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    • Hi Peggy, coconut oil may have a trace amount of glycerols that are released from triglycerides during processing. Glycerol is a sugar alcohol (polyol) which has a mildly sweet taste. So, it does make food taste sweet especially when you add it raw to food.

  1. Greetings,Soon Chai

    I need a advise from you about Ccount Oil I have Candida Albicans In Bowel and i start to use it and i have some called die off symtoms dizzines, nausea, gas, constipation, abdominal pain, panic attack, ect .Its normal this reaction or its a Cocount Oil seid effect,by the way how can i take the Cocount Oil in day how much ?
    Do i have right to use carbohidrates when i used the Cocount Oil.

    Thank you for advise and Help Soon Chai

    • Hi Anton, coconut oil itself does not have side effect unless you take too much of it in one go that triggers diarrhea.

      Based on your description, they're probably all Candida die-off symptoms due to the release of 70 – 80 toxins when the yeast cells are rapidly killed by the potent antimicrobials in coconut oil.

      But if you're worried that it could be something else that causes those symptoms, go for a check-up though.

      Usually, I would suggest people to take up to 4 tablespoons per day. But you can take it as much as you feel comfortable with the amount. And remember to begin with a small quantity first before you increase the intake to avoid diarrhea and other discomforts.

      As for your last question, I suppose you meant whether you need to watch your carbohydrate intake when you use coconut oil, am I right?

      Since most part of coconut oil convert to energy, you should not need more carbohydrate than you used to. Candida thrives on carbohydrate, by the way.

  2. I use organic coconut oil in my coffee and most of my foods I love it and I use it for my hair to it helps a lot of stuff I also read that if you have constipation you can put it on you behind for some relief as well

  3. Hi, this is a great article and very informational. However, the opposite seems to be happening with me when I take coconut oil. I tend to experience constipation when I eat it. Any possible reasons for this?

    • Hi Nancy, are you saying that you didn't have constipation before taking coconut oil? While many people get to enjoy good constipation relief with coconut oil, coconut oil may "cause" constipation for these reasons:

      1. Are you using good quality pure coconut oil? Using crappy coconut oil may cause constipation instead.

      2. Have you had a change in diet? Amid taking coconut oil, you suddenly increase your intake of fiber-deficient processed food and meat (including fish). These toxin-laden stuff can intoxicate your cells and raise your blood acidity level. When your body gets acidic, all organs (including your bowels) will run into a disorder. If you do nothing to alkalize your body (like eating more dark green leafy vegetables), your bowels won't budge.

      3. Do you have flu or other bacterial infection? The MCFAs (medium-chain fatty acids) in coconut oil are the one stimulating bowel movement. But they're also the ones fighting viruses and bacteria and other invading microbes. If you're suffering from a serious infection, I'm afraid little MCFAs are left to loosen your bowels even though you take 5 tablespoons per day.

      4. Are you drinking enough water? Coconut oil can't help to loosen bowels without adequate water intake.

      These are the few possible reasons that coconut oil is causing constipation for you.