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Need help with using coconut oil? Ask me anything about virgin coconut oil, refined coconut oil or MCT oil. You're also welcome to help others by sharing your experience. But before you post, read these...

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  1. I fully agree with all of your efforts!! I have looked into this information myself and WOW. I appreciate your knowledge and kindness. Have a wonderful day, year, and months.

  2. Wow. What a great and helpful lot of information thank you. I am an A.blood type and coconut is not beneficial for me but want to get rid of all the yeast In my body. Would it help me regardless of my blood type?

  3. Good food for thought, thanks. However, the actual flu doesn't come on subtly or gradually. It hits you like a mack truck. One moment fine, the next horrible. If your illness doesn't do that, it's not influenza.

  4. Thanks so much for the confirmation of what I suspected. I learned the hard way (or more accurately, the soft, runny way). ... Twice in a month. The first time I soiled no less than five (5) pair of shorts in three hours, with absolutely no control. Had to clean the floor, too.