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Need help with using coconut oil? Ask me anything about virgin coconut oil, refined coconut oil or MCT oil. You're also welcome to help others by sharing your experience. But before you post, read these...

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  1. Hello Soon, you can land emails about coconuts in my inbox any time. I am always interested in what you have to say. Is there a way to generate coconut oil from the coconut its self as it is rather expensive to by by the jar? I am always interested in anything you have to say about coconut oil.
    Have a Happy New Year. Eddie

    • Hi Edward, sorry about taking more than a month to respond. I just managed to recover your comment from a pool of spams. Couldn't understand why your message landed there. 😕

      You are in my contact list and of course I will email you as soon as I put up a new coconut oil article. There are several ways to produce your own coconut oil. I'll briefly run through one of them to let you see how much effort you would need before you can savor your home-made health food – virgin coconut oil.

      1. Crack open a mature coconut because mature coconut has more meat. More meat = more oil.
      2. Scrape out all the wet meat and cut them into small pieces.
      3. Throw the pieces into a food processor and blend until smooth. Add some water to make the blending easier.
      4. Filter the blended mixture with a cheesecloth to get coconut milk. Strain the mixture as much as you can to squeeze out more milk.
      5. Heat the milk until it boils, then lower the flame and keep stirring until coconut milk curdles. This shows the separation of coconut milk from coconut oil.
      6. Keep heating until water evaporates and leave only the curd and oil.
      7. Filter off the curd and there you have it, your self-made virgin coconut oil.

      How do you find it? Easy? I personally won't do those steps. Too much effort and time spent. I'd rather walk into a store, pick a jar of virgin coconut oil and go. That's it. It might cost a lot lesser this way.

  2. Hi Soon Chai,

    I contacted you about 18 months ago to tell you since having a desert spoonful of coconut cream on my breakfast kornies each day that I had not had a cough, cold or flu for 4 years. So it's now well over 5 years and the results are still the same. Many of our friends are now doing the same.

    Thanking you.

    Ian Gundesen.

    New Zealand.

    • Hi Ian, didn't realize your comment got trapped in my system's spam filter for more than a month. So sorry about that.

      Yeah, remember you. 80 years old and still healthy with just a desert spoonful of coconut cream every morning.

      And I really appreciate you making the effort to drop by and encourage others about the health benefits of coconut cream. Hope to hear from you again next year. Thank you very much. 😉

    • Hi Bonnie, people commonly use corn starch to thicken the mixture. But I wouldn't recommend that for its super low nutritional value. I'd rather use coconut cream to thicken it. It's okay for you to add coconut cream at this time, actually. Warm the cream a bit before adding. This helps it to blend more quickly into the mixture.

      My wife was making spicy coconut creamed vermicelli some time ago. I told her I want more cream after she's done. She then added some more coconut cream and mixed well just right before serving. The dish tasted creamily delicious. 😉

  3. I have been using Extra Virgin Coconut Oil now for about 2 years. I make porridge for breakfast and mix in Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. I have also made "aftershave" from Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Allo Vera and Peppermint and use it for treating bodily wounds also. It is good stuff and heals well. I just thought you may like to know that.