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  1. Hi. I'm here because I'm plagued with intensely sore boils after introducing coconut oil into my diet. Its happened before. I always give it up. I've been diagnosed in the past with heavy candida growth. Now I found your site. Its got my thinking if this is all die off that I'm going through. Maybe I should keep eating it for a while. Its a scary though, cause these boils are debilitating. Extremely sore, and make me feel totally run down. Any feedback would be really appreciated. I have to get to the bottom of this

    • I'm afraid so, Johnny. What do you eat every day, actually?

      In most cases, encouraging the growth of Candida is pretty straightforward for those who love sweet stuff and meat, hate vegetables. Are you one of them?

      I gotta tell you this, coconut oil is a very potent yeast fighter. I would suggest that you increase your intake of dark green leafy vegetables by blending them with your favorite fruits (hope you do like to eat some fruits as well). You might not get used to taking more veggies at this point but your body will like it when you do it. Do this every day. And cut back on your meat intake as well.

      To sidestep the debilitating die-off effect from coconut oil, reduce your intake of coconut oil by half (how much are you taking per day?). The flare-up should mellow and you should not feel so fatigue but your yeast infection might take a bit longer to heal.

      I think that's the best option for you right now. You can even cut down the intake of coconut oil to one teaspoon per day if you feel that works best for you.

      • Hi. Thanks for getting back to me. I used to be junk eater. Now I'm vegan..Mostly Raw food. I'm a health nut. I have had cancer and beat it with natural approach. My diet is really clean. I feel I damaged my liver from many years of junk food. I have sweet tooth, but I only eat the occasional date sweetened raw dessert or smoothie. You'll probably now see why I'm so confused about eating coconut oil or even lots of coconut. The same happens if I eat raw cacao. It destroys my health. Always get severe outbreak of boils. Usually on my head. Its ridiculously painful. It does feel like infection. It has to be. But why would I not get this reaction from other anti fungal treatment? I could down a whole bottle of the strongest oregano oil in a week. Or a bottle of the strongest probiotics in a week and still not get this boil reaction. Maybe some other die off, but not outrageously painful boils. It seems if the coconut oil is part of a dessert (mixed with a type of sugar i.e dates or coconut sap) I get outbreaks. If I use a little in cooking it dosent have the same reaction at all. Thanks for your time and input 🙂 I can have sweets (natural) without any boils. Its only when I use coconut or cacao. The very best to you !!!

        • Hi Johnny, glad to hear that you have switched to vegan and beat your cancer with mostly raw food. Kudos.

          As what you've said, your diet is clean. I believe your liver is slowly recovering from its past damage, just as a smoker who has stopped smoking will have his lung function improved over time.

          I think your condition has gone beyond the "side effects" of coconut oil. You're probably allergic to some substances in coconut and cacao. Or the coconut oil you've bought was packaged in a facility that also manufactures other foods that contain common allergens like peanuts, dairy etc that you might have a reaction to?

          There are way too many possibilities.

          Like the case of Mrs A Barnard (a commenter). She got painful legs from taking virgin coconut oil capsules. But when she stopped eating that and instead change to taking virgin coconut oil from jar, the pain was gone. Could the pain be caused by the animal-derived softgels which might get contaminated with residues of antibiotics and hormones, or diseased animal tissues? Nobody knows.

          You said that when you cook with a little coconut oil, you're completely fine. How about adding that same amount to your raw food? Will that also work well for you? If so, then that amount is the max your body can accept for now. Perhaps somewhere in the future try to introduce a little more into your diet and see what happens. Your body probably needs longer time to accept more coconut oil.

  2. I've been putting a tablespoon of coconut oil in my morning coffee, along with 18 grams of hydrolyzed collagen. Then I add 6 grams of D-Ribose.
    Three times a day.
    Plus I put in on my skin. For a 61 year old man my skin looks great.

  3. Hi i took coconut oil i thinking it makeing me feel bad. Start to itch n burning on my body a little bit.i dont kno it given me hives or i might be allergic to coconut oil and i haveing not been taken to long. Will this bad feeling be leaveing my body i hope so. I think it given me anxiety my face got a little dark. It making me scare. But i hope it cleaning me out though. But im not going take this no more. And i wasn't taken to much either i guess it to strong for my system. If i drink a lot of water maybe this bad feel or if it allergy will leave.