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  1. I have been adding a partial spoon full of coconut oil to my hot oatmeal, and to my children's oatmeal, for years but recently started eating that as my breakfast almost daily the past couple months and I'm noticing that my hair gets oily/greasy significantly faster now accompanied by a negative odor on my scalp like wet dog smell. Yule! I washed my bed pillows to eliminate that possible cause yet I'm still having this hair and scalp issue. I've been having issues with my scalp being very itchy for about 10 years and in the last few years it's become common for me to get dandruff as well. I finally and thankfully found a shampoo that is keeping my head from itching (Dove anti dandruff - it's a newer product). I started the new shampoo and new routine of eating oatmeal more often right about the same time so I'm not sure which one or if both are contributing to the greasy stinky scalp or if it's perhaps a new phase for me hormonally (I'll be 35 in June, I'm a mother of 3 children, I'm still breastfeeding my 16 month old baby and I got a tubal ligation when my baby was born). Oh!... I also started taking lexapro about 30 days ago in a desperate attempt to relieve my depression. Perhaps that medication could cause or contribute to the greasy stinky scalp. I was searching online to see if there was any mention of coconut oil in diet causing greasy hair and surprisingly didn't find a single article to confirm my strong suspicion of the correlation. However, that search did lead me to you and to the very enlightening information about candida die off etc. Would you be so kind as to share your thoughts on my situation with me? Thank you, thank you so very much! Alexandria

    • Hi Alexandria, it seems that you're having the smelly hair syndrome (SHS). Over-production of sebum, excessive sweating, hormonal changes, eating a diet that includes spices, oily fish and other foods that give off strong smell... these are the possible causes for your SHS condition. A nutrient-deficient diet can drastically affect hormones too.

      Of course, the release of smelly toxins by Candida die-off may to some degree be purged via skin pores and contribute to the stinky smell.

      But, do you show symptoms of Candida such as brain fog, chronic fatigue, oral thrush, fungal infections on your skin or nails, digestive issues etc? It'd be better for you to seek professional diagnosis.

      The chemicals (especially the inactive ingredients) in Dove dandruff care shampoo may embed in the skin of your scalp and play a part in the smell as well when the mixture of excessive sweat and oil lift them up to the surface of your scalp. But this may not affect most people who use the shampoo as their scalps do not sweat a lot and secrete excess sebum.

      Did your hair get smellier after taking lexapro since 30 days ago? Lexapro may stimulate more sweating, that in turn, contribute to smelly hair.

      Based on what you've given, what you need to do now is to try reducing the secretion of oil and sweat via your scalp.

      Negative emotions such as stress and depression (like you're having now) cause hormonal imbalance, which then triggers excessive production of sebum, needless to say.

      Next, your diet. Do you eat lots of greens and fruits? These are foods that house tons of minerals and vitamins which will help improve your liver function. When your liver functions properly, it'll timely turn off the androgenic hormones before it over-stimulates your sebaceous glands to secrete more sebum.

      Adding coconut oil can help to further strengthen your liver function, hence, normalizing your hormonal fluctuations. (Which is why eating coconut oil is good for oily and acne-prone skin.) So, consider increasing your coconut oil consumption. Be sure to mix with food. Don't take it on an empty stomach as coconut oil may loosen bowels and cause diarrhea if you do that.

      Last but not least, you must try to sleep well. A good night's sleep can make your liver function optimally.

      • Wow, lots of food for thought. I'm sorry I haven't replied sooner. I need to consider all your suggestions before I can really reply properly but your mention of liver function made me want to share more information.... I tend to have a few beers in the evenings while I cook dinner. As a stay at home mom, cooking dinner with some great music on and some alcohol to unwind is honestly a highlight of my day but I'm probably drinking more than would be recommended.

        I tend to run around hungry too often during the day because I feel too busy to stop and prepare myself a meal. I think the lexapro is stimulating my appetite tho because I've now been eating pretty much every morning. I do eat fruit and vegetables but probably not as much as I should. I home cook dinner every night. A nutritious, balanced meal is always the goal.
        I've been seeking medical help but I'm getting a bit of a run around from insurance and don't have time to jump through too many hoops. I don't want to just self diagnose but I haven't gotten answers from doctors anyways. I don't trust western medicine very much anyway. They don't explain things like you're doing, they just want to right Rx and herd patients in and out as quickly as possible. I don't want pills, I want insight on why my body does certain things and guidance on how to make corrections with lifestyle rather than drugs if possible. Therefore, I tend to feel like I've wasted my time at doctors.
        I need to process what you've shared before commenting on some of your reply. Thank you so much.

        • Hi Alexandria, there are many ways to unwind. Drinking beers is not a good one. Learn to cut down on it and then gradually quit it once and for all, where possible, for the sake of your liver and overall health.

          Take your time to process my suggestions. Close your eyes and try to "look inside your self". A light bulb might go off somehow and you'll probably have a clearer direction and know what to do next. Take care.

  2. Hi Soon, I just wanted to share my experience with VCO. I’m a Health Nut (Eat 80/20 workout 4days week/ take supplements etc.) i had internal hemmorids that flared up from ACL surgery recovery workouts so it was making me constipated , i did my research and found that drinking coconut oil in Hot water will shrink them. Well I have to say within days they were gone it was amazing . I usually use castor oil for my external ones , but didn’t want to drink that again can’t handle the taste , when i came across VCO I was thrilled and so now I’m still drinking it once a day 1 tbspn. I will also say it had lessoned my cellulite . However with that being said my legs look bigger (could be my more aggressive recovery workout ) and that’s not bad , my real issue is my belly seems like it’s putting on Fat . Im still not regular with my bowl movements since surgery so have done few colonic Bags that has helped .

    Can you help with the excess belly fat ? Should I take more then 1 tablespoon and I’m detoxing from the surgery ?

    Thanks Krissy

    • Hi Krissy, when you work out, did you also target your belly fat by doing some sort of ab exercises?

      Look, we cannot decide which part of our body fat to burn. Our body decides that based on the hormones and a couple of other factors. However, we can force our body to direct fats to other places if we work out more on that particular zone.

      Just like the floor area where you walk most often tends to be less dusty, right? So, same concept applies. You work out more on your belly, your body will attempt to store fat at other places. At the same time of course, your belly will toughen up. But that's merely directing your visceral fat to other places.

      By increasing your intake of coconut oil that in turn increases your metabolism, you will be able to get rid of those excess belly fats. But you have to cut back on your portion size when you introduce coconut oil into your diet for fat loss. Calorie still counts.

      • Hi Soon , Thanks for your response . So few things I guess I forgot to add I do have a thyroid issue think my T3 is off and my estrogen total is a bit high. That could be causing some extra belly fat at the moment , just thought maybe since i started taking the oil it contributed to it , but your saying definitely not .My portion size is small I’m not a big eater at all , And yes your right I have not been doing Abs since my surgery , could be another factor . I usually have a flat belly for the most part prior to surgery ..

        So to switch gears one more question , Everytime i drink the VCO I have like a gagging couch or as my husband would say an annoying couch , it’s kinda like a tickle in my throat and it last for at least 1/2 the mugs worth then tappers off , i don’t have that with any other hot beverage ..Why is that so ?


        • Hi Krissy, coconut oil is slightly acidic. So, when you drink it "raw" without mixing with other stuff, it "bites" the back of your throat and creates a scratchy sensation there. This might tickle your throat that causes you to have the sort of gagging cough you described.

          Mixing coconut oil with food or beverages dilute its acidic "scratch" on your throat. That explains why you feel okay when you add it to a hot beverage and gulp it down.

          By the way, coconut oil can help to improve low thyroid. Are you on any thyroid drugs? If yes, have you noticed any increase in heart rate since the day you started taking coconut oil?

          Many people with thyroid issues manage to get off the drugs as they increase their coconut oil intake. Do check with your doctor to see if you need a lower dose of the drugs.

          • Hi Soon, wow I didn’t know it could have that effect on the thyroid . So yes I am on Armor thyroid 60mls a day , my thyroid actually has a tendency to go back and forth hypo/hyper when it’s off . I get blood work every 3mths .. no rapid heart rate , and no changes in anything that I could notice , I increased to 2tablespoons 2 days ago . I did blood work Monday I go Friday for results . I am leaving soon to do relief work in Texas from the storm for several weeks , I’m hoping I can Remeber to take my tea , it’s going to be crazy over there . So maybe longer time for me to see any changes ... Thanks for the infro about my couching making sense . I will just keep guzzling instead of sipping lol ..


  3. Hey so I've been using coconut oil in my hair for like 5 months now and I even decided to put some on my skin just a few weeks ago Ive been getting random hives I was wondering how I can get coconut oil out of my system

    • Hi Matt, stop putting coconut oil on your skin. In the meantime, increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. Juices or smoothies are easier for you if you don't usually take lots of fruits and vegetables. This will help cleanse your system without adverse reactions.

  4. Hello my 3year old daughter hasn’t had a bowel movement in now 4days. I don’t think she will like the taste of the coconut oil- how do you recommend I give to her and how much ? I think I’m more stressed out about it than she - she has no signs of discomfort either