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  1. Hello soon chai, I was searching across the internet for answers to my symptoms, and I find lots people got them on here,, so out of curiosity I wanted to do gallbladder cleanse by myself because I had lump on my ride side stomach 2 or 3 apart under the lungs.
    So I drank 4oz virgin coconut Chase after 2 whole lemons.. after I got a diarrhea after the cleanse I drank not too hot tomato soup mix with carrots & celery, when I went to bathroom same day painfully got an external hemorrhoid ;( still dealing with it.. after this symptom I started getting bloats after eating cucumber or whole wheat breads or solid food or broccoli, papaya, Even half slice of wheat bread, anything solid would give me bloat & then, also indigestion, constipated 2,3 days sometime I have to take husk or laxative to Calm things down. I did water dating 24 hours also dry fasting 24 hours nothing solved the issue,
    Now my question is, it because of the hemorrhoid I got or the drinking coconut oil with lemon could have triggered these symptoms .
    I’m a vegetarian non drinker & non smoker.
    Hoping I would get an answer, thank you in advance 🙂

    • Hi Sid, your intake of coconut oil was initially okay as it did what you were hoping for – cleansing. But after that, your consumption of all those vegetables began to clog up your system.

      Fiber is good for colon cleansing and bowel movement. But overloading with fiber can clog up your intestines instead. Bloating and constipation are the end results.

      Were you trying to say "water fasting" instead of "water dating"? You confuse me. If it's water fasting, no wonder the chunks of fiber-y waste are still choking your system because they're so dry that they can hardly move an inch.

      You should now try to eat less food, especially those with fiber. And start drinking more water.

      As the waste is wriggling like snail in your intestines, more fluid will get absorbed into your body and pass out as urine. That's okay. Keep drinking water and stay relax to help loosen up your bowels.

      But spread out your consumption of water like ½ a glass every 1 or 2 hours. Don't drink too much in one sitting. It'll make you feel even more bloated and miserable. And keep to just 6 glasses per day. Add some salt to your drinking water if need be to prevent water poisoning.

      If you still feel bad, go to your doctor.

      • Thank you for tell me this.
        I’m sorry, I’m almost 29 and this happen on June 8 bloating is only happening when I eat bread or other watery veggies.. I’m still constipated since day before yesterday I try to eat fiber atleast 30g & up. My system has slown down ever since, having hemorrhoid is even worst.. can’t understand what good anymore should I consume grass fed butter to get k2 to clean the clog arteries or take k2 in form of supliment. I don’t know what diet to follow anymore.. I genrally eat very healthy, But being concitipated is not very relaxing or stress-free.. any help is good help.. I can’t go to the doctor because it’s appointment only that’s 20 Days from today & this is happening since mid June. Any help is a good help, thank you sir.

      • After standing for 7 hours I start to get pain outside the anal where I have external hemorrhoid.. doesn’t hurt anymore but buttocks does, hemorrhoid doesn’t hurt anymore when I touch but when I sleep it off all night next morning I’m all okay. is it the constipation or the long period of standing ?

        • Hi Sid, you just got to cut back on your fiber intake, seriously. Fiber is good for cleansing our intestines. But too much can clog them up.

          What's more important now is to address your constipation issue by clearing your clogged intestines, just shove other stuff aside first.

          The way you eat is not healthy even though you're eating plant foods, from my point of view. Otherwise, you wouldn't have gotten yourself in such a mess.

          Like I told you previously, you have to keep yourself well hydrated. If you don't drink enough water, there is no other advice for you. By the way, coconut oil can help constipation only with adequate water intake at the same time.

          Additionally, keep yourself active by moving about to help jostle up your bowels.

          As for your hemorrhoid, try applying coconut oil to it. Coconut oil can help to treat hemorrhoids.

          • Do you think probiotics with 11 statin is a good salutation to this ?

            I do get some relief with breathing when I eat smoothing and immediately but right after I get back to not able to fully breath. All day it feels the stool doesn’t fully leaves the body. Thank you for your reply’s..

            • Hi Sid, I'm not sure of that. You can try and see for yourself if that probiotics do help with relieving your constipation or not.

              But in my opinion, softening your stool with adequate water intake is what you should focus on.

  2. So I stopped smoking cigarettes a week ago. No vaping, no cigarettes, and just healthy eating, small doses of cannabis and nicorette gum 2mg. I started ingesting the oil yesterday with a small sip and had instant diarrhea. I said ok cool. I'm detoxing pretty fast. Plus, I have a super high metabolism. Took another sip last night before bed. Instant mistake with regret. I have now been up for a couple of hours with little sleep. I think I will have to call in today because it hasn't stopped yet. Can just a sip of coconut oil, not even a full teaspoon, give you the runs? I have used oil pulling and accidentally swallowed a tablespoon full before a swish and had no effect a few years ago. Can it switch on your metabolism like that?

    • Hi Ace, your body is undergoing some form of withdrawals as you've started quitting smoking just recently. Withdrawals can weaken the control of your bowel muscles and lead to intestinal disorder.

      On top of that, MCT in coconut oil can trigger a rapid release of cannabinoids, particularly cannabidiol (CBD). CBD can potentially motivate bowel movement.

      Which is why even a sip of coconut oil (less than a teaspoonful) can stimulate and give you the runs. My guess.

  3. Hi can i ask something? Im josephine from Philippines im just suffering from constipation few months ago and its really hard to poops i had rectal fissure because of my constipation i really dont know what to do can u give me some advice? Im crying everytime i go to the bathroom 🙁 im so scared to poops.

    • Hi Josephine, what did you do few months ago that triggered constipation on you? You never had constipation issue before that? I need more info in order to help you better.

  4. Hi, good day sir!

    please can I take 3 tablespoons of organic virgin coconut oil every morning after breakfast???

  5. Hello Doctor.!!! Please I'm 23year old and I'm passing through difficulties of mouth odor and bad breath (Halitosis), for the past of 8years. I have seen a lot of dentistry doctors they've treat gums infection and several drugs were giving to me up to now I didn't recovered. So, what I'm asking sir, can coconut oil cure halitosis?? Because I have take it for the past of 2months didn't recover also. If no, please which way can I follow to cure this sicknesss thanks so much a lot.

    • Hi Umar,

      Bad habits and unhealthy diet can impact the health of your liver and lungs. When you hurt your liver and lungs, bad breath occurs.

      Here are some quick tips you can do to improve your health, thereby getting rid of your bad breath:

      1. Quit smoking and drinking. You should know they're bad for your health. Bad breath is an indicator of sub health. What's more, a mouth reeking of smoke and alcohol will make you more repulsive.

      2. Drink more water. We tend to forget to drink adequate amount of water to hydrate our body. Poor hydration can retard the elimination of toxic substances in our body. Toxins stink. And this reflects in our breath.

      3. Increase your fruit and vegetable intake. These plant foods provide tons of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients your body needs for optimal health. While increasing their consumption, you should cut back on unhealthy food like meat, fried food and high-sugar stuff.

      Unhealthy food can take down your health. Especially meat, it rots easily and quickly in your gut that in turn, causes smelly gas when you burp.

      4. Sleep early. Go to bed by 11 PM. And try to target at least 7 hours of sleep. Staying up late into the night will take a tough toll on your liver.

      5. Take coconut oil at least 3 tablespoons per day. This can help improve your liver health and enhance your bowel movement. Frequent bowel movement helps to get rid of toxic waste in your body. Less toxins, less bad breath.

      6. Practise good oral hygiene. Brush and floss your teeth every day to get rid of any food debris that are stuck between teeth to feed bacteria. Bacteria eat, they poop too. And their poops are smelly too.

      In a nutshell, poor health leads to bad breath.

      Last but not least, don't call me 'doctor'. I'm just a regular guy like you.