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  1. Hi is MCT oil or coconut oil more effective for constipation. My two year old withhold her bowel. I have coconut oil and it worked for 4 days. Then on the fifth day it stopped working. I switched to MCT oil and it hasn’t made her go. I do not know which one to try again. Please help

    • Hi Linda, just returned from a trip, sorry for not able to respond immediately.

      MCT oil should work more effectively since its contents are all medium-chain triglycerides. That's why the name MCT.

      She could have been accustomed to the effect of coconut oil after 4 days of intake. Coconut oil contains MCT as well, that's why it seems MCT oil does not work much for her.

      How much coconut oil did you give her? If it's only one tablespoon per day, increase to 2 or even 3 tablespoons, but spread out the amount and mix into her food. Try not to feed her on an empty stomach because the stomach cramp might be too strong for her.

      Don't forget to encourage her to drink more water. Coconut oil may not work for constipation if her water intake is too low.

      I would suggest you to continue with coconut oil rather than MCT oil. Coconut oil provides her with stronger protection against viruses, bacteria and other harmful germs. Which is what she needs the most right now for her to develop healthily.

      • Thanks for responding! I gave her less than a teaspoon once a day and it worked for those four days. It stopped working so I switched to the MCT oil. I gave her 1 teaspoonful of that twice a day but she is still withholding her stool. It’s hard for me to get her to take the coconut oil because there’s a strong smell. I’ll try to up her coconut oil intake to 1 tablespoon and see what happens. Thanks

        • Hi Linda, one teaspoon... I see. It's definitely not enough for long-term relief on constipation, even 2 teaspoons a day.

          Did you feed her directly out of the jar? If yes, try mixing coconut oil into her food.

          If she still doesn't like it that way, then you might want to try RBD coconut oil instead. It provides as much health benefits as virgin coconut oil, but it doesn't have the natural coconut odor. RBD stands for "refined, bleached and deodorized".

          Withholding bowel can cause more fluid in the gut to get absorbed into the body, leading to dry and hardened stool. Do encourage her to drink more water to compensate for the loss of fluid in the stool.

          Coconut oil helps to draw fluid to help soften the stool. If her gut is dry, coconut oil won't be able to help much.

  2. I have allergy issue like every 2 days i feel ittchiness on my body so i take allegra tablet in every 2 days. Coconut oil will help me in this problem in anyway?

    • Hi Jyoti, I don't know whether coconut oil can help with your itch though it's good for skin. But no harm trying. Apply a dab to the itchy spot and wait a few minutes. If you don't feel itchy anymore, then it is for you.

      And you can start to put more coconut oil on your skin to do away with the itch. But if it makes you worse, stop immediately.

  3. Hello Soon.
    The information you shared is amazing. Look, I've taking virgin - coconut oil since January 10th. I went throught about 5 days of detox. I fell the energy increase and more benefits. However, what I want to solve is my overweight, just after the detox I started to walk, jogg, and weightlifting in a scafolded process. But, I'm feel like I'm getting stuck. After May 10, I have been taking it for 5 months. Moreover, honestly, I don not follow the amount of weight loss, but I noticed the resoults with my pants. I had some results but, now, I feel like getting up!.

    What should I do? or What am I doing wrong?. Because I have also changed my diet to healthier one, salads, fruits, among others.

    I hope you can give me some light!!
    Thank you!

    • Hi Manu, despair not. Calorie still counts, even when you take coconut oil for weight loss.

      Allow me to ask you. Your height and weight, please. And how many meals are you taking a day? May I know what you usually eat for your breakfast, lunch and dinner?

      I need more info from you to find out what actually goes wrong with your weight loss regimen.

  4. I went on a 3 day detox, during which I consumed only fruits and curd, in a small quantity. I was having 10-14 spoons of virgin coconut oil.
    When I was done with the 3 day period, I started eating in small quantities. Suddenly, I started getting really strange kind of pain in my stomach, when I was hungry. When I ate, the pain disappeared. I was also sleeping a lot more, about 16 hours a day. It's been 2 weeks now, and I am still getting that strange pain and still sleeping a lot more.
    Is this a side-effect of coconut oil detox or something related. If so, do I need to take any measures or just let it heal on its own.

    • Hi Khalid, 10 – 14 spoons of virgin coconut oil... teaspoon or tablespoon?

      I think you could have overdone your detox. You've probably over-driven your intestinal muscles during your detox period until it gets easily contracted (with little or no food) and causes you the pain. But when you eat, the mass of the food kind of mellows the intense contraction, giving you the relief.

      That said, what you're experiencing is the side effect of your detox, not coconut oil.

      If you're still taking more than 3 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil per day, cut it down to just 3 tablespoons per day. And always mix the oil into your food. Don't push your intestinal muscles any further. Let it rest and get back to normal.

      You tend to sleep a lot more due to exhaustion from the massive loss of electrolytes and other nutrients. Your body is in the process of healing now. You should try to take more fruits and veggies this time round to replenish the loss of electrolytes and nutrients during your detox. This will expedite the healing process.

      The fastest way to rejuvenate your body is to blend fruits and dark leafy greens into a smoothie. Drink it every day.

      • Hi Soon Chai!
        Thank you for your response.
        I was having 10-14 tablespoons a day. I now realize I overdid the detox. I have completely stopped taking coconut oil.
        I might start again, but in moderation, like you mentioned 3 tablespoons a day, mixed with food.
        Thank you.

        • You're welcome, Khalid. Keep in mind to spread the 3 tablespoons over the day, not take it in one sitting. This will keep your body always in good defense against harmful intruders.

          Of course, you can up your intake again to as much as you deem fit, as long as it doesn't give you too much runs that might lead to extreme fatigue on your body.

          Bottom line, consume coconut oil to make you better, not to make you worse.

  5. Hi Soon,
    I just stumbled across your very informative post here and am fascinated.
    Can you tell me if coconut butter might be hindering my constipation or helping? (I make my own in the food processor using a packet of organic shredded coconut) I also eat a lot of shredded, toasted coconut.
    I tend to use a lot of Extra Virgin unrefined coconut oil for baking, making muesli etc and fry/cook with it but haven't used it by itself for my constipation. Will definitely start though. I have pretty chronic constipation (that led to a moderate rectocele) and gut dysbiosis that has lead to some bad acne in the last few years that just won't clear up. I have been adding a tablespoon of MCT oil to my morning juice but that hasn't helped at all with any BM. I have cut out processed foods, refined sugars, hydrogenated oils and gluten (am trying to eat lots of veg and get enough water and movement!) but after reading this realise I eat quite a lot of might cut that down too now!

    Any advice would be so greatly appreciated,
    Thanks Soon, great read.

    • Hi Anita, your home-made coconut butter should help with your constipation. It's rich in fiber. If you think it doesn't help, then most likely your body is dehydrated.

      Dehydration can cause the fluid in your gut to get absorbed into tissues, leaving very little fluid behind to soften your stool. Remember to remind yourself to drink adequate amount of water.

      MCT oil or coconut oil can only help soften stool, thereby loosening bowels when there is sufficient fluid in your gut.

      Yeah, meat has no fiber. So, the more you take, the more constipated you become. And it leaves behind acidic ash, which your body has to purge in order to maintain its pH balance. In the process of regulating pH, large volume of fluid is required. Which explains why a meat-eater easily becomes dehydrated and constipated.

      Also, meat contains toxins that can affect your liver function, which is critical to regulating skin oil. High meat intake tends to make your skin oily and hence, acne prone. You might like to find out how to treat acne with coconut oil.

      • Thanks so much for your reply! Its so lovely that you take the time to reply to everyone. Amazing!

        Ok, so i have had some relief taking several tablespoons of VCO followed by warm water. Didn't happen straight away but the next day. So that was good and has helped with my attitude! So hopefully if I keep taking the VCO and lots of water (been having it warm) and reduce the meat i might be on a winner!

        I read the acne page too...very interesting. Have started doing the VCO twice a day so hopefully i don't have to much of a healing crisis! I do suspect Candida though. My naturpath thought there was something going on with my liver a year or two ago when i first started this journey with chronic constipation of over 20 years/acne for the last few years/and also depression/anxiety creeping up on me when Ive never suffered anything like that before...or acne, even as a teenager.

        So hopefully the puzzle is coming together. I have done a lot of work already with cutting things out and working on my sleep but I think i have been replacing my gluten/bread/stodgy food for meat so will stop that now and up the water, veg, moving and VCO consumption and try to do liver healing things.

        Will keep you posted. Thanks ever so much. You have given me some hope in what can sometimes be an overwhelming and mind consuming process!

        • Hi Anita, the so-called depression or anxiety can come from two aspects.

          One, psychologically. Especially when you're struck with constipation followed by acne that greatly affect your appearance and thus, confidence.

          Another would be the toxins in the stubborn stools that get resorbed back into your system. This affects your liver health.

          When your liver is in bad shape and not able to optimally expel those toxins, it can affect you physiologically. Meaning, even when you try to calm your mind your body just wouldn't let you. It will constantly stay in the fight-or-flight response state.

          So, embarking on a healthy journey is a good way to eradicate the bad emotions whether they're triggered psychologically or physiologically.

          But a makeover to your diet can be overwhelming. So, make the changes gradually and progressively, which will be a lot more easier and sustainable for you.