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  1. Soon Chai .... you are doing a great job sifting through all the bullshit and misinformation out there .... good on you mate and keep up the good work! Thanks to you I’m off the cow and on the nutjuice as a replacement ... I’ll let you know how it goes in a couple of weeks .... next step is to give the oil a go .... but until then crack me a coco! Cheers big ears .... Ricky ... Melbourne .. Australia.

  2. I use essential oils faithfully and haven’t been able to make a decision on which coconut oil to use with them as a carrier oil. Your article was on spot and completely helpful and easy to understand, thank you.

  3. The bottom line truth is coconut cream is saturated fat, being the unhealthy kind...unlike avocado, olive oil which are mono unsaturated and unsaturated fats which are healthy.

    • Hey Fact of the matter, avocado and olive oil are healthy foods, no doubt. But their nutritional values do not rely on their unsaturated fats. Unsaturated fats oxidize easily. This is the bottom line truth.

      Avocado has a variety of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that make it a health food. Olive oil has its anti-inflammatory compounds such as hydroxytyrosol, oleocanthal and omega-3.

      Although both avocado and olive oil contain omega-3 which is a good fat, it's not rich enough to promote much health.

      The benefits of omega-3 from these foods can also be further negated when the fat oxidizes since omega-3 is a polyunsaturated fat. Polyunsaturated fat oxidizes faster than monounsaturated fat. So, how much omega-3 from these foods are left (in your body) to benefit your health becomes a question.

      Saturated fat, if it's long-chain, is no good either. But if it's in shorter chain like those in coconut oil or coconut cream, then that's a whole different story already.

      You should take the time to find out exactly why coconut oil is good before jumping to conclusion and misleading others. You'll discover the differences among saturated and unsaturated fats and a whole lot other information that will open your eyes and broaden your horizons.

  4. Hi Soon Chai,

    First I'd like to say I think that you're terrific!! You take SO much time to advise, help and encourage your readers. I think that's incredible! Thank you for caring!

    So my sister just told me about VCO 2 days ago. I just started taking it yesterday (2/6/2018). So while I've not noticed a significant difference in my body as of yet, I certainly plan to continue taking it. My sis swears by it. I've read 95% of all the postings. So while I know that you've moved on from the plastic container to the glass I bought the CO in the plastic. I did not know otherwise. Also, it's an off brand because I did not know if I could tolerate it or if would like it. I did not want to spend the money until I was sure.

    Call me weird, but I actually enjoy eating it straight from the jar without any food or beverage. So that's how I've been using it. I've also used it as a topical on my body after my shower today. I have REALLY dry skin in the winter months and this has worked better than my Aqua Phor. VCO has been Phenonmenal for my skin.

    Anyhoo, my question is, is it safe to take along with my Vitamin D supplements? I take D3 50 mcg 2000 IU. I take 2 of those per day. I also take Nature Made Iron supplements daily with Orange Juice. Also 2 per day. So Soon Chai, I am 51 and in very good health. While I'm neither a Vegan nor Vegetarian I've not had meat (pork & beef) in 27 years. Now occasionally I'll have baked chicken (poultry) and sometimes turkey. I've never been a smoker nor drinker. I'm excited about the health benefits but I do not want to continue taking it if it will interfere with or counter act my supplements. Oh, ocassionally I have to take Benadryl for allergies. Is taking it in addition to my other things safe?

    Thanks so much!!

    • Hi Angela, you're not weird. It's perfectly fine for you to eat virgin coconut oil on its own – every man to his taste. As long as you don't get "side effects", you're good to consume it in anyway you prefer.

      Now, answering your question.

      It is absolutely safe to take virgin coconut oil along with your Vitamin D supplements. The MCFAs in virgin coconut oil will power up your cells. This in turn improves the absorption efficiency of cells. Which means, taking virgin coconut oil can help your body absorb vitamin D even better than before.

      Similarly, consuming virgin coconut oil regularly can also improve your iron uptake, just like it does for vitamin D. In fact, for any supplements.

      In a nutshell, virgin coconut oil helps to improve nutrient absorption. It's been well documented in numerous studies that MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides) enhance our body's absorption power.

      Which is why MCTs have long been used in hospitals to help malnourished patients who have problems absorbing nutrients. Virgin coconut oil contains 50 – 64% MCTs, by the way.