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  1. Hi I read any oil has the ability to line the gut wall preventing some meds or nutrients from being absorbed properly into the bloodstream? Is this true? If your answer is yes, then can I consider a coconut oil enema instead of taking it orally?

    • Hi Naa, our gut begins from the mouth all the way to the anus. Throughout the journey our body produces digestive substances to break the fats in the oil into their individual components such as fatty acids and glycerols, and unleash some of their fat-soluble nutrients (if any) that our intestinal cells can easily absorb into the bloodstream.

      That said, what you heard from is not exactly true under normal circumstances. Most fats in the oil would have been digested and crumbled into smaller units for easy absorption by our body.

      Unless you really ingest tons of difficult-to-digest long-chain fats that fail to digest properly and in such a case, yes, it will kind of line the gut and inhibit the uptake of nutrients and medications into your bloodstream.

      Coconut oil tends to digest faster since about 60% of its contents are medium-chain fats. These fats can stimulate bowel movement. Which is why many "constipators" have reported its potent ability to help relieve their constipation after taking coconut oil orally.

      However, you can try a coconut oil enema if you want to. I don't know how effective this will be as I've never tried that before.

      If it does help you a lot, I hope you can drop by again to share your experience so others can have another good way to help them ease their constipation issue with coconut oil. Good luck! 😉

  2. Hello Soon Chai
    I am a 55 yr. old women, married 34 yrs. and 2 kids which are grown now. I feel my husband who's 59 and I are in fairly good shape. I did suffer with asthma for a few of my adults yrs. and gain control of my life without asthma by quit smoking and changed my diet. We both are not on any prescription meds at ALL. I have not had a menstrual cycle for the past 5 yrs. or more. We are general healthy eater but have let work get in the way and started eating out about 3 times a week. I have worked for over 30 yrs. on one job and my husband and I decided that I can stop working for a while and get back to our lives. He is still working. So I am getting back to the old way of doing things by eating right. I LOVE to cook and I am messing around with the Keto low carb recipes, getting on the treadmill and starting back on the coconut oil again. I did it yrs ago and know it's benefits.

    My question is..... I started taking a 1 tsp. coconut oil with dinner for the past 2 days and on the 3rd day my menstrual cycle started again. I am like what the heck is going on? Could this be from getting back on the coconut oil again? I measure out 1tsp. and 1tbsp. as I start out with small amount 1st. of the coconut oil and put it in ice trays and freeze it. Pop it out of tray and put into a labeled zip lock bag. Its ready to pop in my mouth and keep on going.

    Thank You in Advance for Your Rely!

    Sincerely Tangela

    • Hi Tangela, so you only started back on coconut oil for 2 days and you're experiencing menstrual cycle.

      Well, coconut oil may help to regulate hormones. But you've just started it back for couple of days. I think low-carb may be the reason because it's not a "normal" diet one should have.

      We're not designed to function on low-carb. So, it could cause your body to go a bit haywire. You might like to check with your doctor or a gynecologist about your condition, just to make sure your health is good.

  3. Hi.
    I have been using nirmal pure cococnut oil with lemon water on empty stomach,instead of VCo.Will it help me for weight loss.

    • Hi Sirisha, as long as it's coconut oil, it should help you achieve weight loss.

      However, it does not effect weight loss when you only take a teaspoon of coconut oil or two a day and you're expecting to see some significant changes. At least 3 tablespoons of coconut oil per day, I would say.

      Cut back on meat and other high-calorie food, and compensate the reduction of these foods with coconut oil. That's how you lose weight with coconut oil.

      • So i should take atlst 3 tblspon of coconut oil daily and its okay if it is not VCO also na.It doesnt lead to weight gain na if it is not VCO.And is it okay if i take it with lemon water morning and evg.

        • Hi Sirisha, the components of virgin coconut oil and regular coconut oil are almost the same. The only differences are their quality and fragrance.

          Whether you gain weight or lose weight will depend on your overall diet and total daily intake of calorie. By taking more coconut oil, you should be taking less of other junk food such as meat and high-sugar stuff. And that's where coconut oil starts to help you lose weight.

          As long as your consumption of coconut oil with lemon water doesn't upset your stomach, you're good to go.

  4. I bought a bottle of deodorized VCO for cooking. The oil is white when in solid form but yellow when in liquid. The manufacturer said the yellow liquid is fine and the vco did not go through a heating process. Is the yellow oil healthy to consume?

    • Hi Helena, based on your description, my guess is that what you got is not VCO (virgin coconut oil), but actually a refined coconut oil that has been deodorized. If VCO goes through a deodorizing process, it's not a VCO anymore.

      Two possible ways for refined coconut oil to appear yellowish. Refined coconut oil is usually made from copra, which is coconut meat that has been sun-dried or smoke-dried for weeks or even months. This drying process may cause the copra to turn yellow and this yellow hue will go into the oil. Another way is that when heat is applied to the coconut milk which is squeezed out from copra, the coconut oil milk curd will turn yellow as it dehydrates. Similarly, the yellow hue will go into the oil, making the oil look yellowish.

      If the yellowish coconut oil doesn't make your food pungent and doesn't sting your throat too much, you're good to go. But to be on the safe side, use it externally.