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  1. Kindly reply I am daily taking Cocunut oil for past 5 days... One tablespoon Daily on empty stomach.... But am getting dizziness, nauseous, severe headache, diarrhea and anxious feeling too.. Is this al bcos of this?? Kindly reply

    • Hi Amyy, it could be the Candida die-off causing those symptoms you described. Another thing that may add to your discomfort is your body is not yet accustomed to your consumption of coconut oil on an empty stomach. So, take coconut oil orally with food.

      If you feel the symptoms are causing you too much problems, then stop coconut oil for a few days first and see if you feel better. Once you're ready to resume your coconut oil intake, remember to start off with ยฝ tablespoon per day first and mix it well with your meal. This will allay the bad side effects from eating coconut oil.

      • Thank u so much so so much sir for replying, so kind of u I stopped it fir 2 days sir now feeling better sir.. As u said I wil eat it with food sir

          • Hi
            My son started coconut oil (1/8-1/4th tsp with food). After 5 days he became severely nauseous, dizzy, anxious, belching, lots of bloat. We stopped talking the coconut oil but heโ€™s still having Die off symptoms and itโ€™s been over 3 weeks. Is there anything we can give him to eleviate these symptoms. Will they eventually go away? Heโ€™s 15.5 yrs old. Diagnosed with me/cfs.
            Thank you lori

            • Hi Lori, die-off symptoms should alleviate within 2 days after stopping coconut oil. Your son's case could have been something else. Please take him to a doctor ASAP.

  2. hmm
    well have had a few vegan friend to stay and I noticed a smell which was not particularly pleasant and assumed the smell came from some product on hair

    am attempting to become vegan and tried using coconut oil instead of margarine last night and this afternoon
    this evening, even after a shower, I can smell the same smell coming from my own skin and now wonder if it is coming from the coconut oil taken internally (yes it was virgin ) - it is not nice - shall look for the RBD - fingers crossed

    • Hi Em, it could be that your body was unable to fully metabolize virgin coconut oil and so your skin emitted the unpleasant smell, which is the mixture of coconut odor and toxins expelled from your body. Switching to RBD coconut oil is a good choice. Appreciate for taking the time to share your experience. Thank you. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Hi - yes thought of that
        The smell seems to have gone although am kind of worried that I have just got used to it like perhaps my friends did
        I wash pretty regular - perhaps my friends felt that coconut oil was all they needed for a wash - I know some theories are that washing too much is bad for the environment
        Anyway have been using coconut oil to cook - it takes so little - but now am using it along with olive, grapeseed and walnut oils instead of margarine - although I have to top it all off with salt and pepper adding various salad leaf options, to cover the dark leafy greens, and seem to be happy to finally accept being a vegan - time will tell but coconut oil really does rock
        But have bought the RBD just in case ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I have started taking Organic Coconut Oil for about a week and found that the stomach infection is almost gone. I am able t take only 15 grams in two equally divided doses. More than this and I feel heavy and very less hunger. Recently I found an article [url removed to maintain site quality] saying that coconut oil causes fatty liver.
    I just wanted to know the truth as I am confused. Pl help!

    • Hi Rabetwoirr, if coconut oil causes fatty liver, I would be one of the first to get that. I started eating coconut oil for health since 2006. And I eat a lot. Your stomach infection is almost gone because of it. This shows that coconut oil benefits rather than harming your health.

      People who warn you of eating coconut oil do not eat coconut oil, how would they truly know whether coconut oil is good or bad? Trust your gut.

  4. I am interested in using Nutiva virgin coconut oil by tablespoon for both a constipated condition as well as preventative. How should I follow those uses?
    We use the MCT from NOW in a recipe for waffles and making matzo balls with matzo meal.
    Great article by you, thanks for sending.

    • Great to see you back here again, Ron.

      Have you tried before consuming 2 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil with a glass of water at one go? This way of treating constipation with virgin coconut oil is usually done by desperate people who can't put up with chronic constipation anymore. It works for most people but I'm worried that the stomach discomfort may be a bit too strong for a senior like you.

      How much virgin coconut oil are you taking per day now? And how many bowel movements are you having per week? I need these info to see if I can suggest even better solution for you based on your age (I remember you're 80+) and low-sodium condition. Thanks for dropping by.

      • I seem to need to make I bowel movement daily, once in a while miss 1 day. Almost never 2 in one day. I have a high fiber breakfast cereal and drink water throughout the day, probably about 32 oz. Yes 85 in April. My biggest issue is Noctura and getting up a few times at night to pee. I do take a medication Flomax (Tamsulosin). My Favorite supplement company Life Extension just had an article in their magazine and new product to try. Getting old isn't easy but worth it. After all my wife of 64 is now 83.

        • Hi Ron, at your age I consider you're doing quite well having one bowel movement a day. Many youngsters don't even have one time a day but one time a week. They're worse off.

          If 32 oz is your limit of water consumption per day, try to drink a bit more during daytime and drink less at night so you don't get up too many times to pee. And incorporate 1 tablespoon of virgin coconut oil into your breakfast, another tablespoon into your lunch. That's all. Avoid taking virgin coconut oil at dinner. And see if it helps to loosen your bowels better so you won't miss a day.

          Another thing worth mentioning is, you may need to lower your fiber intake at times to avoid having too much fiber clogging your intestines. Sometimes I forgot that and took too much fiber-rich food and got constipated once in a while too. Too much of a good thing may not be good.