How to melt solidified coconut oil into liquid: Plastic vs glass jar

Coconut oil melts over fire

Room temperatures can vary across different regions. If you leave coconut oil out at a room temperature that falls below 76 °F (24 °C) especially in winter, you might run into trouble when you want to use coconut oil. That's because coconut oil begins to turn solid at 76 °F (24 °C). And it gets harder as... find out more ›

10 silly coconut oil myths, blasted!

Coconut oil droplet blasting ten myths

The myths about coconut oil are still everywhere. This is bad because they create confusion and mislead people. Let me set the record straight here and help clear the air since I'm one of the rare few who is extensively consuming and using coconut oil day in, day out. Let's bust them all.... find out more ›

7 virgin coconut oil disadvantages and how to overcome them

Thumbs down surrounding virgin coconut oil

Besides the disadvantages of coconut oil in general, virgin coconut oil has its own specific disadvantages. But most of these so-called downsides do not really apply to me or affect me at all. That's why I choose virgin coconut oil over other coconut oils for my daily health and skin care. I hope you're not affected too so that you can... find out more ›

Is coconut oil saturated fat good or bad?

Angel and demon tug-of-war on coconut oil saturated fat

When I was talking about the benefits of coconut oil some time ago, I illustrated the simple mechanism of why the saturated fats in coconut oil are good for us. But that's only a portion of the entire article and not focusing too much on it. So, this time around I wanted to put a... find out more ›