keep your body always in good defense against harmful intruders.

          Of course, you can up your intake again to as much as you deem fit, as long as it doesn't give you too much runs that might lead to extreme fatigue on your body.

          Bottom line, consume coconut oil to make you better, not to make you worse.

  85. That is such a huge relief!
    Will continue giving her VCO happily now.

    Wasn’t aware before that you’re from Singapore. Thank you so much, neighbor!
    Admire your commitment to answering all your readers’ inquiries.
    God bless!

  86. Hello Soon Sir,
    I have recently bought Jarrows Formula Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil. Today my first day, I took 2 tbsps(separately spread out over a few hours) on empty stomach without knowing its side effects of taking on empty stomach. However, bad reactions such as diarrhea or stomach cramping did not occur at all, I only experienced a mild sore throat immediately after taking each tbsp. But that also lasted only for some time, and then it disappeared by itself. What does that mild sore throat mean? Does it mean I could be having some Candida yeast infection? Also, I got a white small sore on the inside of my lower lip later on. And is it okay to take up to 3 or 4 tbsps per day, as I read in an article that each tbsp of coconut oil contains 120 calories, and I am already obese. Also, I am a Hypothyroid patient, will ingesting coconut oil help with my Hypothyroidism problem? And also I am a pre-diabetic, will this help with lessening my blood sugars also? And with losing some weights also, especially around my abdomen? I would be extremely grateful if you would advise me on all these aspects. Really looking forward to your reply, and thank you very much in advance.

    • Respected Sir, I have Eczema dark itchy patches on top of both of my feet. They are extremely ugly and disgusting looking. I read all about the benefits of coconut oil that you have mentioned, I thought if I applied some coconut oil on both of my feet daily, could it lessen the itchiness of the skin there, and could it make the dark patches of Eczema become lighter in colour? Thank you for your wonderful advice in advance.

      • Hi Sudha, not all will experience side effects after taking coconut oil on an empty stomach. We are different in many ways, after all.

        For example, you might have a very sluggish bowel that 2 tablespoons are not powerful enough to make it move. You probably need more for your case.

        That's not really a sore throat. It just makes you feel scratchy when you swallow it. That's the effect of its acidic nature. This scratchy or "sandpapery" sensation lasts for minutes to several hours. It's practically harmless. Nothing to do with Candidiasis.

        That white small sore on the inside of your lower lip should be an ulcer. It shows you've taken way too much acidic food such as fried food, highly refined food, high sugar food, and meat etc.

        Coconut oil can increase metabolism. So, it should help with your low thyroid issue. It helps to stabilize blood glucose levels too. So yes, it's good for pre-diabetic condition and even diabetes.

        Coconut oil has helped me with itch on my skin, so it should does the same for you on your feet. Try it for at least two weeks. Apply twice a day and see for yourself whether it helps to stop the itch and lighten the patch. Keep me posted.

          • You're welcome, Sudha.

            One more thing. Taking both thyroid medication (if you're on it) and coconut oil may overdrive your metabolism causing rapid beating of your heart. You must work with your doctor on this and see how much thyroid medicine you need to cut back on.

  87. Hello Soon Chai
    I am a 55 yr. old women, married 34 yrs. and 2 kids which are grown now. I feel my husband who's 59 and I are in fairly good shape. I did suffer with asthma for a few of my adults yrs. and gain control of my life without asthma by quit smoking and changed my diet. We both are not on any prescription meds at ALL. I have not had a menstrual cycle for the past 5 yrs. or more. We are general healthy eater but have let work get in the way and started eating out about 3 times a week. I have worked for over 30 yrs. on one job and my husband and I decided that I can stop working for a while and get back to our lives. He is still working. So I am getting back to the old way of doing things by eating right. I LOVE to cook and I am messing around with the Keto low carb recipes, getting on the treadmill and starting back on the coconut oil again. I did it yrs ago and know it's benefits.

    My question is..... I started taking a 1 tsp. coconut oil with dinner for the past 2 days and on the 3rd day my menstrual cycle started again. I am like what the heck is going on? Could this be from getting back on the coconut oil again? I measure out 1tsp. and 1tbsp. as I start out with small amount 1st. of the coconut oil and put it in ice trays and freeze it. Pop it out of tray and put into a labeled zip lock bag. Its ready to pop in my mouth and keep on going.

    Thank You in Advance for Your Rely!

    Sincerely Tangela

    • Hi Tangela, so you only started back on coconut oil for 2 days and you're experiencing menstrual cycle.

      Well, coconut oil may help to regulate hormones. But you've just started it back for couple of days. I think low-carb may be the reason because it's not a "normal" diet one should have.

      We're not designed to function on low-carb. So, it could cause your body to go a bit haywire. You might like to check with your doctor or a gynecologist about your condition, just to make sure your health is good.

  88. I cannot find any information on this but whenever I take coconut oil, even just 1 teaspoon in water or coffee, my sweat becomes excessively sweet smelling. Is this keto acidosis or something ? I can’t believe nobody else talks about any such side effect . It’s happened maybe five times now when I test extra virgin coconut oil out.

    • Hi Laki, do you eat lots of sweet stuff? If yes, this could be the reason to your sweet sweat when coconut oil stimulates your system to expel the extra sugar from your body. Are you diabetic?

      We all react differently to the effect of coconut oil since we have different bodily conditions due to our different lifestyles and dieting habits.

      • Thanks Soon for your quick reply.
        I di eat a lot of sweet stuff. Oh I see the coconut oil is stimulating the body to expel the excess sugar. I am not diagnosed diabetes but borderline in it. Thanks again, I will really change my lifestyle!

        • Hi Laki, "borderline diabetes" is actually a pre-diabetic condition, which can easily advance to a true diabetes. But you can still prevent the progression if you work hard on curbing your sugar craving from now. Getting on a workout routine can help keep your blood sugar levels in check too.

          You've piqued my interest. You said 1 teaspoon in water or coffee will make your sweat excessively sweet. Was that 1 teaspoon per day or you were having a few teaspoons (with water or coffee) at different times in a day? Without coconut oil your sweat smelled perfectly normal or it did happen (having sweet sweat) too at times even without coconut oil?

          • Hi again Soon, will do that, despite cravings can be so strong but nothing is as important as health. I just joined a gym and am cooking more again real foods.

            I was only having 1 teaspoon a day in the morning for several days. To make sure it was the coconut oil I would stop for weeks and repeat again and same results. It goes away when I stop coconut oil. It doesn’t happen when I am not taking coconut oil.

            A few months ago I took coconut oil with Pau D’arco supplement and that was the worst, my sweat and urine smelled sweet. I was fasting on smoothies at the time (made with milk or yogurt and small amounts of frozen fruit and oatmeal) and having a regular Japanese dinner and going for a walks. I realize coconut oil and Pau D’arco cam both lower blood sugar.

            I had receny cut sugar down but not all. I did notice while on coconut oil I could handle soda but dried fruit made me feel a bit off (maybe too sugar concentrated). I was also diagnosed yeast infection, BB & UTI (so prolly have systemic candida too). I was put on an antibiotic for a week and given Diflucin but they didn’t really kick it and those prescription drugs don’t
            seem to really solve the problem for many people. I was taking a small amount of diluted organic, unfiltered apple cider vineger for a few days a week ago but bladder was still sensitive so stopped and bladder better. Even though UTI re-tested negative I read there can be residual bacteria in bladder still so hopefully I can tolerate D-Mannose and if it is E Coli the D-mannose can get it.
            But I am waiting for theD-Mannose and boric acid suppositories order to arrive in the mail. Sorry tobget dide-tracked but to give you a better understanding of my recent health background and why I might have been sensitive to the coconut oil.

            I am really glad you address this as I haven’t seem it addressed anywhere else. Coconut oil totally helped my friend who was a digestive mess and she swears by it. I like it externally and as a suppoditory but will skip taking it internally for now until I am no longer pre-diabetic.

          • Hi again, not sure my last reply went through.

            I was only taking 1 teaspoon in the morning with warm water or instant coffee and after several days my sweats began to smell more and more sweet. I do time to time take a probiotic or yogurt smoothie but that’s never caused a sweet smell in the past.

            I have not experienced this week tomorrow when not taking coconut oil. But there was one time when I was taking the coconut oil and pau D’arco And my sweat and my urine smelled sweet. I did see both supplements can lower blood sugar, I guess by expelling it through the skin.

            • Hi Laki, many thanks for taking your time to provide more details about yourself. Really appreciate that. And sorry for the delayed response. Got caught up in other project.

              Now that I learn more about your background, let's dig deeper into analyzing what actually happened inside your body that gave off sweet sweat.

              I suppose you're not on a ketogenic diet. If you're on it, you would've long noticed the sweet smelling sweat that comes out of you. So, what's left now is your pre-diabetic condition.

              Your body seemed to have gone into a somewhat intermittent insulin resistance. Which means your cells are not able to pick up glucose from insulin. That caused quite a good amount of your cells to become deprived of instant energy. This then kicked your system into ketosis, a state where ketones are generated (by the breaking down of stored body fats) to fuel the deprived cells.

              Ketones do not require insulin. They can permeate cell membranes easily and burn as fuel in cells.

              Keto-dieters purposely take low-carb diet to trigger ketosis. Their blood glucose levels are moderately low. But for pre-diabetic condition, you may have a fairly high blood glucose but they're not properly utilized as energy. So, your cells naturally signaled out for help that in turn set ketosis off.

              In other words, prolonged starvation of cells has forced your body to break down fats to form ketones so that ketones can feed those starving cells, even in the presence of moderately high blood glucose level. But fortunately, not high enough to spark ketoacidosis.

              Acetone is one type of ketones that are usually not needed and hence, are removed as waste through sweat, breath and urine. Acetone contributes partly to your sweet sweat.

              At this point, you probably won't notice the sweet smelling sweat as acetones may not be produced that much. Until your consumption of coconut oil, which took a cumulative fat-burning effect on your body even though it was only a teaspoon per day, for several days.

              The MCFAs (medium-chain fatty acids) in coconut oil can help to break down body fats. As said earlier, fats form ketones upon breaking down. Moreover, a portion of the MCFAs that go to your liver will convert into ketones as well. So, these two conditions will add to the amount of ketones already produced on the premise of pre-diabetes.

              But that's not all. Our body is constantly expelling certain quantity of glucose via pores. This forms what we called the skin surface glucose. And when you perspire, your sweat carries not just toxins and salt but glucose as well. Which is why medical researchers are coming up with painless methodologies to detect and test glucose in sweat to replace the conventional way of testing blood glucose by pricking finger.

              Another thing worth mentioning is that, when your cells got fueled by ketones (through consumption of coconut oil), your body becomes more active and hence, able to sweat out more glucose.

              One more that adds to the equation of your sweet sweat could be your Candida die-off. Yeast infection is common to people with sweet tooth. Coconut oil can kill Candida yeast. Candida bugs produce toxins that stink when they die. These stinky toxins when mixed with the glucose in your sweat might just make the sweat even sweeter but in a repulsive manner, especially when you sniff it directly.

              So, that's how you got a super sweet sweat whenever you take coconut oil. Of course, other factors may contribute in addition to what I've just said. But that's my take based on what you've given me.

              Actually, you need not stop consuming coconut oil since the real "side effects" of coconut oil is that it can help to curb sugar cravings, deal with your yeast infection, reverse your pre-diabetes and provide a lot more other health benefits. It's a shame to stop it just like that, really.

              To help you continue with coconut oil, you can try to cut down to 1/2 teaspoon per day, but don't mix into water or coffee. Instead, mix coconut oil well with food. Adding to smoothie is good since smoothie packs a lot of fiber and other nutrients. This can help to slow the metabolizing effect of coconut oil but yet still provide the benefits you need.

              On top of that, incorporate more dark leafy greens into your diet. They can help to balance up your glucose uptake so that you won't likely sweat out too much glucose. Once you feel okay with 1/2 teaspoon per day, you can then proceed to 1 teaspoon and more as you move along.

  89. Soon, you are providing an amazing amount of valuable information and helping a lot of people. I started consuming coconut oil about eight years ago because of neurological problems that western medicine was not helping. For decades I have always had subtle tremors in my head and hands, but I started taking coconut oil in the hope addressing uncontrollable tremors in my legs. A rare disease called Orthostatic Tremors (OT) which only occur when you are standing still or walking too slowly. While the the unrefined virgin coconut oil did not touch the tremors, it did make a significant difference in the subtle tremors in my hands and head. It also minimized another symptom that comes along with the OT which can best be described as a sense of extreme heaviness and stiffness in the legs - they would at times feel like they were made of wood. So all that is to the good of using unrefined virgin coconut oil.

    What I would like to ask you concerns so more recent symptoms that don’t seem to fit anywhere. So I’m wondering if it could be related to the longterm use of coconut oil.

    The first is that I wake up in the night and the bedding beneath me is very sweaty as is the skin up and down my back. There’s no perspiration anywhere else on my body.

    The second thing is even stranger and embarrassing. The skin inside my elbows and on the palms of my hands is very sticky. I can get out of the shower after scrubbing myself with a face cloth and as soon as I’m dry the stickiness starts building. I can wash my hands repeatedly and again as soon as they are dry, the stickiness returns.

    For years, I’ve eaten big salads for lunch with homemade dressing consisting of apple cider vinegar and a combination oils (olive, hemp and MCT). I avoid processed foods, cow dairy and sugar.

    • Hi Ed, how much coconut oil are you taking per day? And how do you take it? Straight off the jar or mixing with your food?

      Coconut oil can generate thermogenic effect upon consumption. It produces heat mainly via its MCFAs (medium-chain fatty acids).

      When heat is produced, your body will instinctively cool it by sweating. And the perspiration is more apparent on the upper body since a certain portion of MCFAs burn at liver. If you're lying on your back, sweat cannot escape through evaporation and so they gather as a "pool" right under your back.

      As for the stickiness on your hands, it could be the purging of some chemicals or toxins you're ingesting via food (especially meat) or medication.

      Now, coconut oil does not actually trigger many "side effects" directly.

      What it does mainly is to invigorate cells. When cells become more active than ever, they gain the power to expel toxins or chemicals (through skin) that might have been buried deep beneath.

      As for why it chooses to manifest on the inside of your elbows or on the palms of your hands I simply have no clue. Our systems vary due to what we eat, the way we eat and the way we live and of course, the health conditions we're in.

      • Soon, thank you for helping me. As for how much oil I’m consuming: every other morning I will eat hot oat meal to which I will add 2 or 3 tablespoons of unrefined, extra virgin coconut oil. For lunch most days I will have a large salad usually consisting of spinach greens, tomatoes and homemade salad dressing. Basically the dressing is 1/3 unrefined apple cider vinegar, 1/3 extra virgin olive oil and 1/3 MCT oil. I would estimate that I use on average about 2 tablespoons of each of these three ingredients each day. Would that amount of oil cause the sweating during the night? I’ve been eating the same diet for close to 10 years but it’s only been the past three years that I have been sweating profusely during the night. I realize that oils have a much higher caloric content compared to most foods, but I don’t have a weight problem in the usual sense. If anything, keeping my weight up is the challenge.

        As for the stickiness being caused by detoxification, back in 2013 I got checked for heavy metals using urinalysis with a chelating agent. The results said that I was very high in lead, mercury, aluminum and extremely high in gadolinium. It’s probably time for me to be retested.

        Any additional thoughts or advice would be appreciated.

        • Hi Ed, no wonder you sweat at night. About 60% of virgin coconut oil are MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides). And you're having 2 or 3 tablespoons per day. You're taking in 2 tablespoons of MCT oil too. MCTs release MCFAs. The thermogenic effect from MCFAs can last for 24 hours. Of course, the first few hours post consumption generate the most heat.

          As for why it only started to happen in the past 3 years, let me relate an example to help understand your case.

          My friend was down with flu. I told him to take coconut oil since coconut oil can kill flu. He took 3 tablespoons per day until the flu was gone. But thereafter he continued with 3 tablespoons per day for flu prevention and he had diarrhea.

          He asked me why he didn't get the diarrhea effect during his flu when he was taking the same amount. I told him that's because coconut oil was fighting flu. So, very little were left behind to stimulate bowel movement. Once the flu was gone, the MCFAs in coconut oil went into full force to move his bowels.

          Having said that, I suspect that first 7 years coconut oil was trying to deal with some of your underlying health issues. And after 7 long years your body was cleansed of the bad stuff and so the thermogenic effect of coconut oil returned and you sweat profusely since then. Just my two cents. It could be something else.

          Do you also take coconut oil during dinner? If yes, you might want to consider cutting down to 1 teaspoon for dinner since I think you've had enough intake of MCTs for the day.

          Why were you so high in metals? Were you constantly exposed to polluted environment or heavy-metal drinking water or you loved eating fish?

          • Thank you, Soon. Your reasoning makes sense. I will stop adding MCT oil to my salad dressing. Would replacing the MCT oil with hemp oil help? Do you have any information on MCFA content of hemp and olive oils relative to MCT oil?

            As for my dinners, no oils of any kind.

            As for my heavy metals, I grew up in an old tenement with plenty of lead paint. I was also allowed to play with mercury. No gloves or mask. As a young adult I got a lot of silver-mercury amalgams. To add to it all, every meal that I ate until I moved out on my own was cooked in a bare aluminum pan. There were so many things that we didn’t know were so seriously dangerous.

            • Hi Ed, now I understand why you're loaded with metals. I suppose you're much better now. I feel glad for you.

              Both hemp seed oil and olive oil do not contain MCFA. They carry LCFAs (long-chain fatty acids) only.

              Replacing with either hemp seed oil or olive oil is good since they both provide quite a good amount of omega-3. But make sure you eat them raw like pouring over salad or adding to smoothie or juice. Don't ever heat them. They're very high in unsaturated fats, which oxidize easily and can destroy the nutrients that come along.

              Hemp seed oil contains about 80% polyunsaturated fats and olive oil 70% monounsaturated fats. Polyunsaturated fat oxidizes faster than monounsaturated fat.

              • Nice article SC and great follow ups, just wanted to comment on this:
                "Don't ever heat them. They're very high in unsaturated fats, which oxidize easily"

                The problem is even cold-pressed unsaturated fat, may very well oxidize inside us. And another problem is, even when on keto, the body will prefer saturated fat over unsaturated for energy production, SFats are way more efficient. Very easy to test what I am saying.

                So not only its hard to displace unsaturated ones, but also oxidize way faster because of our living conditions (37c degrees core temp is enough to oxidize fast these unstable fats). And forget cooking oils of course any type.

                My view is to avoid unsaturated fats altogether it maybe useful for fish; cold-blooded and can be greatly utilized there, but for humans I don't think so, even if you live near the arctic zone.

                Strict keto diets (zero carbs) may avoid problems though, as unsaturated fat maybe recycled, because fat would be very difficult to be stored inside cells without carbs, so either you burn it or you lose it, but still I don't see the benefit for humans. Then all high saturated fat foods and many typical foods contain all fat types anyways. You don't need unsaturated oils.

                For other diet types where fat is stored due to carbs utilization and excess intake, unsaturated fats can cause havoc and vitamin E is critical to counter somewhat the damage caused. Fat cells have a half-life of many years and in the meantime you accumulate rancid stuff which age you. Antioxidants may also help, but why causing the damage in the first place.

                As of the omega-3 "benefits" depends how you read articles. You know, you may call something that is immunosuppressive which grounds your immune, as "anti-inflammatory". That's not the real picture but often shows in mass media.

  90. Kindly reply I am daily taking Cocunut oil for past 5 days... One tablespoon Daily on empty stomach.... But am getting dizziness, nauseous, severe headache, diarrhea and anxious feeling too.. Is this al bcos of this?? Kindly reply

    • Hi Amyy, it could be the Candida die-off causing those symptoms you described. Another thing that may add to your discomfort is your body is not yet accustomed to your consumption of coconut oil on an empty stomach. So, take coconut oil orally with food.

      If you feel the symptoms are causing you too much problems, then stop coconut oil for a few days first and see if you feel better. Once you're ready to resume your coconut oil intake, remember to start off with ½ tablespoon per day first and mix it well with your meal. This will alleviate the unpleasant side effects from eating coconut oil.

          • Hi
            My son started coconut oil (1/8-1/4th tsp with food). After 5 days he became severely nauseous, dizzy, anxious, belching, lots of bloat. We stopped talking the coconut oil but he’s still having Die off symptoms and it’s been over 3 weeks. Is there anything we can give him to eleviate these symptoms. Will they eventually go away? He’s 15.5 yrs old. Diagnosed with me/cfs.
            Thank you lori