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  1. Hi Soon Chai.
    Im male 26 asian, I almost died trying 1teaspoon of virgin coconut oil yesterday.
    Got my vco from my friend so tried 1 tablespoon right after dinner, didn't mix with anything. Soon I felt dizzy at the end of the day, found out I have stomach flu today.
    I throwed up at least 10 times last night, so painful that I can't remember how long it lasted. After that came dehidration + diarrhea, I have constipation now, fever-39 degrees C, joint pain, i feel super cold, dizzy, nausea so hard i can't even stand up straight, muscle pain and etc.
    i thought all of this is because of candida die-off, but i can't find any sample of someone being hit so hard by that + 1tsp.
    Do you think this is normal? Is this because i have so many yeast and virus in my gut?
    I thought if I could endure all this and take 1 teaspoon everyday could make me feel better, but im so worried now for even worse case scenario.
    Should i stop taking vco?
    thank you.

      • Hi Juyoung, virgin coconut oil couldn't have possibly caused stomach flu. You would have gotten stomach flu even if you didn't take virgin coconut oil.

        Sometimes, it's just the wrong timing that makes coconut oil the "culprit". What's more, one teaspoon couldn't have produced such an impact unless you're severely allergic to coconut. Meaning, a little bit of it can trigger fatal side effects.

        Another possibility is the virgin coconut oil your friend gave you is moldy. Did you find any peculiar smell or taste in it?

        If you still have some faith in coconut oil and you would like to try out again, you can add ½ teaspoon of virgin coconut oil to a glass of juice or soy milk and see how it goes. But please do that only after you have recovered from your stomach flu.

        I don't think you would be getting another episode of all the adverse reactions this time around. If all goes well, up your intake gradually and you'll find that coconut oil actually is not only harmless, but helps to boost your immunity as well. Of course, you can quit taking it if you don't want to.

  2. So i started taking CBD oil and its base is coconut oil, sublingually only 1x last night and 1x today. I am experiencing stomach aches and Diarreaha. I have IBS so I am sensitive to certain foods. Will this ever get better? should I continue taking it or how do I know when its better off to just quit?

    • Hi Sarah, CBD oil may trigger diarrhea, especially for people (like you) who have sensitive bowels. Coconut oil too.

      Since you have IBS, I suggest 1 teaspoon per day for you first. And see if you can mix into your food to mitigate its diarrhea-causing effect. If all goes well, you can try adding more CBD oil to your food.

      By the way, I don't have much CBD oil nutritional info with me. So, I can't tell how good it is for you that you should continue or quit. It usually ties with the nutritional info of hemp seed oil. But both of them have very different beneficial properties although they both come from the same plant.

      I don't know what makes you choose CBD oil (with coconut oil as the base) over pure coconut oil. Perhaps you can enlighten me on that. I might be able to offer some advice.

  3. I started taking coconut oil in my coffee each morning. Tasty and good. After a couple/few weeks, I found that it was too much, so I reduced it to 1/2 tsp. but even that had a not wanted effect. So, now I only use coconut oil in cookies, cakes, and sometimes in cooking.
    Why does the oil affect me this way?

    • Hi Nechama, even reducing to 1/2 teaspoon does not seem to mitigate its effect... three possibilities:

      1. Coffee itself has some laxative effect.
      2. Coconut oil breaks down faster into its bowel-stimulating components – medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) and glycerols.
      3. Different people react differently to coconut oil's detox effect. If you've not had any constipation issue all along, then coconut oil will appear potent to you. Meaning, it will make your bowels move even faster.

      But when you mix coconut oil into solid food like cookies and cakes as per your case, it tends to break down slower into MCFAs and glycerols. And so, the diarrhea effect would be greatly soften. Of course, depending on the quantity of coconut oil you add to the food.

  4. Can you please tell me the name of a good coconut oil hexane free made in Philippines in a glass jar, organic and virgin? I Tried to look up the one in the picture but cannot find it. thanks

  5. So grateful to find this page. I also am suffering greatly from overdose where I previously did not Recently I underwent a colon cancer resection and am getting used to a new stomach. So here a couple of years later the CO is drastically cleaning me out where it once had little effect. I mean, I've never spray-painted the bathroom like last night. And it's still going strong over 24 hours later. But to learn of other instances and read such wonderful advice heartens me by giving the direction I was frantic for. Now that the mind is set straight, recovery will more easily follow. Thank you so much.