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Need help with using coconut oil? Ask me anything about virgin coconut oil, refined coconut oil or MCT oil. You're also welcome to help others by sharing your experience. But before you post, read these...

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    • Hi Susan, I'm not sure if the antimicrobials (particularly lauric acid) in coconut oil can directly fight COVID, but it might help to certain extent in a way that the antimicrobials can help get rid of flu viruses and other bacteria we encounter so that our own immune system can concentrate on fighting COVID.

      Also, coconut oil does not coat the throat. It could make our throat feel a little scratchy due to is mild acidity when we take it straight without food.

  1. Hi SC,

    I did not poo yesterday and today. I felt some urges to go but could not come out. Either stool is not ready, already hard or am I constipated?
    And, should I consume 2 tablespoons of EVC before I sleep tonight or take it with breakfast, then dinner the next day? I have little patience or maybe, little faith in my own health. Pls advise.

    Btw, I have read your previous valuable post, some time back, on how much EVC can relieve constipation. I personally tried it before I slept that night after being unable to poo. I did continue with 0.5-1 tablespoon for breakfast and then lunch. The stool exited more gracefully there after. I am elated you are back and active again! Thank you, Sir!

    • So sorry for the late late response, Serene. WordPress failed to send me notification about your comment, I don't know why. Anyway, let's get down to your problem.

      What causes our stool to harden? It's the lack of water. You probably have ingested plenty of water, but if you're stressed out dealing with something, water can "evaporate" from our body without us knowing, "dehydrating" the stool, causing it to get stuck in our bowels. That's where constipation begins.

      Do remember that even when you use virgin coconut oil (VCO or EVC as you said) you need to drink sufficient water for the oil to take effect in full swing. I wouldn't suggest to take before sleep. What if it does trigger your bowels in the middle of the night and you need to get up to poo? It'll disturb your sleep quality. Just do it in the morning. Add it to oatmeal or soymilk (healthy beverages) and then drink a bit more water after that. And wait peacefully for the effect to kick in.

      You might want to take a read at my constipation relief with virgin coconut oil post again.

      Additionally, don't give up on your health just yet. It's the diet that you probably need to do some makeover. Add more vegetables and fruits to your everyday diet. You should be able to poo more easily. 😉

      • Hi SC,

        I said a little prayer that night and gave due faith that, my body just needs more time. Yes, it could be the stress level of the day. The next morning, it exited gracefully.

        Thanks for taking your time to answer my post. Appreciate it.

        Yes, I think it's my diet. I am a carnivore and a junkie but, have since added more vegetables and fruits.

        Hope to catch your new post soon. I wish you the best of health.

        • Great to hear that it "exited gracefully". I, too, used to be a super carnivore and constipated for one month was no new thing. But ever since I learned to appreciate veggies, my health improved. And when I completely transitioned to a vegetarian, it's even more superb. So, take your time. Will let you know once I open up more hours to post a new article. You take care too. 😉

          • Hi SC,

            Thanks for sharing with me! I did try switching to being one and took brown rice and beans with other vegetables in one meal a day. I do not take brown or any rice normally and beans were also rarely in my picture, until recently in these 1 to 2 months. Alas, there was so much bloating. How did you do it? I think they are not meant to be. I gave up, for like the 2nd or 3rd time. Any advice? Food? Drinks?

            Thank you for your reply. Appreciate it.

            • Hi Serene, more haste, less speed. Too much fiber at once can jam up your digestive system. Fermentation occurred and that's why you felt bloated. You should do it in baby steps.

              What type of brown rice did you start with? For newbies, I recommend the light-colored (beige) brown rice like the FairPrice brown rice. This is what we're eating now. Cheap and nice. The fiber in red, black or purple brown rice are too thick for newbies.

              Though it's difficult to define the portion size for you here, you can try like a bowl of brown rice with some vegetables. As for protein, take tofu or tau kwa (豆干). Most beans have quite a lot of fiber in it, that's why when mix with vegetables plus brown rice, your tummy "exploded".

              Also, eat your food slowly. Chew well. It takes about 10 – 20 mins for our brain to receive the satiety signal from stomach. If you eat a lot too fast, by the time your brain receives the signal you would have overfilled your stomach.

              We don't take any fizzy drinks. Too much carbon gas produced. So, keep with plain water will do. Take some water along with food to help with digestion. Then 1 hour after your meal, try to drink more water. Many a time constipation is caused by lack of water intake.