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  1. Currently I am taking a tablespoon of olive oil in am and at night. I was severing from dried stool at the beginning of bm and then having a normal bm. I was so confused by this and then looked up some stuff. I found that this worked better than any laxative or fiber supplement ever did. I eat mostly a vegetarian diet and I drink only water. From research I think my food stayed in my system too long? My question is should oil be taking on a regular basis, even if I lower the dosage? And is coconut oil better than olive oil?

    • Hi Juju, sorry to keep you waiting.

      All dietary oils have laxative effect. But mostly due to the effect of glycerols alone that are separated from the triglyceride structure. Glycerols (aka glycerins) gather fluid to help soften the stools. However, long-chain fats in most vegetable oils (including olive oil) do not get absorbed easily into cells and help to work up the bowel movement.

      Coconut oil, on the other hand, does. Its medium-chain fats can effortlessly permeate cells and stimulate bowel movement, together with the help of its glycerols.

      In short, coconut oil is better than olive oil in relieving constipation. But if you feel olive oil is good enough to help with your bowel movement, use that and take it regularly, like every day. As for dosage, it depends on how much you need for a smooth "flush".

      Coconut oil may be too strong for some people. But if you would like to eat coconut oil for its health benefits, then that's a whole different story already.

  2. I'm 67 yo and having asthma attack and regularly puffing Salbutamol inhaler.i have severe coughs the past 3days and i'm taking 10ml Prednisolone tablets every morning because of breathing discomfort.2days ago,i noticed that my pleghm is somewhat reddish in color.What i did,i drank 2TBSP VCO right away and drank 2tbsp before sleeping.its my 3rd day now of drinking VCO and i'm not having severe coughs anymore
    Hope this remedy will improve my situation.

  3. Hey Soon,

    After reading your article and all the vast informative postings Iā€™d like to say thank you for helping me with my chronic constipation. I would experience tear producing pain everytime I tried to poop and it got so bad I had to do something about it. After reading this article I ended up doing a 360 spin eith my diet and exercise regiment which included taking about 4 hearthy tbl spoons of virgin coconut oil along with metamucil and a large supply of water. To my avail, my painful stools have comepletly vanished and ever since ive been producing normal unpainful stools! Im so very grafefull and just wanted to take this time and thank you for all your help sir!

  4. Hi,
    Mind you, might want to start first with REFINED coconut oil. I started with that in my food and it improved all the food taste by a lot (especially meat for some reason), but then i decided that it was so expensive (buying liquid gold is cheaper me think... šŸ˜‰ that i decided to see if i could buy it in bulk from amazon. Found a good source and indeed, payed 7 times more for 80 time more product, but i didn't notice that it was for UNREFINED coconut oil. Tasted a bit more coconutty, but was still pretty good taste wise, but i made the mistake of taking about a tea spoonfull before eating.

    2 hours later, i go do a dump in the wc and what do you know? It all got out as liquid as you could have it. I never got the runs or diarrea as liquid as what got out with that unrefined coconut oil! Was pretty impressive! I wasn't sick or anything mind you, but i just had the run real bad! So unrefined is great against constipation and you should start with a low dose, like half a tea spoon and mix it with your food.

    There seems to be a real debate about if refined is better or worse than unrefined. Many refined oils are created with bad chemicals like bleach and some even include hydrogen (Great for creating bad cholesterol that clogs your arteries) to make the oil more stable at higher temperature when you cook with it. But for my part, i don't cook with the oil and add it to my food after cooking my food so unrefined is pretty good for me.

    If you do have extremely bad reaction to it, i would suggest to lower the dose a great deal and if you still feel bad after a few days, then there is a good chance you are allergic to it. You could try putting some on your skin for 15 minutes and see if there is any reaction. That's pretty much what the doctors do when they do allergy tests of various substances.

  5. Soon chair your posts are very interesting but is the usual cheap Asian made coconut cream the one to use? I use it my cooking & often wondered if it was a health benefit?

    Also the tip to freeze it into cubes would be a great idea to add a block to cooking here & there.

    • Hi Veronica, as long as the cream comes from coconut, you're good to go. Doesn't matter whether it comes from Thai or wherever.

      But if you buy fresh from the market, I mean, the grocer "squeezes" the milk or cream out of grated coconut for you, the health benefits would be greater since there would be no thickening additives like guar gum, xanthan gum etc. Or you can DIY.

      Great idea to freeze coconut cream or milk into cubes, like ice. Thanks for sharing.