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  1. My 4 yr old has chronic constipation and we have tried many things. We have increased her fiber ( although she's a picky eater so this is a challenge) and water as well. She doesn't get much relief. It has been a frustrating ride. We do have an appointment for her 4 yr check up this week and we will discuss her constipation issues with her doc as well. But I saw this and thought I would ask. I use organic virgin coconut oil for a moisturizer and she often sticks her finger in the jar for a taste ( she really likes it) so I know that I can give this to her by spoon. Do you think this could help? Should I start with just a teaspoon for the day? Would you recommend on an empty stomach in the am, night, or during the day?

    • Hi Gina, she's too young to take coconut oil on an empty stomach for constipation relief... I'm afraid the bowel-loosening effect may be too strong for her. Add a teaspoon to her breakfast and see how it goes. If it's not strong enough, another teaspoon in her lunch and so on. Spread out the amount. And if 3 teaspoons per day (in each meal) do nothing to move her bowels, then increase to 2 teaspoons on each meal for her the following day.

      The key is, increase the amount of coconut oil progressively until she gets the relief which is just nice for her and not adding too much in one sitting that over-loosens her bowels and drains her of energy.

  2. Hi ,

    I am getting a redness on one my cheeks since long.
    Tried lot of medicine and remedies but it seems nothing is working at all.
    Doctors suggested to use steriod creams.
    Just want a suggestion will coconut oil work if applied.
    Also i have acne marks too.

    • Hi Isha, what kind of redness is that? I'm not sure if coconut oil will work for that. But whenever I got rashes or any unknown redness on my skin that cause itch, I would apply coconut oil and the itch will subside and eventually disappear with the redness. Coconut oil speeds up tissue healing, so it might help to speed up the clearance of your acne marks. Even without coconut oil, your acne marks will vanish by themselves, but will take longer time.

      • HI Soon Chai, I am 53 with no health issues, we'll so to speap. My face began to turn a grey/dry darkish color about 1 year ago. The skin isn't as smooth and Shiney as b4. Dermatologist think all looks well!! Can you help please, with any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you very much.

        • Hi Leonardo, it seems that your body is not detoxing well, leaving your skin dull and dark. Go do a full body check-up and hopefully as what that dermatologist says to you... all looks well.

          In the meantime, apply coconut oil to your skin and eat more fruits and vegetables at breakfast. Coconut oil + fruits and vegetables will definitely improve your skin and make it glow.

  3. I take 2 tablespoons of melted coconut oil everyday. I cook with it, add it my food, and take it by the spoonful. I have used it in place of butter for a long time. I even give it to my dogs.

  4. I'm wondering what you can do once you are experiencing digestive issues as a result of eating too much coconut oil at one time. Should you eat something else or not eat? What will make the nausea go away?

    • Hi Mary, it's best to let your digestive system rest at this juncture. If you try to eat something to curb nausea, you'll burden your digestive system and the symptom may aggravate. Of course, you can still drink water to quench your thirst, but take it sip by sip until the feeling of nausea completely goes away and your stomach starts to rumble for food. And when start taking food, take it in small portion first just to make sure you don't overwork your system once again.