Fractionated coconut oil vs virgin coconut oil

A green fractionated coconut oil bottle fights a brown virgin coconut oil jar

Fractionated coconut oil sucks because it's not as natural as virgin coconut oil? It's true that fractionated coconut oil is refined. It's also true that it contains much lesser health-beneficial properties than virgin coconut oil. But very few know that fractionated coconut oil actually provides certain benefits that virgin coconut oil cannot overpower.... find out more ›

Can you eat fractionated coconut oil?

A large FCO droplet in the Pacman game

Not all fractionated coconut oils are edible. Why? Because some are food grade while some are not. The non-food grade fractionated coconut oil is made for topical use and cosmetic purposes only. It's not safe for consumption. Hence, you should not take it internally. So, which fractionated coconut oil is safe to eat and which is for topical use only?... find out more ›

5 side effects of coconut oil and how to overcome them

Side effects of coconut oil

Diarrhea, Candida die-off symptoms, acne breakout, throat irritation and heart palpitations... these are the so-called side effects of coconut oil. If you're having any of these adverse reactions while eating or using coconut oil, no sweat. I'll show you how to get around them easily so that you reap just the benefits from... find out more ›